Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!


Amazing movies like Knives Out usually opt for some exceptional locations. And it is quite evident through Knives Out filming locations. Can’t handle the excitement? Keep reading to calm it!

Knives Out (2019) uncovers the mystery behind the death of a crime novelist. Surprisingly, he dies after celebrating his 85th birthday. As a result, an investigating officer is appointed to get to the root of the case. Guess what! An unexpected reason comes in front. In addition, Knives Out filming location are more beautiful than expected!

If you haven’t come across something lavish, this is going to be your first time. So, check out the characteristics of Knives Out filming location!

Knives Out Filming Location | Location Of The Sprawling Plot!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

Including the principal photography, the entire filming of Knives Out took place in Massachusetts. However, the makers covered different locations in Massachusetts to add diversity to the locations. As a result, you can see this long list of locations. That’s why check out the Knives Out filming location with a critical lens!

  • Release Date: September 7, 2019 
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 97%
  • Genre: Mystery, Comedy 
  • Cast: Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans 
  • Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video 
  • Running Time: 2h 10m 

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Ames Mansion, Boston | Major Knives Out Filming Location!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

Ames Mansion is a highly lavish location in the movie that will surely widen your eyes. Also, the house was built in 1920 and the owner managed to preserve the beauty of the house till today. In fact, the house has belonged to the same family since its establishment.

Well, not the entire house was used for filming the movie. Only a few interiors like the hall and library were under the custody of the makers for some time. Moreover, it was shared in an interview by the production designer that they had used the first floor and a few sections of the house.

In order to showcase the second and third floors, they had to establish an artificial setup. Were you able to detect the difference while watching the movie?

On The Trax, Berlin | Restaurant For Lip-Smacking Food!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

In one of the scenes, Ransom tries to have words with Marta. The place where they exchange words is On The Trax, whose former name was The Flat Penny Bar And Grill. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer functional. As per rumors, it’s not going to turn up again. Let’s hope for the best!

Brown’s Wood Neighborhood, Lincoln | Another Mansion That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

Another location that you definitely cannot miss is Ransom’s house. Yes, you are guessing right, Brown’s Wood Neighborhood is Ransom’s home in the movie!

I don’t know where to start because this house is commendable! First of all, you must know that this is a modernist house whose establishment can be traced back to the 1950s. Surprisingly, this house was not intended to be a house. Rather, it was a part of a community project. 

Also, the motto behind establishing such a house was to live in the lap of nature. That’s not it! There are more than 20 houses like this that are situated in different places. 

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Downtown Natick | Beauty That Will Leave An Indelible Print On Mind!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

That amazing car chasing scene was filmed in the streets of downtown Natick. More precisely, the Main and the Central Streets were used to perform the filming. 

If you are willing to visit this place, it’s a good idea! You’ll surely love a place that is vibrant in culture, dining, shopping, community, and many more. 

Maynard | Town Suitable For Living Happily!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

Maynard is another town on the list that you must consider for shopping and adventure. In addition, the town is home to many shops, theaters, galleries, and restaurants. Maybe that’s why many scenes of the movie got filmed here!

If seen through the lens of history, this town holds historical significance as well. Hope to see you soon there!

Medfield | Another Beautiful Town In The Queue!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

I would like to share that Medfield has not only been a perfect location for Knives Out. Many other television series and movies filmed their scenes here. 

For the matter of Knives Out, Medfield State Hospital was used for filming a few scenes. Moreover, this beautiful town is known for its historic buildings, artifacts, and documents. 

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Waltham | A City With Historic Relevance!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

When it comes to Waltham, most of you must be aware of this city in Middlesex County. Before noting down the scenes of the movie, I would like to mention a bit about its history. Interestingly, this town was the center of labor law and contributed to many other revolutions in America. Besides this, Waltham was home to the Boston Manufacturing Company ( a famous textile mill). 

In the context of the movie, the Alley that you saw in the movie is situated in Waltham. Even some of the street scenes belong to this city. 

Marlborough | Have A Look At A Prosperous Town!

Knives Out Filming Location | Lavish Locations Listed Here!

Well, this is the last location on the list but this does not affect the relevance of this location. In the movie, you must be able to recall the medical examiner’s office that catches fire. Yes, that one! It belongs to a building in Marlborough. Thankfully, the building did not get much destruction due to the scene. 

For the city, I must say it has transformed a lot since its inception. After the 19th century, the city went through a transformation, which made it a high-technology industry. Besides this, a lot of construction activities have taken place in the city, which has added more to its development.

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Final Words 

You must be refreshed after coming across Knives Out filming location. But having a tour of these places is much more refreshing. So, if you are tired of your mundane routine, it’s time to break it and plan a short trip to these places!

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