Where Was The Prestige Filmed? Christopher Nolan’s Iconic Thriller Flick!!


Are you a huge fan of Christopher Nolan? Then I’m sure you must’ve seen The Prestige at least once. But do you know where was The Prestige filmed? If not, then you read this article and find out the exact details.

The American action drama flick, The Prestige, was released back in 2006. Christopher Nolan was the director of this incredible film, while Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale were cast in the lead roles.

The basic premise of The Prestige revolves around two English magicians from the late 1800s. The plot thickens when both the magicians exceed all boundaries while competing against each other to establish dominance in England’s show-biz.

The Prestige was a thumping success at the box office. This mind-bending film grossed over $100 million in total collections. The Prestige also bagged a couple of major awards over the years, apart from collecting several nominations at the Oscars. Mystery thriller movie fans were absolutely thrilled with the overall storyline of this award-winning film.

If you’re excited to know more and find out where was The Prestige filmed, read this article until the end.

Where Was The Prestige Filmed? Let’s Know This Suspense Thriller Film Closely!

A lot of hard work went into the making of The Prestige. Apart from the director of this project, the filming crew and the cast members also made sure to give their best in their respective roles. 

As per reports, Jonathan and Christopher Nolan completed writing the script for this project by the end of November 2000. Although the screenplay had a number of plot holes, Jonathan and Christopher tweaked the script several times.

After making the storyline absolutely captivating for the audience, Nolan began auditioning several Hollywood actors for the lead roles.

Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson joined the project during the initial stages of production. While Hugh and Christian Bale were selected by the Nolan brothers after a couple of weeks.

Finally, Nolan and his team began scouting for ideal filming locations for this project. You’d be quite amazed to know that, even though the story of this movie is set in England, none of the scenes were actually filmed there.

In fact, all sequences of The Prestige were shot in and around the western state of California. As Christopher Nolan had a $40 million production budget to work with, he thought it would be best to refrain from filming in International locations.

Thus by considering all these factors, Nolan and his team began looking for ideal shooting locations in California. Shortly after, the production members were able to find a number of potential shooting spots, which were located in Los Angeles and Downey.

However, at the eleventh hour, Nolan also decided to include a couple of locations from the state of Colorado and then asked the production members to commence filming.

The principal photography of The Prestige began in the third week of January 2006 and was completed by the second week of April of the same year. Important to mention that the majority of the scenes of this movie were actually captured inside well-equipped studios in California.

The production members didn’t face any major challenges during the course of the shooting. In fact, they received immense help from the governor of California and other high-ranked officials.

Let us now take a closer look at where was The Prestige filmed.

California | USA

The film’s opening scene, where we see the character of Robert  Angier performing the disappearing man trick in front of a live audience in England, was filmed in California. The production members used The Los Angeles Theatre at 615 South Broadway, Los Angeles, to capture this scene.

Other important sequences of the movie depicting the Royal Albert Hall were captured inside Park Plaza Hotel, located at 607 South Park View Street, Los Angeles. The production members then moved to the Beverly Hills area in California.

The scenes showcasing Angier’s first meeting with Cutter were then captured inside Greystone Park & Mansion, located at 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills. After filming these scenes, the production members shot a couple more outdoor scenes in and around different locations in California.

One of the most iconic sequences of the movie, depicting the electric light field of Tesla, was actually filmed near Mount Wilson in California.

Colorado | USA

The second phase of the shooting commenced in the state of Colorado. The train scene of the movie was shot along Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado. Additional sequences were also captured in Redstone and Telluride.

The production members then returned to California and filmed the remaining scenes inside Downey Studios, 12214 Lakewood Boulevard, Downey.

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Let us now walk through the plot of The Prestige. In the meantime, you can also read Top Futuristic Movies, 25 Bleak Dystopian Movies, and 25 Hilarious Shows Like SNL.

Plot Of The Prestige | What’s It About

Where Was The Prestige Filmed? Christopher Nolan’s Iconic Thriller Flick!!

The basic premise of The Prestige revolves around two English magicians, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, who become sworn enemies. At the beginning of the film, Angier’s wife dies on stage while performing a magic trick.

As the story progresses further, the lead actor blames Alfred for his loss and swears to avenge his wife’s untimely death. Angier then attempts to malign the reputation of Alfred and eventually drive him out of business. The lead actor even meets with Nikola Tesla to learn the method of teleporting. 

However, when Angier finds out about Alfred’s secret, he is shocked to his core. To know more, watch The Prestige now!

Final Words

Alright, friends! I hope you were able to note all the filming locations of this intriguing movie. If you still have any questions regarding where was The Prestige filmed, let us know in the comments section below.

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