Where was Pearl Filmed? A Slasher Film Of 2022


Slasher movies are one of the most popular genres in cinematic history. Since there are so many distinct slasher films available, it can be challenging to define what makes one good. While some have excelled, others have failed badly. But let’s hope the upcoming slasher movie Pearl (2022) will meet our expectations. Before you get ready to watch the movie, read about Where was Pearl filmed in this article.

Pearl is set to release in United States theatres on September 16, 2022. It acts as a prequel to the film X, which was released in March 2022. The X movie received positive reviews from critics, and so they announced the prequel update earlier. Ti West is the director and co-writer of this slasher film. Mia Goth plays the lead role and also serves as the co-writer.

With its bloody and fascinating story, Pearl fills in many of the blanks for fans of the franchise’s first film. It also keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. So, to know the moves of Pearl and keep yourself on the edge of your seats, you should consider watching this film in theatres. If you are interested in watching thriller movies, then check out where to watch thriller movies like The Runner, The Lost Daughter, and The Informer.

Every film’s setting and location will vary depending on the genre it belongs to. For a genre like a thriller, the primary locations include deserted homes, forests, and shadowy outdoor spaces. This is because it builds tension and suspense for the spectator. Do you want to know the filming locations of this horror film? Then here we’ll discuss Where was Pearl Filmed.

Plot Of Pearl | A Genesis Story

Ti West offered viewers an excellent notion of how Pearl, the old lusty killer who serves as the story’s villain, lost her marbles in X. It was an unexpected but wise decision to include a teaser hinting at a prequel touching on their roots. The story Pearl occurs in the late 1910s, during World War I. Pearl is an adult living with her parents in the same farmhouse that was featured in the film X.

Pearl is confined to her family’s barn, where she is in charge of looking after her sick father while her mother watches over her. But the girl’s desire for a luxurious lifestyle forces her to confront her actual ambition and aggressive nature. But what actually makes the film unique is how it builds on its predecessor, adding layers and depth.

As a result, it seems like it will be equally as gruesome, wild, and captivating as the first film. We’re confident that horror enthusiasts everywhere are eager to learn more about Pearl! The prequel’s recognizable barn and home backgrounds make you question if it was shot in the same locations as “X.” Well, I have the answer to your question Where was Pearl Filmed? Check out below.

Where Was Pearl Filmed? Here Are The Details To Know

Where was Pearl Filmed? A Slasher Film Of 2022

Okay, you may have so many questions after reading the plot. Like, When do things really begin to change? How does the Movie end? No one can wait to know the suspense. However, to get answers to your questions, you should wait for the release and watch it in theatres.

Now, just relax and read about the interesting locations of Pearl, the horror movie. Pearl was shot in New Zealand, especially in Whanganui and Wellington. Principal photography on the slasher film began covertly soon after ‘X’s’ production wrapped up, reportedly in May 2021. 

Pearl is also set in Texas, just like the original version, although it was totally filmed in New Zealand. Let’s take you to each precise site and begin with where was Pearl filmed right away!

Whanganui District, New Zealand

Where was Pearl Filmed? A Slasher Film Of 2022

Numerous crucial scenes for “Pearl” were shot on site in the Whanganui District, which includes the titular city and its environs. To film many scenes involving the home and barn, the cast and crew chose Lambhill Homestead in the outlying area of Fordell.

Additionally, they made use of the Royal Whanganui Opera House’s facilities at 69 Street Hill Street in Whanganui. Ridgway Street and Victoria Avenue were also crucial locations for exterior filming.

Wellington, New Zealand

Where was Pearl Filmed? A Slasher Film Of 2022

Wellington was used for filming other scenes of the movie Pearl. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, which is located at the southwest tip of North Island. The city also served as the filming destination for many other movies like Avatar, The Tribe, and Spartacus. If you are about to travel to Wellington, then you will get a chance to visit the top filming locations.

If you are a coffee lover, then you could get the world’s best coffee in this city. There are breathtaking views that will take your breath away. Furthermore, the North and South Islands are both easily accessible. So, if you get a chance to visit New Zealand, then try to explore this beautiful location.

Final Words

So, thriller watchers! I hope you’ve gone through all the information about the Pearl plot and where was Pearl filmed. Also, I hope that you will definitely watch this slasher flick after its release. In the meantime, you can plan a vacation and explore the amazing filming locations of this thriller movie.

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Who Is The Director Of Pearl Movie?

Ti West is the director of the slasher movie Pearl.

Who All Acted In Pearl Film?

The lead role of the movie is Mia Goth, and the supporting cast members include David Corenswet, Tandi Wright, Matthew Sunderland, and Emma Jenkins-Purro.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Movie Pearl?

Eliot Rockett is the cinematographer of the movie Pearl.

Which Production Company Worked On The Movie Pearl?

The Production company that has worked on the movie is Little Lamb.

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Pearl?

The movie was co-written by Ti West and Mia Goth.

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