Where Was The End Filmed? An Engaging Australian Drama!!


Are you looking for a perfect drama series that originated outside of America? If you are, then make sure to check this article where I present to you a drama show developed in Australia, The End. And will also fill you in on where was The End filmed.

Engaging TV series, The End, released in 2020 was directed by Jessica M. Thompson. Writer & creator of the show, Samanatha Strauss made this 10-part series to premiere on Sky Atlantic and Fox Showcase channels. 

The End mini-series was received well by the audience upon its release. Although it was hard heartedly critiqued to come out as too preachy. The show has only 1 season with 10 episodes. It was nominated and later, won the Australian Screen Editors award, in 2022!

Now, let us discuss the plot of the series in brief. So that you get a better understanding of the basic premise. Later in this article, I will also share with you The End 2020 filming location.  

Plot Of The End | What’s It About

At the very beginning of the first episode, we are acquainted with the character of Kate Brennan (played by Frances O’ Connor), who is shown to practice medicine in Australia. She’s shown to be separated from her husband, living in a small apartment with her children. Managing work and family life gets difficult for Kate at times, but she still manages to pull through.

The female lead’s sheer will and optimism reflects not only at her house, but in the workplace as well! Kate specialises in palliative care medicine, and strictly forbids the concept of mercy killing. On the other hand, Kate’s ageing mother, Edie, has a completely different take on the topic. Edie is shown to previously live in England by herself, but later arrives in Australia to spend time with Kate.

Unaware of the fact what Kate’s mother had to face in England, Kate at first doesn’t understand Edie’s weird change in behaviour. Edie argues with Kate on most topics and finds her life to be meaningless, aspiring to end it. Therefore, Kate understands that her mother needs medical care and decides to send Edie to a retirement village.

All in all, the sensitive topics like Euthanasia and aging is deflty presented in the series. Each episode in the series, The End, covers a different aspect of Kate and Edie’s life. The mother and daughter relationship is brilliantly portrayed on screen by the lead actors. 

Time for us to explore where was The End filmed. So that you can enjoy the perfect locations that were used for shooting this brilliant drama series!

Where Was The End Filmed? Let’s Know The Drama Series Closely!!

The End is set in the state of Queensland in Australia. Most of the events that take place in the series, are in and around the metropolitan city of Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland. Reportedly some establishing scenes were also filmed in the UK. 

Director Jonathan Brough and Jessica M. Thompson decided to shoot the series in Australia, to capture the attention of the Australian audience and showcase the beauty of the country to the rest of the world!

After finalizing the filming locations, the production struggled to manage with the filming dates. The actors of the show were not available during the summer of 2018, when the production unit team wanted to commence the filming initially. 

The crew then came to an amicable agreement with the lead actors and began filming in late September 2018. The principal photography was completed in 3 months! After which the production unit began working on marketing strategies.

Ok, so let’s now explore the exact filming locations of the drama series, The End.

Gold Coast, Queensland 

where was the end filmed

The world’s sixth largest country, Australia has a number of scenic locations spread around the country that attracts filmmakers and artists to arrive at this place! Although realistically, not many directors and cinematographers decide to film in Australia! Unless they have a big production budget to cover the huge expenses, which involves transportation of logistics, permission and tax for filming, etc. 

The exotic beaches and the wild outbacks showcased in a shoestring budget film/show, are mostly filmed in a set, inside of a studio. Nevertheless, the film fraternity of Australia, still supports the local economy by shooting in their own country at authentic and mesmerizing locations. 

The opening scene of The End, where Kate’s house is shown, was filmed in the coastal city of Queensland. The house that was used for filming, is located in the outskirts of Gold Coast city. Which the filming crew scouted after the specific instructions from the director. As, he wanted a secluded locality.

Other important scenes in the show, such as the indoor sequence of the old-age retirement home, where Edie gets admitted, was filmed on a constructed set. The retirement home was later taken down after the shooting was completed. However the outdoor scenes of it, featured an actual nursing home located in Hope Island.

Here’s a list of popular shows and movies, such as Ticket to Paradise, Scooby Doo, Thirteen Lives, Spiderhead, Godzilla vs. Kong and Peter Pan were also filmed in the same location.

Brisbane, Queensland 

where was the end filmed

Other important scenes of the show from episode 9 and 10, were filmed at the capital of Queensland in Brisbane. The filming crew spent only 6 days filming at this location. After the filming was completed the entire unit became emotional while bidding each other farewell.

Here’s a couple of places for you to visit in Brisbane, such as Seaworld, South Banks Parklands, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Gallery of Modern Art and Roma Street Parkland if you wish to visit Australia anytime soon!

Final Words

Right, so I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and now know where was The End filmed. Be sure to visit Viebly, to check out other fun and entertaining articles about the latest shows and films. 

Who Produced The Series The End?

Carol Hughes and Louise Smith were the producers of the series The End.

Who Created The Series The End?

Samantha Strauss wrote the series The End.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Series The End?

The End has only 1 season, with 10 episodes.

Which Is The Song Played In The Series The End?

Forever Now by Cold Chisel is played in the series The End.

Is It True That There Are Different Versions Of The Pilot?

No, there are alternate versions of the pilot episode, in the series The End

Is Euthanasia Prevelant In Australia?

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws will begin operation in Tasmania on 23rd October 2022, and South Australia on 21st  January 2023.


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