Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? An 80s Classic!


Being a nerd is cool now, but roll back a few years, and you would have had it hard. The classic Revenge Of The Nerds is one of the best movies that show us what used to happen with nerds back in the day. A movie that lives on even decades later. And, today we will tell you all about where was Revenge Of The Nerds filmed!

Directed by Jeff Kanew, Revenge Of The Nerds has been a mainstay of cult classics. Starring in the movie we have Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, and Bernie Casey. Actors who went on to make big in Hollywood. So where was the powerful comedy filmed?

Revenge Of The Nerds has mainly been filmed at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. The interior shots have been filmed at Old Tucson Studios. For fraternities and sorority houses, real frat houses were chosen. Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house (on University Boulevard) was used as the Alpha Beta fraternity house.

Seeing the filming locations of our favorite movies and shows in real life is a joy in itself. The feeling it gives is simply unexplainable. So if you are curious about such details then check out filming locations of classics like Line of Duty and The Endless! That will surely get you pumped about your next vacation!

The Plot Of Revenge Of The Nerds | What Is It All About?

Now, before we check out where was Revenge Of The Nerds filmed, let’s see what the show is about! The movie follows the lives of two best friends and nerds, Lewis and Gilbert. The two enroll for a computer science degree in the (fictional) Adam’s college. 

The two quickly find out that the real world isn’t kind to nerds. They are easily overpowered, and bullying is frantic. The main fraternity of the college – The Alpha Betas – burn down their frat house and are relocated to the college dorms. This means the freshmen have nowhere to live and are given shelter in the college gym.

Now the nerds must either live like that or get membership in the frats. The nerds are immediately rejected entry into The Alpha Betas. As the nerds eventually find a frat that accepts them, the jocks of the frat aren’t happy with their success. 

With questionable bullying, the jocks and the nerds face off each other in the campus games. Beating the jocks at the games seems like the only way the nerds can start commanding some respect of their own. With hilarious scenes and witty jokes, Revenge Of The Nerds is an absolute must-watch!

Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

We don’t know about you, but we always thought college would be as bad as Adam’s College looked in Revenge Of The Nerds. But luckily, it wasn’t. Anyway, we would still want to see all the cool locations that were in the movie. Is Adam’s College even real? Well, let’s see where was Revenge Of The Nerds filmed and find out!

Old Main, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? An 80s Classic!

If you do a small google search you will see there isn’t actually any college called Adam’s College. But hey, not all hope is lost as the stand in college used for the outdoor shots of the college is actually real. The producers used Old Main, University of Arizona, Tucson, as the stand-in for Adam’s College.

So if you happen to be in Arizona and want to check out the college, then now you know where to go. Also, here’s a cool little trivia about the college. Some of its outside shots have been used in the show Little House On The Prairie too!

N Park Avenue and E University Blvd.

Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? An 80s Classic!

Besides the outdoor shots of the university, one of the standout shots in the whole movie is the entrance to the college. A big gate with an archway standing tall that reads “Adam’s College.” As the nerds enter college and step into their new life, we see the beginning of a new chapter.

Where would that be located, you ask? The archway was made at N Park Avenue and E University Blvd. intersection. If you’re planning to be around that area and hope to find the archway, then tough luck. It was only constructed for the movie, and acts as a normal intersection for now!

Beta Theta Pi House, 638 E University Blvd. Tucson, AZ. 85705.

Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? An 80s Classic!

When the frat boys weren’t busy making the lives of our nerds a living hell, they were chilling at their frat house (which they eventually burn down). The Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity House of the University of Arizona was used as the Alpha Beta Frat house! 

The University Boulevard also hosts a number of other frat and sorority homes. Filming in these locations was kept to a minimum so regular college life wouldn’t be affected. So as the frat house burned down (in the movie), filming moved to a new location.

Cochise Hall, Main Campus, University of Arizona

Where Was Revenge Of The Nerds Filmed? An 80s Classic!

As the nerds come to live on the campus and into their freshman dorms, it is like stepping into a home outside your home. The feeling of acceptance from peers and sharing dorms and roommates is really something special.

Cochise Hall from the actual University was used as the freshman dorms. The nerds and others are eventually made to vacate these rooms as the frat house takes over. The management then moves the freshmen into the real gymnasium of the university.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Revenge of the Nerds filmed! The movie is filled with laughter but also has some wholesome moments. If you liked this piece of work, then be sure to check out other filming locations of Kingdom and Roseanne too!

Where can I watch Revenge of the Nerds 2022?

Right now you can watch Revenge of the Nerds on HBO Max.

Why is Revenge of the Nerds rated R?

Revenge of the Nerds has been rated R for nudity, language, and drugs.

Is Revenge of the Nerds based on a true story?

According to various insider sources of the movie, the story was actually a true story at the University of Wisconsin.

How many Revenge of the Nerds movies are there?

There are a total of 4 movies in nerd series

What campus was Revenge of the Nerds filmed on?

The University of Arizona was transformed into Adams College for the filming of the comedy Revenge of the Nerds

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