Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Locations Of A Western Movie!


Western dramas are my all-time favorites! If you also love watching such movies, I have a perfect watch to recommend to you. It’s The Man Of The West! I am sure you would like to know about its premise and filming locations. So, let me introduce you to the plot and where was The Man Of The West filmed!

One of the popular movies of the late 50s, The Man Of The West got praise from critics. They claimed the movie to be the best film of the year. Eventually, the movie gained a cult following and became one of the masterpieces of Anthony Mann. Also, Cooper and other cast members were praised for their performance. 

If you are wondering where was The Man Of The West filmed, it’s no time to wonder. That’s because I am here to update you all about it!  

Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Know These Locations Closely!

The principal photography of the movie was wrapped up by the end of 1958. While experimenting with something new, the makers decided to shoot the movie by using the widescreen CinemaScope process. In order to make the sequences look organic, Cooper learned horse riding prior to the shooting. Unfortunately, when the day came for shooting the horse riding scene he got injured. Still, he managed to shoot without any help. 

If you are unable to calm your excitement about where was The Man Of The West filmed, go through the following locations right now!

Red Rock Canyon State Park, Cantil, California

Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Locations Of A Western Movie!

The eye-catching opening sequences of The Man Of The West were shot at Red Rock Canyon State Park. The makers needed a peaceful location to shoot these sequences and Red Rock Canyon turned out to be perfect for it. Apart from this movie, The Big Country was also filmed here

Samuel Goldwyn Studios, West Hollywood

The majority of the indoor sequences were shot on the stages of Samuel Goldwyn Studios. Although the production team considered other locations, this studio was finalized after considering several factors. It took less than a month to wrap up filming here. 

Mojave Desert, California

For capturing some fighting sequences, the makers found the Mojave Desert an ideal filming location. Shooting here was quite challenging for the production team because of the sand particles which would stick to everything. After days of struggle, finally, all the crucial sequences were shot here. 

Melody Ranch, Newhall, California

Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Locations Of A Western Movie!

Some remaining fighting sequences were shot in the stunning backdrops of Melody Ranch. Initially, the makers were not in favor of shooting here, but the moment they came to know about this place, they were in love with it. Interestingly, the scenes that were filmed here became the highlight of the movie. 

Santa Clarita, California

Santa Clarita was one of the most significant filming locations where many outdoor sequences were shot. The natives spotted the cast and crew members in some commercial areas of the city. However, the makers did not reveal the names of the exact locations. While speaking to the cameras, the cast members shared how excited they were to shoot in Santa Clarita. 

Sierra Railroad, Jamestown, California

All the scenes featuring the journey of Link in the train were shot at Sierra Railroad in Jamestown. This location was selected to make the train sequences look organic. While shooting here, the makers hired a team of professionals to ensure the safety of cast members. 

Janss Conejo Ranch, Thousand Oaks, California

Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Locations Of A Western Movie!

Janss Conejo Ranch appeared in the movie in some of the outdoor sequences. I know all the ranches in outdoor sequences look quite similar in the movie so it’s tough to recognize this one. Today this ranch is a barren land but a few decades back, it was used for farming and grazing horses. When the shooting was taking place, the beauty of this ranch was worth watching. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the setup of other ranches located in Thousand Oaks was made to shoot some pivotal scenes. 

Plot Of The Man Of The West | What’s It About

Where Was The Man Of The West Filmed? Locations Of A Western Movie!

The Man Of The West is sourced from The Border Jumpers, a novel that appeared in 1955. The plot narrates the life of Link Jones who sets out to catch his train and use his savings for hiring a school teacher. 

As he boards his train, some people assume him to be a famous gambler and con man. On his way, Link gets accompanied by an attractive dancehall girl and a gambler. The gambler doesn’t want anyone to know about his real identity so he acts smart. 

Unfortunately, things go wrong and Link tries to save his fellow travelers. In order to save them, Link agrees to do something which is not morally upright. What will happen with Link next? Will he be able to hire a schoolteacher for the students of his village?

Final Words 

I hope you have noted down where was The Man Of The West filmed. Now, you can give a call to your friends and share the information with them over a cup of tea/coffee. If you wish to inform them about some more locations, read where was Karate Kid filmed

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Man Of The West?

The cast members of The Man Of The West are Julie London, Gary Cooper, Arthur O’Connell, Lee J. Cobb, Royal Dano, Jack Lord, John Dehner, and many more.

Who Was Originally Considered For The Lead Role In The Man Of The West?

Stewart Granger was considered for the lead role but later he was replaced by Gary.

The Man Of The West Resonates With Which Play By Shakespeare?

The Man Of The West is a dramatic version of William Shakespeare’s play, King Liar.

How Was The Man Of The West Received By Critics?

The movie was received as the best film of the year. The movie also gained a cult following. Gary was also praised for his exceptional acting skills.

The Man Of The West Is Available In How Many Languages?

The Man Of The West is available only in English.


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