Where Was That 90s Show Filmed? Netflix’s New And Exciting Sitcom Of 2023!!


If you were wondering where was that 90s Show filmed, then you can stop looking further as you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will not only discuss the filming locations of That ‘90s Show, but I’ll also give you a brief overview of it.

The American comedy-drama series, That ‘90s Show, has recently been released on Netflix. It has become widely popular amongst fans, who enjoyed popular shows like Seinfeld and Blossom. Gregg Metler, the creator of the series, took inspiration from the That ‘70s Show which was released a couple of years back.  The basic premise of this Netflix original show is centered around the character of Leia Forman, a young and charming teenage girl, who visits her grandparents for summer break.

The pilot season of That ‘90s Show has a total of 10 exciting episodes. All episodes from the first season were released together, which is available for you to stream on Netflix. The makers of this sitcom are elated with the kind of positive response they received from the audience and critics.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s explore where was That 90s Show filmed. So that you can analyze the filming locations up close. Plus, later in this article, I’ll also give you a brief overview of this intriguing show.

Where Was That 90s Show Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Series Closely!

The story of That ‘90s Show is set in Wisconsin. However, the makers decided to film the entire series in California, specifically inside a studio in Los Angeles. Gregg wanted to employ the technique of multi-cam filming and decided to shoot the entire show in front of a live audience.

But, after discussing this idea with other creative heads of the unit, they advised Gregg to shoot a few sequences on location as well. Thus, a special then sent to Wisconsin, to scout for ideal filming locations in and around the state.

After several weeks, the team came up with a number of potential shooting locations in Wisconsin. The creator then finally agreed to film a few sequences there, alongside shooting the majority of the scenes in California.

The principal photography began in the first week of February last year and continued till the third week of July 2022. The filming schedule was delayed, due to the mismanagement of the team, which caused the production budget to increase. 

So, without waiting any longer let’s have a detailed discussion about where was That 90s Show filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting spots.

Los Angeles, California | USA

Where Was That 90s Show Filmed? Netflix’s New And Exciting Sitcom Of 2023!!

As mentioned, the shooting of That ‘90s Show began in the second month of 2022 in Los Angeles. The Old Warner Brothers Studio, which is officially called Sunset Bronson Studios, presently, was used. 

This famous studio, located at 5800 Sunset Blvd, has been selected by a number of filmmakers over the years. Popular films and shows like Girlboss, Good Luck Charlie and Pretty Smart were also filmed here.

So, in order to film the pilot episode of That ‘90s Show, the crew had to create a make-believe stage inside the same studio. The opening scene, depicting the family house of Leia’s grandparents, was shot inside the make-believe setting.

Special camera techniques and lighting equipment were used to film the majority of the episodes. While handling one of the high-definition cameras, one of the crew members accidentally broke the lens. This incident delayed the filming schedule for a couple of weeks, as the director only wanted to use the same model of camera for filming.

Reportedly, all the interior sequences of all episodes were captured inside this studio, in front of a live audience. After the competition of shooting in Los Angeles, the production members then moved to the next filming location.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | USA

The story of That ‘90s Show is set in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin. Thus in order to film the outdoor shots of the town, the production members traveled to the city of Milwaukee. Several exterior shots of the city were then filmed. 

The production members also captured a couple of sequences near the downtown area of Milwaukee, and then returned to California. Filming in Wisconsin lasted until the end of July 2022 after which the crew began working on the promotion of the show.

Now, if you’re planning to visit Wisconsin anytime soon, then you can surely look up the Harley-Davidson Museum, The House on the Rock, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee Art Museum and Cave of the Mounds. These iconic places in Wisconsin are often visited by tourists from all parts of the globe, each year.

Alright friends, it’s time for us to discuss the plot of That ‘90s Show in brief. So that you can get a fair idea about the storyline of the Netflix series. In the meantime, you can check out locations of Aliens, The Matrix and E.T. too.

Plot Of That ‘90s Show | What’s It About

Where Was That 90s Show Filmed? Netflix’s New And Exciting Sitcom Of 2023!!

The story of That ‘90s Show revolves around the character of Leia Foreman, a young teenage girl, who decides to spend the days of summer vacation with her grandparents. At the beginning of the show, the female lead along with her parents, travels to the town of Point Place Wisconsin.

As the story progresses further, Leia quickly befriends other teenagers, who live near her grandparent’s home. This gang of teens then indulge in all sorts of goofy and hysterical activities.  Watch That ‘90s Show to revisit the golden days of your adolescence. 

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that you know where was That 90s Show filmed, I hope you found what you were looking for. If you enjoyed the read, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section below. Or if you’d like us to cover any other title, you can mention that as well.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show That 90s Show?

The cast members of the show That ‘90s Show includes Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Callie Heverda and Mace Coronel along with some others.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show That 90s Show?

The show That ‘90s Show has a total of 10 episodes in the pilot season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show That 90s Show?

Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner were the producers of the show That ‘90s Show.

What Is The Rating Of The Show That 90s Show?

The show That ‘90s Show has a TV-14 rating

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Show That 90s Show?

James Iha is the cinematographer of the show That ‘90s Show.

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