Where Was The Presence Of Love Filmed? Let Love Spread Happiness In Your Life!


Sometimes we get so engrossed in our lives that we forget our roots and the places where we have spent the best time of our lives. If you are unable to get what I am trying to say, you should watch The Presence Of Love. Read the article to find out where was The Presence Of Love filmed. Interestingly, the filming locations of this movie are also heart-touching and may connect to your early childhood years.

The Presence Of Love (2022) encapsulates the life of Professor Joss. Amidst her happening life, she thinks of visiting the farm where her late mother grew up. After being disconnected from the farm for the past many years, Joss finds it hard to travel there. But after gathering courage, she boards her flight. Upon reaching, she connects with a single father who manages the farm. That’s not it, Joss soon realizes the presence of love in her life.  

The entire shooting of The Presence Of Love took place in Cornwall, England. In Cornwall, the makers opted for some stunning backdrops to shoot many pivotal sequences of the movie. If you are wondering what town in Cornwall was The Presence Of Love filmed in, then keep reading the article because we are going to discuss it in detail.

If you are all set to find out some mesmerizing locations, you can locate them here. Check out where was The Presence Of Love filmed!

Where Was The Presence Of Love Filmed? Here’s A Location That Will Steal Your Heart!

While selecting the location of The Presence Of Love, a highly romantic movie, the makers considered a lot of factors. And after a lot of research, they got an ideal location. If you would like to know about the journey they went through, here’s an insight for you!

Rather than wasting your time searching for where was The Presence Of Love filmed, keep rolling this article. Lots of interesting facts about the locations are waiting for you!


Where Was Presence Of Love Filmed? Let Love Spread Happiness In Your Life!

There was something magical in England that forced the makers to travel all the way from Ontario. England was their first and last choice for filming The Presence Of Love location. Luckily, the entire production team had a smooth experience shooting here. 

In terms of the cast members, England was a new experience for them. But they managed to adapt to the different climatic conditions and ambiance. They were highly considerate toward the production company and did not want to bother it. 

England is one of the most important countries in the United Kingdom that shares its boundaries with Wales and Scotland. Interestingly, you are likely to find a significant cultural impact on the lifestyle of the natives. 

Besides this, you get to see the low hills and plains in Central England. But the northern part is filled with upland and mountainous terrain. On top of this, the vibrant country features offshore islands like the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Sicily. And yes, don’t forget to cover places like Liverpool, Newcastle, and the Thames river. 

Cornwall, England 

Where Was The Presence Of Love Filmed? Let Love Spread Happiness In Your Life!

Cornwall was the primary location for filming all the sequences of The Presence Of Love. Interestingly, the lush countryside made it a perfect pick for the makers. Although they had a tour of other places in England, no place was as beautiful as Cornwall. 

Also, the people living nearby the shooting spot were very thoughtful and assisted a lot to the production team. You’ll be surprised to know they would even ask the production members for evening tea. I guess they wore their heart on their sleeves!

Don’t assume Cornwall to be perfect only for adventure seekers. Many historical tales are embedded on the walls of historical buildings. Besides this, you get to see a peninsula in Cornwall encompassing moorlands and sandy beaches. And you may perceive this place to be the Southernmost tip of England. 

The south coast, known as the Cornish Riviera, seats some picturesque villages like Fowey, Falmouth, etc. And the south coast has towering cliffs, resorts, and seasides lined up that are perfect for enjoying surfing. Most importantly, don’t forget to try Cornish cream tea and Cornish pastries here. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was The Presence Of Love Filmed 

Where Was The Presence Of Love Filmed? Let Love Spread Happiness In Your Life!

It’s quite surprising to see that this time Hallmark moved to some other location leaving Ontario. Before this, movies like A Splash Of Love were entirely filmed in Ontario. Well, only the makers know the reason behind this. Maybe they wanted an exotic location to lens the movie that focuses a lot on romance. 

One of the leading cast members of the movie shared in an interview that filming in England was her “wildest ride.” In addition, she came across so many people with golden hearts who were standing at her back whenever she needed them. During the shoot, she went through her appendix surgery but got back on her feet soon. She even shared a picture of when she was admitted to the hospital. 

Despite a few challenges on the way, she managed to wrap up filming on time. And their efforts paid off in the form of the success of the movie!

Final Words 

You must have noted down all the facts related to where was The Presence Of Love filmed. Now, you can give me a call to your friends to discuss the locations of this amazing movie by Hallmark. Who knows, some of them may plan a trip with you!

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Is The Hallmark Movie The Presence Of Love Based On A Book?

No, the plot of Presence Of Love is based on a book, but the character of the Professor has been taken from Romantic Literature.

Who Is The Little Girl In The Presence Of Love?

The little girl in Presence Of Love is played by Amy Sharp.

Who Is The Director Of The Presence Of Love?

Presence Of Love is directed by Iain Andrews.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Presence Of Love?

The cast members of Presence Of Love are Samantha Bond, Eloise Mumford, Sarah Corbridge, Julian Morris, Amy Sharp, Anand Desai Barochia, and many more.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of Presence Of Love?

Presence Of Love got 7 IMDb rating out of 10.

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