Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!


Watching the super thrilling and adventurous movies from the Predator franchise is an exciting task. But finding out the filming locations of Predator is even more exciting. So, if you are interested in witnessing a high level of excitement, know where was Predator filmed. 

Predator (2010) deals with a man named Dutch who is all set to rescue a group of hostages in Central America. As he moves ahead with his team, he realizes that everyone is being targeted by someone. But he is not an ordinary man, he is an extraterrestrial warrior. 

Predator was entirely shot in Mexico. In Mexico, the locations covered by the movie are Palenque, Cascadas de Misol-Ha, a resort at Puerto Vallarta, and many more. Interestingly, all of these locations are the epitome of beauty. 

It’s time to unravel all the information about these filming locations. So, let’s start our in-depth research of where was Predator filmed!

Where Was Predator Filmed? Explore The Locations For A Relaxing Getaway!

Predator is amongst some of the anticipated movies and all-time favorites. But how does the movie manage to win hearts even today? Of course, one of the reasons is the filming location. Let’s try to find out where was Predator filmed!

Mexico | Discover Rich Culture Here!

Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!

Mexico is situated in the southern portion of North America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Besides this, Mexico is known for its rich culture, ancient ruins, dazzling beaches, and incredible cuisine. In addition, you can have a tour of the Mayan Temple ruins. 

Most of the restaurants in Mexico organize live music performances and serve mouth-watering food. Further, you can witness the beauty of vibrant corals and the marine life of the underwater world. And don’t forget to have a long walk with your loved one at the beautiful beaches in Mexico. 

Also, you can dip your toes in the turquoise waters to cool your mind and eliminate all the tensions in your life. Yes, it was the beauty of Mexico which made the makers determined to film the movie in Mexico. 

Palenque, Chiapas | Witness The Best Of Art!

Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!

Palenque is a northern city of Chiapas, Mexico. Interestingly, the name of this city has been sourced from Mayan ruins discovered in the 18th century. Further, this city is home to an indigenous population and features 600 communities. 

Besides this, the city is the center of attraction for tourists in Chiapas. You can have a look at the decorative stucco sculpture and low-relief carvings. Surprisingly, these cravings are present in their natural form. Yes, they have not been modified by anyone!

All the jungle scenes you saw in the movie were filmed in the forests of Palenque. That’s because the forests in this location were spellbinding. As a result, the makers found these jungles ideal for filming outdoor scenes. In addition, they witnessed pleasant weather with light showers!

Cascadas de Misol-Ha | Visit A Beautiful Waterfall!

Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!

Cascadas de Misol-Ha is a beautiful waterfall with a height of 35 meters. Interestingly, the beauty of this waterfall is worth witnessing. And the waterfall tumbles into a pool of turquoise waters. Moreover, this waterfall is a famous tourist attraction that welcomes millions of tourists every year. Yes, it’s almost similar to the filming location of Uncharted

The beauty of this waterfall is undoubtedly the best. Also, reaching this waterfall is not very challenging. A local guide can take you there. Most importantly, this place is perfect for swimming and enjoying cool waters. So, here’s an option for you to enjoy your boring afternoons!

You will be surprised to know that the waterfall where you saw Dutch running from Predator was Cascadas de Misol-Ha. Although it was tough for the makers to film the scenes here because of mud and water, they managed to shoot the scenes skillfully. Also, a limited number of crew members were selected to shoot the waterfall scenes. 

Puerto Vallarta | Here Comes A Famous Beach Destination!

Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!

Puerto Vallarta is a famous beach destination and a resort town in Mexico. The highlights of this place are its beaches, water sports, nightlife, and local resorts. Surprisingly, millions of people come to Puerto Vallarta to spend their vacations with friends and family. 

That’s not it, there are numerous adventurous activities to do in Puerto Vallarta. You can also explore lush green forests with a spectacular sunset view. All in all, visiting Puerto Vallarta is no less than confronting the beauty of nature. 

In reality, most of the filming of Predator took place near a popular resort in Puerto Vallarta. Also, a set was created near the resort to shoot a few scenes. After the completion of the filming of the movie, the set became a leisure complex of the resort.  

Interesting Facts About Where Was Predator Filmed

Where Was Predator Filmed? Get Acquainted With Multiple Locations!

It was shared by the makers in an interview that the crew members decided to go on a long break after filming in the forests. Also, the production unit was almost covered with ants while shooting the movie. 

Humid heat was another challenge for the production team as it would feel even more than 80 degrees. For the cast members, it was almost unbearable to film with heavy guns and equipment in such heat. Above all, there was a high risk of an encounter with coral snakes, spiders, and scorpions for the cast. 

All in all, the cast and crew came a long way to accomplish the successful filming of the movie. 

Final Words 

You must have got a clear understanding of where was Predator filmed. I know you are excited to visit these locations with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets as soon as possible. And if you are interested in finding out the filming locations of other movies in the Predator franchise, consider reading where was Prey filmed. Some more adventurous locations are waiting for you!

1. Why Did Predator Remove His Mask?

Predator removed his mask to show his horrifying face.

2. Why Did Predator Skin His Victims?

Predator skinned his victim because doing so was a part of his strategy to intimidate his other victims.

3. Why Did Predator See Everything Red?

Predator was programmed in such a way that everything would look red to him.

4. Why Did Predator Let Dutch Go?

Predator did not kill Dutch so that he can have at least one foe.

5. Why Does PredatorUse Mud On Himself?

With the help of mud and heat-based version, Predator can camouflage himself.

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