Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!


Are you a fan of Western movies? Have you watched the movie Pale Rider? Do you know where was Pale Rider filmed?

Pale Rider is a western movie that follows the life of a preacher who ends up protecting a village from a mining company. Pale Rider is one of many Western movies by Clint Eastwood and ended up being one of the highest-grossing movies of its time. 

Pale Rider was filmed primarily in Idaho and California. Most of the filming for the movie was done in the countryside regions of Idaho. The cold and dry atmosphere of the backdrop created a perfect environment for the movie scenes.

If you want to know where was Pale Rider filmed you have come to the right place. Besides the filming locations for Pale Rider, we have also covered the shoot locations of other Western titles like Hang Em High and Rio Lobo as well.

Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? 

Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!

Pale Rider is one of the many classic Western movies that featured the journey of a mysterious man who suddenly decides to help the people form a village in protecting their land. It is also notable that the title of the movie takes inspiration from the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Pale Rider is supposed to represent Death.

We will be covering where was Pale Rider filmed, other than that you can also check out the filming locations of The Staircase and Lone Survivor.

Pale Rider | Protecting The Village Land!

We will be exploring the storyline of Pale Rider before we further divulge where was Pale Rider filmed.

Pale Rider follows a typical plot as a landowner near gold mines decides to claim the mining for himself. The land which belongs to the villagers residing nearby feels stuck due to the frequent attacks by the people hired by the landowner. However, they are suddenly helped by a mysterious preacher who decides to dissuade the landowner by talking to him.

Pale Rider follows the journey of the preacher as he eventually settles in the village while his identity is unknown to the people. As things about the preacher’s past are revealed, he eventually decides to strike back at the people who are forcing the villagers.

Will the villagers be able to take back their lands and continue their normal lives? Will the preacher be able to convince the landowner to give up his attempts to claim the land? You can try to know what happens next by streaming the movie online. However, for now, you can enjoy the filming locations for the movie.

IMDb Rating7.3
Runtime1 hour 55 minutes
Director(s)Clint Eastwood
Writer(s)Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack
CastClint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress
Release DateJune 28, 1985 (United States)
Production(s)The Malpaso Company

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!

Most of the filming for the movie Pale Rider happened in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The creators of the movie used the region to create the set for the fictional village of Lahood. The recreation area is full of snow-covered mountains and provided the perfect backdrop for the set of the movie.

If you like to travel to snow-laden mountains you will for sure love to travel to the place. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is situated in Idaho and was used as a filming location for more than a month. 

Sun Valley

Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!

Besides Sawtooth National Recreation Area, the movie Pale Rider was also filmed in the Sun Valley Resort City which is also situated in Idaho. The region was primarily used because of the cold temperature of the region. 

As you might have already seen in the backdrop of the movie, the place has some amazing snow-covered landscapes. If you want to travel to the city you will be able to have a relaxing vacation in one of the many resorts the city has. The region of Sun Valley is still one of the best travel destinations for people who like snowy mountains.


Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!

Not many parts of the movie Pale Rider were filmed in Jamestown which is situated in California. However, some parts from the Raily 1987 State Historic Park were used to film the railway station scenes in the movie.

If you ever travel to California or plan a vacation there you can visit the Historic Park which was once a functional railway station. Besides that, you can also travel to multiple other places and small towns that are scattered in California if you want to experience the countryside.

Columbia State Historic Park

Where Was Pale Rider Filmed? Beautiful Idaho Locations!

The Columbia State Historic Park was also used in the movie Pale Rider for the filming of some minor scenes. The park was primarily used as a backdrop for the town of Gold Rush. The set of the town was created with the intent to present some amazing lush places in the backdrop.

You will be able to travel to the Columbia State Historic Park if you are traveling to California. The park is situated in the region of Jackson Street and you will love to visit the place if you like natural scenic locations.

Final Words

This is all the information that you might need to know about where was Pale Rider filmed. We hope you found some amazing locations to visit through this read on where was Pale Rider filmed. Besides filming locations, you can also check out the streaming options for titles like Duy Beni and My Policeman.

We have covered the filming locations for your favorite movies and TV shows ranging from horror movies to classic Western movies. If you want to know the filming locations of your favorite movies you can suggest them to us as well.

What is the cast of Pale Rider?

The cast for the movie Pale Rider consists of Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress, Christopher Penn, Richard Dysart, Sydney Penny, Richard Kiel, Doug McGrath, and John Russell.

What is the Box Office collection of Pale Rider?

The Box Office collection for the movie Pale Rider was approximately 41 million USD.

Who was the cinematographer for  Pale Rider?

The cinematographer for Pale Rider was Bruce Surtees.

Can you watch Pale Rider on Youtube?

No, you will not be able to watch Pale Rider on Youtube. You will be able to stream the trailer of the movie on Youtube.

Who created the music for Pale Rider?

The music for the movie Pale Rider was composed by Lennie Niehaus.

Who was the producer for  Pale Rider?

The producer of the movie Pale Rider is Clint Eastwood.

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