Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!


With movies like The Revenant, you can learn how to keep your spirits high. But the scenic beauty of the filming locations of this movie will fill you with more energy to beat the challenges with red in tooth and claw. Would you like to know where was The Revenant filmed?

The Revenant (2015) brings forth the story of a frontiersman who gets brutally attacked by the enemies of his group. Unfortunately, his hunting crew decided to let him fight for his survival on his own. As a result, the frontiersman utilizes his skills and decides to take revenge on the person who betrayed him. 

To serve your excitement, here’s an answer to where was The Revenant filmed!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Amazing Locations For Adventurous Geeks!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

You’ll be surprised to know that this epic survival drama is based on a poem that appeared in 1915, The Song Of Hugh Glass. Surprisingly, the movie makers were so specific about the location that they got ready to delay the release of the movie from May to August. Here’s where was The Revenant filmed! 

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Canada | A Crucial Tourist Spot And For Filming The Revenant!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

You must have visited Canada but have you visited some exciting locations there? Don’t worry. With The Revenant, you’ll be exploring some heart-throbbing locations that you must visit with your family!

Kananaskis Country, Canada | Major Spot For Filming Location!

Though the movie is shown to be based in South Dakota (U.S.A), most of the filming has been performed in Kananaskis Country. When it comes to addressing the beauty of this area, no one can fail to guess the reason why the makers opted for this place. Other than this, the foothills will catch your eye and will leave an indelible print on your mind. 

Interestingly, the natural beauty of this location made it perfect for depicting an era thousands of years ago. And that’s the reason why the location in the movie looked as if it had been framed.

Bow Valley, Canada | Jaw-Dropping Location!

Bow Valley has been a crucial location for filming many movie shoots. And in reality, this valley is a provincial park nestled in the east of the Canadian Rockies. Other than this, the confluence of the Kananaskis river makes this filming location of The Revenant suitable for other epic movies as well. 

Interestingly, the location was so perfect for the movie that the makers were not required to make some add-ons. So, make sure you visit this place to have the real feel of the movie!

Stoney First Nations Reserve | Here’s The Place That You Were Waiting For!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

Do you remember the scene when the Arikara Native Americans attacked the rival group? Interestingly, the filming of that scene took place at Stoney First Nations Reserve, which is a real native American reserve. And the location is just 20 miles away from Calgary. So, the depiction was real, but the location was also real!

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British Columbia | Filming Location Of An Action Scene!

If you can recall the scene where Leonardo smashes into prop rubber trees and yanks around a harness, the scene was filmed in British Columbia. Surprisingly, many viewers thought that it had been filmed in Alberta. In British Columbia, the makers opted for Derringer Forest, a charming area near the Squamish River.

Fortress Mountain Resort | Enjoy The Wilderness Of Nature!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

After Glass gets injured in the battle, Fitzerald is appointed as the caretaker of Glass. But soon, Fitzerald kills Glass and sets out on his journey to the fort. Interestingly, the wilderness that he and you enjoy on the way was shot near Fortress Mountain Resort, which resides in Kananaskis Country. The same location was also used for filming the snowy scenes.

When there is a place that can deliver so much fun, why have you not considered going there yet!

Drumheller, Alberta | A Location That You Might Have Not Heard Of!

One of the epic scenes of the movie is the falling of a meteor on earth that Fitzerald witnesses. That alluring place is known for its signature rock faces. The sheer rock faces also look like they are murmuring the history of the land through their different shapes. 

Moreover, the tall rock formations make an endearing picture that you must have witnessed in the movie also. Interestingly, this delightful location is a wealth of fossils, fetching it the name Dinosaur Capital Of The World.

Shovelnose Creek | The Shift Of Glass!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

When Glass’s health starts deteriorating, he is carried on a stretcher and shifted to another place. And that new place that you see was Shovelnose Creek. Though it’s hard to recognize the place due to the additional setup of things for the scene, you’ll recognize it immediately during your visit. 

This alluring place is located in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in southwestern British Columbia. And those who love trekking will find this place adventurous enough. So, book your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable trek with your friends!

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The U.S.A | Another Eye-Catching Location That Can Be Recognized!

Besides Canada, many locations in America served as idealized locations for The Revenant. Therefore, it’s interesting to explore some more adventurous locations that will blow your mind!

Kootenai Falls, Montana | Spot For An Unforgettable Trip!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

When Glass attempts to escape from Arikara, he uses the rapids of Kootenai Falls. Wait! This waterfall is not an ordinary one. It is one of the largest free-flowing waterfalls in the northwest area. Let me tell you that the scenic beauty of this waterfall is something that cannot be missed at any cost.

It’s time to relive the amazing scenes of such an unconventional movie!

Tierra del Fuego, South America | Spot For Concluding Scenes!

For filming the movie’s concluding scenes, the makers finalized Tierra del Fuego, which acts as a split between Argentina and Chile. Besides this, the location treats the eyes with scenic views in the morning and evening. However, this place in South America is as old as the hills and delivers an eccentric view with the presence of snowy mountains, glaciers, and wind-sculpted trees. 

Visit the place to know how it feels to sit in the lap of nature!

Olivia River, Ushuaia | Get Ready To Witness Confrontation!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

That thrilling confrontation between Glass and Fitzerlad takes place on the Olivia River next to a beautiful valley. However, the scene was full of angst, the soothing waters of the river dropship a calming environment. 

If you plan to spend your upcoming vacations at a calm place with your kith and kin, you must consider the valley near the Olvia River. 

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Malvinas Argentinas International Airport | Are You Ready To Enter Antarctic?

Did you ever think that an airport could be displayed as the gateway to a place in an epic movie?

I guess NO! But the makers of The Revenant thought of this unconventional idea. Because this airport is situated on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the airport has minimalistic use of manmade things, which gives it a distinctive look.

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Here Is A Secret That You Don’t Know!

Where Was The Revenant Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

One of the most fascinating facts about the filming locations of The Revenant is that the director and cinematographer gave consensus to film the outdoor scenes in the natural light of the location. Because of this, the makers had only a few hours to film the movie. As a result, the time frame estimated to be for 80 days expanded to nine months in punishingly cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s right to say that the entire team did a great job with the movie’s locations. 

Moreover, the makers were inclined to think that because the movie depicts a partially real story, the locations must also be used in their natural look. 

Final Words 

Now, you know where was The Revenant filmed! So, pack your bags and book your tickets to these adventurous places and explore more reasons why the makers did not go for any other place!

1. What river was The Revenant filmed on?

The river’s name that served as a location for the movie is the Kootenai River.

2. Where was The Revenant filmed in Argentina?

In Argentina, the movie was filmed at the Kootenai Falls.

3. How long did it take to film The Revenant?

It took around nine months to wrap up the filming of the movie.

4. Was The Revenant filmed in Montana?

Though the movie’s plot is based in Montana for a few scenes, the rest of the film was filmed in Canada. 

5. Is The Revenant based on a true story?

The fact cannot be denied that the makers have taken inspiration from some real heroes of a poem. 

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