Where Was The Good Mother Filmed? Crime Thriller Filming locations!


Filming locations play a crucial role in the making of a movie. Good backgrounds highly contribute to its success. Hence, it becomes important for directors and producers to choose wisely the scenery and backdrop ends of movies. Here we will talk about a crime thriller movie and, primarily, where was The Good Mother Filmed.

The story of this crime thriller revolves around a journalist mother delving deep into an investigation against the shady murder of her estranged son ‘Michael’ by shaking hands with his pregnant girlfriend, Paige. The duo succeeds in solving the murder of Micheal at last and proves how strong a woman, especially a mother, can be.

Released in 2023, the movie casts award-winning actors Hilary Swank and Olivia Cooke, along with Jack Reynor and Hopper Penn. The Good Mother has been shot primarily in Albany, New York. If you have watched it, you may know the film is primarily filmed in the city area, displaying buildings and narrow dark streets.

The filming locations include Albany, Times Union, Empire  State  Plaza, the Capitol Station, New Scotland Avenue, Maddison Place, and Morris Street.

Let’s explore all the places where The Good Mother was filmed.

Where Was The Good Mother Filmed?

Where Was The Good Mother Filmed? Crime Thriller Filming locations!

Albany, the capital city of New York, is famous for its beautiful architecture and The Hudson River. Crediting to its beauty, the actors spent five weeks shooting in Albany. The movie was filmed in the city during the summer of 2022. The central locations are Times Union, the Capitol, Amstrakk Station, New Scotland Avenue, Maddison Place, and Morris Street.

The Times Union

As we know, the main character, Marrisa is a journalist in Times Union. If you watch the movie’s trailer, you can spot a big white building named The Times Union. In reality,  Swanks’s roles as a reporter and some outside scenes are filmed in The Times Union Building. You can spot various scenes in the newsroom as well. 

New Scotland Avenue

Many movie scenes are filmed in constructed sets inside New Scotland Avenue(Troop B). Troop B is located on New Scotland Avenue in Albany. It is a beautiful filming location- an old brick building built in the 20th century. The area is quite walkable and has good locations nearby, such as Woodlawn Park, Ridgefield Park, and Washington Park.

Amtrak station

Where Was The Good Mother Filmed? Crime Thriller Filming locations!

In the movie, you see Marrisa walking down the railyard, passing near the trains. All of these scenes are filmed at The Amtrak Station Rensselaer. There are excellent restaurants near Amtrak Station that you can explore. Some are the Lobster Club, Panda Express, Ny Pizza Suprema, and Taboo Lounge.

The Capitol

The beautiful huge building of the New York State Capitol is located in Albany as a part of The Empire State Plaza. It is one of the most expensively constructed buildings in New York, and a few of the movie scenes are also shot in the capitol and Empire State Plaza. Additionally, shots of the Hudson River are shown in the trailer.

Maddison Place And Moriss Street

As discussed above, you can see multiple movie scenes in dark, narrow streets. Additionally, there are inside-house scenes as well. All these scenes are filmed in Maddison Place and Morris Street.

The Plot Of The Good Mother

Where Was The Good Mother Filmed? Crime Thriller Filming locations!

This 2023 released crime thriller is about the murder mystery of Marrisa’s son, Micheal. The reporter, the mother of two boys, steps in to solve the murder of one of her sons along with his girlfriend. 

Further, the women’s duo delves deep into an investigation in which Paige, the girlfriend, loses her life after delivering her baby. The result of this investigation comes out to be shocking beyond measure as Marrisa in the end, finds out the killer to be her other son, Toby. 

Final Words

In the end, we hope you have an idea of the locations where The Good Mother was filmed. Travel enthusiasts can add another place to their bucket list from these filming locations. The crime suspense movie is a lesson always to choose justice above anything and to be unbiased.

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Who directed The Good Mother?

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte has directed the movie in and around New York.

Is The Good Mother a hit or flop?

The IMDP rating of the movie is, however, not very high. It is 4.7/10. The overall reviews of the movie conclude it to be not bad but dull and inconsequential.

What are some similar movies like The Good Mother?

A few of the many similar movies to The Good Mother are Bunker, Girl, and Exposed.

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