Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!


The best time of the week, “the weekend” is finally here and we can understand how tiring and hectic it must have been. And that is precisely why we are going to suggest you an amazing movie. Watch the film Nebraska, a 2013 comedy-drama film which can also be called a road movie is an ideal watch if you want to unwind. The film is packed with all the right elements that make up a perfect comedy drama. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Nebraska filmed.

The comedy-drama road film Nebraska was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival on 23rd May 2013 followed by its release in the United States on 15th November 2013. The movie did quite well commercially and earned over $27 million against its $13.5 million budget. It also won several awards and was nominated for six Academy Awards.

Now, to answer your question about where was Nebraska filmed, the comedy-drama movie was shot in the United States of America specifically in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Billings Montana. 

The Plot Of Nebraska (2013) | A Memorable Trip! 

Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!

The story of Nebraska revolves around the character of Woody Grant played by Bruce Dern, a bad-tempered and argumentative drunk. He makes a trip from Montana to Nebraska, his hometown where he grew up, in order to collect a million-dollar prize that he won in a sweepstake.

On this trip from Montana to Nebraska, his youngest son David, played by Will Forte, joins him. During the 750-mile trip to Lincoln, David tries to understand his alienated father as he never really got a chance to indulge in a proper conversation with him. David tries his best to get through to him, irrespective of his father being an adamant person.

Where Was Nebraska Filmed?

Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!

Alexander Payne’s comedy-drama Nebraska is a critically acclaimed film. It has received several constructive reviews from critics all around the world. The film’s direction, screenplay, cinematography, and storyline were highly praised. 

The movie also received a high score of 91% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.7 rating from IMDb. If you happen to be a serious film buff, then you have to watch this movie at all costs. However, now that you have a little idea about where was Nebraska filmed, let’s find out some more details about the filming locations.

Lincoln | Nebraska, United States Of America

Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!

Principal photography of the comedy-drama movie Nebraska began in November 2012 and was wrapped up by mid-December 2012. The majority of the filming took place in Nebraska and the rest was shot in Montana. 

Lincoln happens to be the capital city of Nebraska and is the county seat of Lancaster County. The city has an estimated population of 292,657 and is the second most populous city in the state of Nebraska. 

The city was previously known as the village of Lancaster and was founded in the year 1856. It was renamed after one of the most important presidents of America, Abraham Lincoln. In 1869 Lincoln was declared the capital of the state of Nebraska.

One of the renowned and prestigious universities in the United States, the University of Nebraska is located in this city. It is the largest university in the state with over 26,079 students. Interestingly it is also Lincoln’s third largest employer. 

Popular movies like Paper Moon (1973), Dances With The Wolves (1990), Dumb and Dumber (1994), Held Up (1999), The Assassination Of Richard Nixon (2004), and Elizabethtown (2005) were filmed in Nebraska. 

Important Filming Locations In Nebraska

Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!

These are some of the important filming locations where a number of vital scenes of the movie Nebraska were shot.

  •  Allen
  •  Battle Creek
  •  Elgin
  •  Hooper
  •  Lyons
  •  Madison
  •  Norfolk
  •  Osmond
  •  Pierce
  •  Plainview
  •  Stanton
  •  Tilden

Billings | Montana, United States Of America

Where Was Nebraska Filmed? An Exceptional Comedy-Drama Road Film!

After filming in the capital city of Lincoln, the production team along with the cast of Nebraska moved to Billings to shoot the rest of the movie. Billings is one of the largest cities in the state of Montana with an estimated population of 184,167. It is the county seat of Yellowstone County and is located in the south-central part of the state.

In 1882, Billings was a railroad town and had gone through rapid growth. The city was nicknamed Mega City. In recent times, the city is quite popular for hosting several types of conventions, sporting events, concerts, and other rallies.

Some of the popular attractions in Billings include Yellowstone Art Museum, Pompey’s Pillar, ZooMontana, Pictograph Cave, and Chief Plenty Coups State Park. You can also visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Red Lodge Mountain Resort, and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Movies like Far and Away (1992), Little Big Man (1970), The Missouri Breaks (1976), Return to Lonesome Dove (1993), and Josh and S.A.M. (1993) were filmed in Billings, Montana.

Final Word

So, now you know where the comedy-drama road movie Nebraska was filmed. If you ever plan to visit the state of Nebraska or Montana, then do try to check out the filming spots that we mentioned. However, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, make sure you watch it as soon as possible. The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV, and The Roku Channel. Also, if you want to explore more such fascinating filming locations then do check out where was The Longest Ride and Big Shot filmed.

Who Directed The Film, Nebraska?

Alexander Payne directed the film, Nebraska.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Nebraska?

The cast of Nebraska includes actors like Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb, Stacy Keach, and Bob Odenkirk.

Who Produced The Film, Nebraska?

Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa produced the film, Nebraska.

Who Wrote The Film, Nebraska?

Bob Nelson wrote the film, Nebraska.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Nebraska?

1h 55m is the runtime of the movie, Nebraska.

What Is The Tagline Of The Film, Nebraska?

The tagline of the film, Nebraska is “Life’s not about winning or losing. It’s about how you get there in the end.”

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