Where Was The Sixth Sense Filmed? Bruce Willis’ Iconic Thriller From The ‘90s!!


Are you a fan of Bruce Willis? Well, then, you should consider watching The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis alongside Haley Osment. Read this article to find out where was The Sixth Sense filmed, along with some other details.

The Sixth Sense is an American mystery thriller movie that was released in the late ‘90s. Famous Hollywood actor and director M. Night Shyamalan was at the helm of affairs for this project

The basic premise of The Sixth Sense revolves around the character of Malcolm Crowe, a middle-aged child psychiatrist. The plot thickens when a strange child comes to Malcolm for counseling and confesses about the recurring paranormal sightings.

The Sixth Sense was a massive commercial success. Fans of horror thriller movies from all parts of the world appreciated the overall premise of the film. Plus, the incredible on-screen performance of Bruce Willis was also acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.

Are you ready to find out more about this critically acclaimed psychological thriller film? Then without wasting your time, let’s discuss in detail where was The Sixth Sense filmed.

Where Was The Sixth Sense Filmed? Let’s Know This Psycho-Thriller Flick Closely!

The Sixth Sense became super popular within a matter of months of its release in 1999. Over the years, this engrossing movie bagged over 37 prestigious awards. Apart from that, The Sixth Sense also collected several nominations, including 6 at the Oscars.

This project eventually turned out to be the most successful in Shyamalan’s journey to becoming one of the elite filmmakers of Hollywood. But, before making The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan had previously directed movies like Praying with Anger and Wide Awake.

In both of the blockbusters mentioned above, the filming locations played an important role in contributing to the overall success. So during the initial stage of production for The Sixth Sense, the director made sure to pay special attention while selecting the filming locations.

The story of The Sixth Sense is set in and around the city of Philadelphia. You’d be amazed to know that the actual filming of this movie was also done in this iconic American city as well. But it’s also important to mention that some minor sequences of the movie were filmed outside of Pennsylvania.

So, after Shyamalan and his team finished selecting the main filming locations for The Sixth Sense in Pennsylvania, they looked for some other filming locations. At first, the production members scouted around a bunch of places in California to capture the remaining outdoor scenes.

However, since the backdrop of the sites didn’t match the background that Shyamalan was looking for, he asked the crew to scout elsewhere. Finally, after a week or two, the production members found a number of suitable shooting locations in Chicago.

Shyamalan checked the filming locations in Chicago and then instructed his crew to commence filming. The principal photography of The Sixth Sense commenced in the fourth week of September 1998 and continued until the second week of November of the same year.

Since the majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in and around the city of Philadelphia, the production members were able to complete the shooting process quickly. Plus, the fact that most of the logistics were arranged in advance by the crew, also helped to keep the shooting schedule intact.

After the final phase of filming, which took place in Chicago, the production members wrapped the entire filming process. 

Ok, let us now take a closer look at where was The Sixth Sense filmed.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | USA

The opening scene of the film, where we see the character of Malcolm Crowe walking inside a church, was filmed near 4th and Vine Street. Philadelphia. The production members took special shooting permission from the ministers of St. Augustine Catholic Church to film the interior scenes.

This famous church in the city of Philadelphia is located near 4th and Vine Street and is often visited by a number of Christian families living around the same location. 

Thus the production members were given permission to film only during the weekdays. Because during the weekend, this prayer house is often used for charity programs and other religious services which are organized by the general public.

Other important scenes of the movie were captured around Bryn Mawr and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. The famous scene of The Sixth Sense where we see the lead actor missing his anniversary date, was filmed inside Striped Bass Restaurant, located at 1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

After the sequences from the final quarter of the movie were shot in and around the Grand Boulevard area of Chicago, the filming process of The Sixth Sense ended.

Friends, the above-mentioned places were the main filming locations of The Sixth Sense, which were used by M. Night Shyamalan and his team. Now, let me give you an overview of The Sixth Sense. 

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Plot Of The Sixth Sense | What’s It About

Where Was The Sixth Sense Filmed? Bruce Willis’ Iconic Thriller From The ‘90s!!

The basic premise of The Sixth Sense is about a skilled child psychologist and a young American boy who can see cursed paranormal spirits. At the very beginning of the movie, the character of Malcolm Crowe appears to be counseling young clients in his chamber.

As the story progresses further, a previous friend of Malcolm walks into his clinic and informs him about a special child, Cole Sear. Soon the lead actor agrees to diagnose Cole, but when he finds out the actual truth, Malcolm gets totally shocked.

Watch The Sixth Sense and find out how a young child helped Malcolm to fix the broken marriage with his estranged wife.

Final Words

Alright, guys! Well, I hope now you finally know where was The Sixth Sense filmed. If you’re still wondering whether you should watch this mystery thriller or not, I’d definitely recommend you give it a shot. Plus, do let us know your experience of this movie if you’ve already watched it.

If you wish to read other pieces like where was The Sixth Sense filmed, don’t forget to mention the title of your favorite film/show below. We’d be more than happy to cover the filming locations of them as well.

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