Where Was Room Filmed? Brie Larson’s Bone-Chilling Thriller Film From 2015!!


If you’re looking for a movie that is starkly different from Disney AR starring Brie Larson? Then we recommend you watch the mystery thriller Flick Room. Follow this article to know all about this bone-chilling movie. Later, I’ll also share where was Room filmed.

Room is a bone-chilling thriller flick that was released in the summer of 2015. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay featured in the lead roles, while Sean Bridgers played the supporting character. The story of Room was actually inspired by Emma Donoghue’s novel, published 5 years prior to the film.

The basic premise of Room revolves around the character of Joy Newsome, a young American single mother, and her son, Jack. The story gets interesting when the female lead is finally able to escape with her child from the confinement of her room.

Room collected a total of 107 prestigious awards, apart from winning an Oscar. It definitely says a lot about the positive response this mind-bending film received from the critics. Room was commercially successful as well, grossing over $36 million in worldwide collections.

Before I tell you more about this Oscar-winning film, let’s find out where was Room filmed.

Where Was Room Filmed? Let’s Know This Mystery Drama Film Closely!

The story of Room is set in and around the city of Akron, Ohio. But you’d be surprised to know that the actual filming of this movie took place entirely in Canada. However, before the filming locations of Room were finalized by Lenny Abrahamson, he was busy with some other work.

After Lenny acquired the filming rights from Emma Donoghue, he arranged a special meeting with her. The director took advice from the novelist in creating the overall storyline for this movie. Eventually, Lenny convinced Emma to join the project as a screenplay writer.

But, Abrahamson categorically asked Emma to change the premise of Room to create more suspense for the film audience. 

So, after these tasks were completed by the director, he began the audition process. A number of Hollywood A-listers auditioned for the lead role. However, Brie Larson was eventually selected for the role of Joy Newsome.

Finally, Abrahamson and a few other members of the unit began scouting for filming locations in America. But when the director couldn’t find any suitable filming locations in the U.S.A, he decided to scout for suitable locations in Canada instead.

After a month or so, the director and his team members were able to find a number of ideal shooting spots in and around the province of Ontario. The principal photography of Room began in the second week of November 2014 and continued till the first week of December of the same year.

The entire shooting schedule lasted for a month or so. During this time, the production members captured the majority of the outdoor scenes in and around the city of Toronto. In fact, the important interior scenes of Room were also filmed inside a well-equipped studio located in the same city.

While the filming process was on, the production members didn’t face any major issues. The shooting schedule remained intact till the end, as the production members were able to complete the filming of Room within the estimated time.

Let us now check out the filming locations one by one and find out where was Room filmed.

Ontario | Canada

The shooting process of Room commenced in the city of Toronto, Ontario. This famous Canadian city is located on the northwestern shoreline of Lake Ontario. Apart from being the capital of Ontario, this city is also considered to be a cultural melting point. 

Different nationalities from all parts of the world live in this city with peace and harmony. Plus, every year, a number of tourists visit this iconic Canadian city to spend their holidays with family and friends.

Coming back to the filming locations of Room, the opening scene of the movie wasn’t particularly filmed near the downtown region of Toronto. In fact, it was filmed on the outskirts of Toronto, near a sparsely populated area.

Other important scenes of the movie were captured near Gerrard Street East and Dundas Street West. The sequence where we see the iconic burger joint in the movie was filmed inside Apache Burgers, located at 5236 Dundas St West, Toronto.

Before filming the ending scene of the movie, the production members went to a place located near Queen St, Toronto. The sequence where we see the ice skating rink in the movie, was actually filmed near Nathan Phillips Square.

Finally, the ending sequence of Room was filmed inside Bridgepoint Health Hospital, located at 550 Gerrard Street East, Toronto. After these scenes were shot, the production members used Pinewood Toronto Studios to capture the remaining interior scenes of the film.

And now, let me walk you through the plot of Room. Meanwhile, you can also read The Quiet Girl, Oscar-nominated Movies and The Sixth Sense.

Plot Of Room | What’s It About

Where Was Room Filmed? Brie Larson’s Bone-Chilling Thriller Film From 2015!!

The basic premise of Room revolves around the character of Joy Newsome, a 24-year-old single mother, and her 5-year-old son, Jack. At the very beginning of the movie, the female lead appears to be confined with her son inside a dingy and unhygienic room.

As the story progresses further, the female lead describes the outside world to her son, who has never seen the blue sky. However, after making several attempts to escape from the room, Newsome and Jack are finally able to escape somehow after sustaining multiple injuries.

Watch Room and witness the inspiring journey of a tortured single mother and her 5-year-old son.

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