Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!


Do you like to watch hilarious comedy movies? Have you watched the comedy movie Summer Rental? Do you know where was Summer Rental filmed?

Summer Rental is a comedy movie that presents the adventurous vacation of a family. The movie is known for its interesting premise and includes many unplanned comical scenes. The movie also features multiple music tracks including Turning Around which was performed by Jimmy Buffett.

Summer Rental was filmed primarily in Florida. Most of the filming for the movie was done in regions near St. Petersburg Beach, Some parts of the movie were also filmed in Georgia to portray the day-to-day life of the family before they go on a vacation.

We will be discussing where was Summer Rental filmed and other information related to the movie. If you want to know the filming locations of other movies and TV shows you can check out where were the movies Clerks and Frozen In Love filmed.

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? 

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

Summer Rental had some interesting choices when it came to planning the movie, as multiple hilarious scenes in the movie were not a part of the script. Other than that the end credits of the movie also included pictures of the family as a photo gallery of their eventful vacation.

If you already know where was Summer Rental filmed you can also discover the shooting locations for other titles like An Officer And A Gentleman and Being There. But first, if you want to you can explore the beautiful filming locations of the movie Summer Rental.

Summer Rental | The Hilarious Beach Vacation!

Let’s take a look at the plot of the movie Summer Rental before we check out where was Summer Rental filmed.

Summer Rental presents the eventful vacation of the Chester Family as they travel to the beach. Jack Chester works at the airport as an air traffic controller and does not have time to spend with his family. So eventually the family decides to go on a vacation for some bonding time.

Summer Rental presents the supposed relaxing family vacation going downhill from the start. However, after Jack ended up in a small altercation with a local yachtsman things become more comical. Eventually, in an attempt to defeat the yachtsman, he agrees to a yacht race.

Will Jack be able to regain his pride or will he have to return home embarrassed? Who do you think will win the race? You can find the answers to all your questions if you watch the comedy movie. For now, you should entertain yourself with the amazing filming locations of the movie.

IMDb Rating6.2
Runtime1 hour 27 minutes
Director(s)Carl Reiner
Writer(s)Jeremy Stevens, Mark Reisman
CastJohn Candy, Richard Crenna, Rip Torn
Release DateAugust 9, 1985 (United States)
Production(s)Paramount Pictures, St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission

St. Petersburg

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

The Chester family in the movie Summer Rental goes on a beach vacation. Most of the locations of the movie were filmed in the St. Peterborough region. Some of the locations featured in the movie are St. Petersburg Beach and 10 Beach Drive.

 It is also notable that all the yacht club scenes were filmed at 10 Beach Drive. If you want to travel to some beautiful beaches for a relaxing vacation you can travel to St. Petersburg for a small getaway.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

The workplace of Jack Chester in the movie Summer Rental was the airport where he worked as an air traffic controller. So the maintain ana authenticity to his character his working hours were filmed in the Atlanta International Airport which is located in Georgis, USA. 

There are very few scenes that were filmed in Georgia. However, if you want to travel to Georgis, you can find a lot of interesting architectural and historical towns to visit. There is also a multitude of national parks and natural scenic places that you can also travel to.

Tierra Verde

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

A lot of scenes in the movie Summer Rental feature Scully’s restaurant, which is situated in Tierra Verde. The restaurant that was featured in the movie is called Billy’s Stonecrab Seafood & Steaks. Most of the altercations between Jack and the local yachtsman were also filmed in and around the restaurant. If you want to visit the restaurant you will be glad to know that it is still functional.

Redington Shores

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

The gardener’s house in the movie Summer Rental was featured multiple times. There are other scenes as well that were filmed in the region. The gardener’s house is located on Sunset Boulevard and visitors can travel to the house. However, it is private property so you will not be able to visit inside the house. Redington Shores is also a scenic and beautiful place if you want to travel to the nearby regions of the city.

Other Filming Locations

Where Was Summer Rental Filmed? Scenic Florida Locations!

Even though most of the filming locations for Summer Rental are situated near the region of St. Petersburg, there are other filming locations that were also featured in the movie. Some of these locations that are situated in Florida are John’s Pass, Beach Theatre, and Pinellas Bayway. Other than that parts of the movie were also filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Final Words

We have compiled all the information that you would want to know about where was Summer Rental filmed. If you enjoyed this read on where was Summer Rental filmed you can also check out the filming locations of other titles as well. We have also covered the streaming platforms for multiple movies and TV shows like the thriller movie Smile and Hocus Pocus 2.

You can check out the filming locations of your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also suggest to us the titles of the movies and TV shows whose filming locations you would want us to cover.

When was Summer Rental released?

The movie Summer Rental was released on August 9, 1985, in the United States of America.

What is the cast of Summer Rental?

The cast of Summer Rental is John Candy, Richard Crenna, Rip Torn, Karen Austin, Kerri Green, Joey Lawrence, and John Larroquette.

Who was the producer of the movie Summer Rental?

The movie Summer Rental was produced by George Shapiro.

Can you watch Summer Rental on Youtube?

No, you can not watch the movie Summer Rental on Youtube.

What is the Box Office income of Summer Rental?

The Box Office collection of Summer Rental was approximately 24 million USD.

Who wrote the script for Summer Rental?

Mark Reisman and Jeremy Stevens wrote the script for the movie Summer Rental.

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