Where Was Scream Filmed? An Engrossing Horror Thriller!


You must have watched the old Scream movies. But have you watched the new one? Well, if not, in that case, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know. The 2022 horror thriller film Scream has gained a lot of attention not only in the US but also globally. As the other parts of the film series were big hits, people were really expecting a lot from this one as well. And we are glad to say that the audience is not disappointed at all. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was Scream filmed.  

The slasher/horror thriller film, Scream was released on 14th January 2022. The movie is based on the characters created by Kevin Williamson. It was a box office hit like its other previous parts. It earned $140 million against its $24 million budget. The movie is a horror thriller but has also combined elements of black comedy. The movie is packed with unexpected plot twists and is also filled with some thrilling action sequences. Make sure there are no kids around when you watch it, as it is an R-rated film.

However, getting back to your primary concern regarding where was Scream filmed, the horror thriller was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States of America.

Plot Of Scream (2022) | The Ghostface Is Back Once Again!

Where Was Scream Filmed? An Engrossing Horror Thriller!

The story of Scream revolves around the character of Sidney Prescott played by Neve Campbell, the original target of the mysterious Ghostface who is now a mother of three. It’s been twenty-five years after the streak of brutal killings that shocked the peaceful town of Woodsboro. Only if the people of the town knew that their old nightmare had returned once again. In time, the people of Woodsboro discover that a new killer wearing the Ghostmask has come to the town. And this time the vicious killer has targeted a bunch of teenagers. 

Where Was Scream Filmed?

Where Was Scream Filmed? An Engrossing Horror Thriller!

The horror thriller film, Scream has received mixed reviews from critics but mostly positive. The film got a generous score of 76% from Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 6.3 from IMDb. Neve Campbell has showcased an impressive performance. Screenrant and the Chicago Tribune have praised the movie for its direction, screenplay, and the performances of the actors. However, now that you have an idea about where was Scream filmed, let’s move forward and get into the details of the filming location.

Wilmington | North Carolina, United States Of America

Where Was Scream Filmed? An Engrossing Horror Thriller!

Principal photography of the slasher/horror thriller, Scream began on 23rd September 2020 and was wrapped by mid-November 2020. The entire filming of the movie took place in the city of Wilmington in North Carolina. The city is also known as Hollywood East. The gorgeous port city is home to a big community of film and television industry professionals.

The filming of Scream took place in multiple locations, utilizing a number of neighborhoods. A number of scenes were filmed at Williston Middle School, which is situated at 401 South 10th Street. A couple of scenes were also shot at the Wilmington Convention Center. It is situated at 10 Convention Center Drive.

Several vital scenes were filmed inside Cardinal Lanes Shipyard, which is basically a bowling alley located at 3907 Shipyard Boulevard. The Woodsboro Sheriff’s Department that we see in the movie is in reality the International Longshoremen’s Union Hall. It is situated at 1201 Country Club Road. A handful of scenes were filmed at Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern, which is a rock club, situated at 1415 South 42nd Street.

The production team along with the cast filmed in multiple locations due to the movie’s plot line. A number of exterior scenes were shot in a neighborhood near Market Street, which is close to the Wilmington Veterans Cemetery. A few of the scenes were also filmed at the Wilmington Riverwalk which is located in downtown Wilmington.

Some of the important scenes were shot inside the EUE/ Screen Gems Studios, which is situated at 1223 North 23rd Street. The production team built a number of sets inside the studio. One of the set designers went all the way to California to check out the actual house in order to create the replica of Stu Macher’s iconic house in the movie.

Popular movies like Halloween Kills, the psychological thriller Black Phone, the stoner comedy We’re The Millers and the romantic drama film A Walk To Remember were filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Final Word

If you happen to be a fan of the horror thriller movie, Scream and want to check out the filming spots in real life, then we suggest you make a plan and visit the beautiful city of Wilmington. We can assure you it would be a different kind of experience. However, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you can stream it on Paramount Plus+, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, and Apple TV. Now, if you want to watch it for free, then visit FMovies or 123 Movies. Also, if you want to explore more such fascinating filming locations then do not forget to check out where was Hereditary and The Exorcist filmed.

Who Directed The Film Scream?

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett directed the film, Scream.

What Is The Tagline Of The Movie Scream?

The tagline of the movie Scream is “It’s always someone you know”.

Who All Acted In The Movie Scream?

The cast of Scream includes actors like Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell.

Who Produced The Film Scream?

William Sherak, James Vanderbilt, and Paul Neinstein produced the film, Marie.

Who Wrote The Movie Scream?

James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick wrote the film, Scream.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie Scream?

1h 54m is the runtime of the movie, Scream

Which Production Company Backed The Film Scream?

Spyglass Media Group, Project X Entertainment, and Radio Silence Productions backed the film, Scream.

Is Scream Available On Netflix?

Scream is not available on Netflix.

Is Scream Available On Disney+?

Scream is not available on Disney+.

Is Scream Available On HBO MAX?

Scream is not available on HBO MAX.

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