Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!


If you want to enjoy a heart-throbbing chemistry, The Proposal is an ideal movie. And the filming locations of the movie will not fail to catch your eye. Here’s all you must know if you are wondering where was The Proposal filmed? 

The Proposal (2009) marks the relationship between Margaret (editor) and Andrew (assistant). When Margaret decides to marry Andrew, he imposes a few conditions like flying to meet his family. Meanwhile, a suspicious personality keeps chasing them, but Andrew and Margaret must try their best to stick to their wedding plan.

Are there butterflies in your stomach? Here’s food for them!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Book Your Time Today For These Delightful Sites!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

Where was The Proposal filmed? Do you think about the same? The answer is that all of the filming was done in the USA. Other than this, the majority of the plot scenes revolve around Massachusetts, which is one of the major spots for enjoying the beauty of nature. Get set to have a tour of some tourist spots in the USA!

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Massachusetts | Crucial Scenes Filmed Here!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

Massachusetts has served as the core location for filming most of the movie’s scenes. Interestingly, the makers had to make a few changes so that the location could go well with the plot. So, let’s get straight to the point and learn about the locations!

Manchester By The Sea- Essex County | Where Was That Beautiful Mansion?

This town is one of the eye-catching towns in Manchester that tourists in the USA never miss. The private mansion that you saw in the movie is real, and you can have a close look at it. Within the movie, the mansion belongs to the Paxton family. Yes, you got it right! I am talking about my Andrew’s Alaskan home. Besides this, the makers had to modify the private mansion to make it look as per the plot. 

Bearskin Neck, Rockport | Remember That Internet Cafe?

The internet cafe you saw in the movie belongs to the market of Bearskin Neck, which is famous for its restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Interestingly, this beautiful place is a shopping hub for tourists who enjoying finger-licking food. If you plan to visit Bearskin, be prepared to see your pocket getting drained. Girls, you are going to fall in love with this place!

Rockport | Spot For Beautiful Scenery In The Movie

Some of the outdoor scenes in the movie have been filmed in Rockport, especially the places that the couple in the movie enjoys. Surprisingly, this place is just one hour away from Boston and can be reached by train or car. Also, I must tell you that this place is perfect for relaxing during vacations that will also let you peep inside its intriguing history.

Lastly, you must know that the office scenes of Margaret were filmed in Rockport. However, the place that the movie mentions is Alaska, but Rockport served as the location for the office.

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Gloucester | Another Spot For Outdoor Scenes!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

When it comes to answering, where was The Proposal filmed? Gloucester is one of the places on the top of the list, which sits on Cape Ann. Other than this, this coastal city is known for holding its fishing heritage. You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a fishing memorial that features the name of those who went lost in the sea while fishing. 

If you love fishing, Gloucester is a place that you must add to your list!

Beverly Municipal Airport | The Airport Where The Couple Boards Flight

The couple board flight in the movie, which takes off from Beverly Municipal Airport. And this airport is the connecting point for Beverly with North Shore Regions. Though the airport is not big, its simplicity will steal your heart. Besides this, the airport has all the basic facilities that one looks forward to. 

I would like to suggest you pay a visit to this airport if you plan to arrive nearby Beverly.

Myopia Hunt Club, South Hamilton | Places Where Andrew And Magaret Spent Time

Some of the places that you see in the movie where the couple enjoys is Myopia Hunt Club. Interestingly, this club is regarded as one of the oldest historic places in Boston. And the beauty of this club will give you a memorable experience. 

If you love Golf, this club is the ideal place for you! Other than this, the club displays many interesting activities for its visitors.

California | Explore Some Beautiful Places Of The Movie In Real!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

Besides Massachusetts, California has also served as the core location for filming The Proposal. So, the partial answer of where was The Propose filmed is California. You must check out the enlisted locations in California!

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Walt Disney Studios | Was The Private Mansion Not Enough For Filming Paxton Home?

You must surely be aware of Walt Disney Studio. Of course, all of us have watched so many movies under the banner of Walt Disney! Interestingly, the same studio turned out to serve the desirable set for The Proposal. In addition, the Paxton house was also filmed here. Of course, not the entire scene, but a few indoor scenes were filmed by preparing a similar set in the studio. That’s why the movie got the perfect indoor scenes of the house. 

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden | The Exotic Location For Quality Time!

The gardens where you see the couple in the movie spending quality time belong to a real garden in California. And this garden is nestled in the hills near the San Gabriel Mountains in Arcadia. 

If you are located in Los Angeles, it’s easy to connect to the garden through a car or public transport. However, you can enjoy a memorable trip to the garden at any time of the year. It is better not to plan it for Christmas because the garden remains closed on this day. 

New york | Here’s The Place That Features The Proposal Scene!

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

Up till now, you must have been waiting for that epic place that filmed the proposal scene. Therefore, I am going to discuss the place in detail!

So, the scene where you see the Proposal was filmed at Javits Federal Office Building. And this building is the neighboring building of Manhattan. So, if you are planning to visit this building, you’ll be able to see Manhattan, which means killing two birds with one stone! Interestingly, the Javits Building is home to many government agencies and is one of the tallest federal buildings in the USA. 

Newport, Rhode Island | Exoctic Scenes Of The Movie Filmed Here?

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

If you think there are a few places that captured the beautiful scenes of the movie, then it’s not over!

Newport has also served as an ideal location for some outdoor scenes. This enthralling city is nestled on Rhode Island in New England. But if you don’t know about Newport, it is highly known for Gilded age mansions lined on Bellevue Avenue. Other than this, some buildings in this city belong to the age of the Renaissance. Other than this, the eye-catching beauty of the city will force you to spend more days. Of course, when it comes to shopping, there are some amazing spots.

That’s not it! This city hosts Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival and fairs. So, make your plan accordingly!

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Boston | Did It Served As The Perfect Location For Opening Scenes?

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

You’ll be taken aback after knowing that the opening scenes of Andrew were filmed in Boston, which is the capital of Massachusetts. Interestingly, the streets of Boston served as the outdoor scene of the movie. It means the streets where we see Andrew and Margaret belong to Boston. 

Besides this, the scene covers most of the known streets of Boston. Because the scenes have been filmed in Boston, you see a lot of crowd around the lead actors.

Did The Makers Face Any Challenges While Filming The Proposal? 

Where Was The Proposal Filmed? Details Of The Location Of Your Favorite Romcom!

Interestingly, the movie makers had to face a few challenges while filming the movie. In addition, filming in the streets was a huge challenge due to the continuous advent crowd. Also, a few places were required to go through some modifications so that they can serve ideally for the movie. 

You’ll be surprised to know that initially, the cast was not finalized due to the unavailability of the dates. Somehow, the makers and the actors managed to schedule the filming!

Final Words 

I hope you have liked this small tour of the USA that features some of the country’s famous sites. Also, you must have a detailed answer for where was The Proposal filmed. So, start packing your bags and book tickets to the place that most appeals to you!

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