Where Was The Menu Filmed? Explore Some Top Filming Locations!


I was looking for a horror thriller to watch during the weekend and someone suggested watching The Menu. Guys, I need to tell you that the movie is loaded with suspense in every scene. And the filming locations add more thrill to the plot. So, allow me to spill the beans about where was The Menu filmed!

A dark comedy-horror, The Menu was released on September 10, 2022. The basic premise of the movie is based on the real-life experience of the screenwriter, Will Tracy. While producing the movie, he recalled taking his boat to a restaurant on an island while visiting Norway. The movie received two Golden Globe nominations and praise from critics. 

Now, you must be getting curious to know about the plot and where was The Menu filmed. Read till the very end to note all the relevant information about filming locations!

Where Was The Menu Filmed? Visit These Locations Soon!

The filming of The Menu commenced on September 3, 2021, with cinematographer Peter Deming. Before beginning the shooting, many famous chefs around the world were consulted including Dominique Crenn. All this was done to make the dishes and sequences look authentic. So, it’s right to say that a lot of attention was paid to every aspect of the movie. 

You’ll be surprised to know that none of the real-life locations were used to film the sequences of Hawthorne restaurant. The makers took inspiration from many famous restaurants like French Laundry and created a setup to shoot the scenes. 

The predominant sequences of The Menu were shot in and around Savannah, Georgia where The Resident was also filmed. Let’s check out the exact locations to learn where was The Menu filmed!

Ft McAllister State Park 

Where Was The Menu Filmed? Explore Some Top Filming Locations!

The shooting of The Menu commenced at Ft McAllister State Park. The scenic view you saw in the opening scenes was shot at this park. Many fans thought that a setup was made for these sequences but the makers clarified that it was a real location. 

If you wish to spend time in the lap of nature, Ft McAllister is an ideal spot for this. You get to see various species of plants and trees with a separate area featuring the best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy. 

World Trade Center Atlanta

Some pivotal indoor sequences were shot at the premise of the World Trade Center Atlanta. Well, not the entire building features in the movie, only a few rooms and sections were used to shoot the movie. For this, the makers paid several visits to the authorities of the building. 

Sadly, you can’t visit this location because it’s not open to the public and only the concerned staff members are allowed to enter. 

Skidaway Island Community Gardens 

The outdoors of the restaurant where you saw all the guests entering was shot at Skidaway Island Community Gardens. The overall setup of this location was perfect so the makers were not required to make any changes. 

You can surely visit this garden but before it, you need to take permission from the owner. That’s because the garden is private property. 

Driftwood Beach On Jekyll Island

Where Was The Menu Filmed? Explore Some Top Filming Locations!

Some sequences featuring the isolated island were shot at Driftwood Beach. This island was selected because the scenic view transported the makers to another world. And the entire production team was stunned upon looking at the beauty of this beach. 

This beach has many Driftwood trees but visitors are not allowed to touch them. So, you can visit this place to relax for some time. 

Hampton Island

The majority of the island sequences were shot at Hampton Island. Because the island is on the way to development and has fewer markets, the makers took all the necessary equipment with them. Luckily, they concluded shooting here within a few weeks. 

Hampton island is a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. It features two causeways and a series of salt marsh islands. So, you have a lot to explore here. 

Tybee Island 

Where Was The Menu Filmed? Explore Some Top Filming Locations!

The conclusion sequences were shot at Tybee Island. This location was selected because the makers did not want to travel to any distant location. They shot all the significant sequences within the decided time frame. 

Today, Tybee Island is one of the top filming locations. Apart from The Menu, The Last Song was also filmed here. So, visit this exciting location to relive these movies!

Plot Of The Menu | Know The Movie Closely!

Where Was The Menu Filmed? Explore Some Top Filming Locations!

The plot of The Menu narrates Margot and Tyler’s experience at a restaurant. They travel to an exclusive restaurant located on a private island with other visitors. The visitors who enjoy lip-smacking meals are Lillian, Ted, Richard and Anne (a couple), George, and many more. 

When dinner begins, Jullian (celebrity chef) delivers monologues for every dish. As time passes, all the guests start revealing their secrets and suddenly a chef kills himself. All the guests panic and the owner allows them to escape only under one strange condition. Eventually, Jullian reveals that all the guests will be dead by the end of the night but Margot gets an interesting choice. Soon Margot’s true identity also gets revealed. 

Margot requests Jullian to cook something for her and praises the food. After finishing her meal, Margot asks Jullian to pack food that she can leave. She escapes the island with the help of a Coast Guard boat. After Margot leaves, Jullian kills all the guests and staff members in an uncommon way. Does Margot also lose her life even after leaving the island? Watch the movie to know the rest!

Final Words 

So, these are the locations to learn where was The Menu filmed. Well, these places are still operational, which means you can relive all the thrilling sequences. Keep visiting Viebly to note all the top locations. You can also read where was Wind River filmed!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Menu?

The cast members of The Menu are Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Arturo Castro, John Leguizamo, Aimee Carrero, and many more.

Was Emma Stone Supposed To Star Among Other Actors In The Menu?

In April 2019, it was announced that Emma Stone will feature in the movie but she left the movie due to some conflict. 

When Was The Menu Released On Streaming Platforms?

The Menu was released on January 3, 2022, on digital platforms.

Where Was The Menu Premiered?

The Menu premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and then at Festantic Fest in September 2022.


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