Where Was The Sister Filmed? A Thrilling Mini-Series!


Halloween is just around the corner it’s the perfect time to watch some crazy psychological thrillers! And boy do we have the perfect mini-series for you to binge on! Introducing the thriller show The Sister. Today we will tell you all about it, and also where was The Sister filmed! So keep on reading till the end!

Written and created by none other than the creator of the show Luther, Neil Cross has something new for us. Adapted from his novel called ‘The Burial’, The Sister is a dark and thrilling mini-series. Now released on Hulu for everyone to stream, we don’t see any reason why you have to miss out on the epicness!

So where was The Sister filmed? According to the showrunners, The Sister has been completely filmed in London. To be precise the filming locations have been around West and South London and its adjacent areas. The miniseries was difficult to shoot mainly because half the scenes were set during the night.

The filming location of the series gives you an idea of how hard it was to film. After New York City, London is probably the busiest city even at night. So we can understand the dilemma. Other shows like Pretty Little Liars and Line Of Duty have been filmed around the UK as well. But the filming conditions have been more favorable.

The Plot Of The Sister | What Is The Series About?

Okay, now before we move on the see where was The Sister filmed, let’s briefly check out what the show has been about. The series has been adapted by Neil Cross from his novel and both revolve around the same story. There are elements of paranormal and supernatural along with lots of psychological thrill.

The show stars Russell Tovey, Bertie Carvel, Amrita Acharia, and Nina Toussaint-White in major roles. The Sister follows the life of an ordinary man named Nathan (played by Russel). While on the outside his life might seem ordinary and dull, Nathan harbors a deep dark secret. A secret that no one can find out about. 

Nathan has buried something in his past, that is now going to haunt him. One day Bob, a ghost hunter by profession enters his house, and all hell breaks loose. Bob reveals some damning news to Nathan. Leading him on a journey to seek forgiveness, redemption, and lots of undealt psychological trauma.

Throughout the show, the audience is kept guessing and on there about what is actually going on. With sudden twists and turns that will literally make you chomp down your nails, The Sister is by far one of Neil Cross’s best work

Where Was The Sister Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

The show was released back in 2019 and received a positive reception from audiences as well as critics. Since The Sister has been available for streaming online through OTT platforms like Hulu, the show saw a sudden increase in interest.

That’s why now everyone wants to know where was The Sister filmed! So let’s check out some of the key locations that feature throughout the show!

London, England

Where Was The Sister Filmed? A Thrilling Mini-Series!

The Sister follows Nathan and the events that surround him. He is a loving husband and a good father. There are tons of scenes filled with him and his family as the show starts. Nathan’s house is located on Woodhall Avenue in Dulwich, South East London. The area is characterized as an affluent neighborhood. 

While most of the show has been shot outside in real locations, there are certain scenes that needed to be filmed indoors too. There are many scenes where we see Nathan go into the woods in his car. The interior of his car was shot in a studio in South London. 

The actors and producers laid great emphasis on matching the cold dark look of the exterior shots with the interior ones. As the filming was to be done during the winter months, it proved to be an even more difficult task.

Brewer’s Lane Richmond, West London

Where Was The Sister Filmed? A Thrilling Mini-Series!

Some of the scenes were also filmed in the west of London in a place called Brewer’s Lane. The location also has a rich landscape with lots of flora. Many scenes were to be shot during the night time as well. 

The intense filming schedule was hard for the cast as well as the crew. The actors had to film lots of scenes on cold and rainy nights. All this while having to memorize their lines to perfection as filming had to be wrapped up quickly.

Is The Sister Worth Watching?

Where Was The Sister Filmed? A Thrilling Mini-Series!

If the name Neil Cross isn’t enough to sell you on the show then we don’t know what is. While the show currently enjoys positive reception, there are calls to adapt The Sister into a proper series. Seems like fans can’t have enough of just a mini-series.

So yes, The Sister is definitely worth watching and investing your time in. Besides good writing, what the show has going for itself is impeccable acting from the main cast. We already know how hard the schedule has been for them. Despite the odds, they have been to deliver a stellar performance. Therefore, keep an open mind and enjoy watching The Sister on cable or Hulu!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know where was The Sister filmed! We personally enjoy a good thriller. We are big fans of the genre and seek out movies and shows on OTT platforms that might tickle our fancy. If you share the same feelings as us, then you should definitely give The Sister a shot!

Also, if you liked the info on filming locations then we have more articles for you. Our personal recommendation is to check out where shows like The Vampire Diaries and Reservation Dogs were filmed! If you have a favorite movie or a show that you would like covered then drop a comment below and we will try to get to it!

Is The Sister only 4 episodes?

Yes, The Sister has been made as a miniseries and only has a total of 4 episodes in it!

Is there a season 2 of The Sister?

No, there will not be season 2 of The Sister.

Where to watch The Sister in 2022?

You can watch The Sister on Hulu in 2022!

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