Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed? A Hallmark Original Romantic Drama!


There are numerous movies that are simply meant for entertainment purposes. Then there are films that are entertaining but at the same time, they are also inspiring. Taking The Reins is one of those movies. The 2021 romantic drama narrates a beautiful and inspiring story of a woman who reconnects with her past in the most unexpected way. However, we’ve come to understand that many people are interested in finding out the movie’s filming locations. In this article, we’ll discuss the movie and then tell you where was Taking The Reins filmed.

The romantic drama movie, Taking The Reins was released on 25th September 2021 in the United States. The Hallmark original movie is an ideal pick if you want to watch something light-hearted and also equally engaging. If you’ve watched other Hallmark films, in that case, you should definitely check out this movie.

Now, getting back to your concern regarding where was Taking The Reins filmed, the romantic drama movie was filmed in the United States of America, specifically in Marlborough and East Hampton in Connecticut. 

Plot Of Taking The Reins (2021) | Samantha’s Love For Horses! 

Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed? A Hallmark Original Romantic Drama!

The story of Taking The Reins revolves around the character of Samantha Barclay played by Nikki Deloach, who is an established writer. When she returns to her old family ranch to write an article about her love for horses, she is forced to deal with her past issues. Instead of running away from it, she decides to face all the unresolved issues with her father and former husband.

After spending some time alone at the ranch, she finally reconnects with her past and realizes why she left horse riding, which she loved so much. Soon, keeping all the negative thoughts behind, she begins to find pleasure in it once again. 

Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed?

Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed? A Hallmark Original Romantic Drama!

Clare Niederpruem’s romantic drama film, Taking The Reins, being a television movie has received a generous rating of 6.3 from IMDb. Which is not at all bad, if you ask us, on the contrary, it’s quite impressive. Getting a good rating from IMDb is quite difficult. However, now that you have a little idea about where was Taking The Reins filmed, let’s not waste any more time and jump into the details of its filming locations.

Marlborough | Connecticut, United States Of America

Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed? A Hallmark Original Romantic Drama!

The movie is set in a place that is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that take the main character and the audience away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. The backdrop is vital to the film’s theme as it brings a certain essence to it. 

However, the filming of the romantic drama, Taking The Reins took place in the state of Connecticut. The production team moved around quite a bit and shot at multiple spots, including a few of the locations that were mentioned in the film itself. The movie in reality was shot on a real horse farm during the hot summers. The cast and crew were really brave and enthusiastic about it and did not complain once.

Principal photography of the movie began in July 2021 and was wrapped up by August 2021. The majority of the filming took place in the town of Marlborough, located in Hartford County, in the state of Connecticut. 

The horse farm that we witness in the movie is in reality the Meadowbrook Horse Farm. It is a fifty-acre boarding and training facility that offers two barns along with an indoor and outdoor area for riding and training horses. It was reported that the farm was recently renovated.

We can go as far as to say that almost seventy-five percent of the movie was filmed at the farm. Interestingly the production team decided not to change the original name of the farm.  And if you look closely, in one of the scenes you can even see the signboard with the original name on it. The farm is situated at 153 South Road, Marlborough.

Except for a few scenes, as we mentioned, most of the filming took place inside the farm. Trained show-horses were brought in for the film’s production. A number of professional riders from the nearby Oakendale Farm were hired to train the horses that were showcased in the movie.

East Hampton | Connecticut, United States Of America

Where Was Taking The Reins Filmed? A Hallmark Original Romantic Drama!

After filming the majority of the scenes in Marlborough, the cast and crew shifted to the town of East Hampton, which is located in Middlesex County in Connecticut. The movie’s lead actor, Nikki Deloach in an interview mentioned how impressed and happy she was to work in such a beautiful and remarkable place. 

Connecticut is one of the few states in America that offers competitive tax breaks for filming, which is why many production companies come here to shoot their movies. Popular films like Harrison Ford starrer Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Bruce Willis starrer Die Hard With A Vengeance and Denzel Washington starrer Malcolm X were filmed in Connecticut.

Final Word

So, these are the two locations where filming of the Hallmark romantic drama movie, Taking The Reins took place. If you live in the state of Connecticut it’s quite easy for you to visit the filming spots that we mentioned. However, we would suggest you watch the film, if you haven’t yet. You can stream the movie on the Hallmark channel, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. Also, if you want to explore more filming locations, then do check out where was Outside The Wire and Entrapped filmed.

Who Directed The Film, Taking The Reins?

Clare Niederpruem directed the film, Taking The Reins.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Taking The Reins?

The cast of Taking The Reins includes actors like Nikki Deloach, Scott Porter, Janine Turner, Eliza Hayes Maher, Megan McNulty, Fredric Odgaard, Ilana Becker, Corbin Bernsen, Harry Sutton Jr., Josh Philip Weinstein, and Brian Cade.

What Is The Tagline of The Film, Taking The Reins?

The tagline of the film, Taking The Reins is “Love is a leap of faith”.

Who Wrote The Film, Taking The Reins?

Alex Wright and Ron Oliver wrote the film, Taking The Reins.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Taking The Reins?

1h 24m is the runtime of the movie, Taking The Reins.

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