Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!


One of the magnificent elements of horror movies is filming locations. The plot alone cannot make a movie horror, horrifying locations play an integral role in determining the impact of the movie. Therefore, I decided to share the location of The Shining, a high-level horror movie. If you are ready to test your bravery, find out where was The Shining filmed!

The Shining (1980) narrates the experience of Jack and his family when they relocate to an isolated hotel as a caretaker. But Danny, Jack’s son, finds it tough to settle in the hotel because he is plagued by psychic premonitions. As time passes, things become more challenging for Danny as his visions become more disturbing. On the other hand, Jack discovers the hidden secret of the hotel that starts terrorizing his family. What must be done now?

The entire filming of The Shining took place at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire. Interestingly, a few locations were the inspiration and similar sets were created in the Elstree Studios. The locations that served as inspirations were Timberline Lodge in Oregon, The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and many more.   

I know you are getting goosebumps right now. Without creating more suspense, I am going to discuss in detail where was The Shining filmed!

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Locate The Horror Locations Here!

You will be taken aback after learning that The Shining is claimed to be the greatest horror movie up till now. That’s because the movie has an unnerving tone that sticks to the viewers even after watching the movie. So, be assured before watching this horror movie!

Besides the horrifying elements of The Shining, this movie can be distinguished because of its filming locations. Isn’t it surprising to know that such a horror movie did not opt for different locations but rather got inspired by different locations? Let’s find out where was The Shining filmed to know all about the locations!

Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire 

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!

Elstree Studios was the most significant filming location for the makers of The Shining. That’s because all the indoor scenes of the hotel were filmed at Elstree Studios. For this, all the stages of the studio were used to shoot different scenes. Interestingly, a specialized team of designers was hired to revamp the look of stages into a holy terror. 

And the weird maze shown in The Shining was actually built on the road in front of Elstree Studios. To put it simply, this studio can be said to be the actual filming location of The Shining. Moreover, this studio is similar to the filming location of The Office. Check it carefully to identify the similarities!

Elstree Studio is an umbrella term for all the British studios that were in existence a few decades back. And Elstree Studio can be said to be an amalgamation of all the demolished studios in Borehamwood. Further, you will be surprised to know that many blockbuster movies and shows like The Dam Busters (1955), Moby Dick (1956), and Star Wars (1977) have been filmed here. 

Timberline Lodge, Oregon 

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!

Timberline Lodge inspired the outdoor scenes of the hotel you saw in the movie. A few days were spent recreating the outside look of Timberline Lodge. Interestingly, what the director was thinking about the look of the hotel in the movie was similar to the look of Timberline Lodge. That’s why the director decided to create the look of the lodge. 

Timberline Lodge is perfect for having a high-alpine mountain experience. Within this Lodge, you get facilities like paid breakfast, free parking, free wi-fi, and many more. Guess what! You can take your furry friends to this lodge. Yes, it is pet-friendly!

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado 

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!

The Stanley Hotel served as an inspiration for the entire plot of the movie. And this was the hotel where the director stayed for a few days and started writing the plot of The Shining. Because of this fact, many viewers assumed that the movie was filmed at The Stanley Hotel. 

The Stanley Hotel is a huge hotel that features a few historic rooms from 1909, followed by some modern hotel rooms. On top of this, you get whirlpool tubs and fireplaces. Interestingly, the hotel gives a panoramic view of mountains that may seem to be a bit horrifying. 

Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park 

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!

A few indoor scenes were also inspired by Ahwahnee Hotel besides Timberline Lodge. The look of the staircase and the designs of the room are the results of the charming look of the Ahwahnee Hotel. 

This beautiful hotel situated in California is a distinctive hotel defined by undoubtedly magnificent architecture. And staying in this hotel gives a feeling of staying at a royal place. In addition, the terrific mountain views are icing on the cake. 

Going To The Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Where Was The Shining Filmed? Don’t Feel Scared With These Locations!

Here comes the last location for where was The Shining filmed! The opening scenes of the movie were filmed at Going To The Sun Road. For this, another team was made so that all the scenes could be captured beautifully. 

Going To The Sun is a mountain road that takes you to the Rocky Mountains. But let me tell you this road is one of the most difficult roads to drive in North America. So, be prepared with all the necessary things before driving on this road. 

Final Words 

I think you are not much scared after reading where was The Shining filmed. After all, the list of locations that inspired the movie features only a few hotels. Well, you may think of spending a day or two in these hotels with your friends. But don’t feel scared while sleeping!

And if you are up with the idea of unveiling some mysterious locations, filming locations of Locke And Key are perfect for you. These locations may also give you goosebumps!

What Makes Jack Crazy In The Shining?

The traumas of the past, alcoholism and fear of becoming an abusive father make Jack Crazy in The Shining. 

Is Shining Based On A True Story?

Although The Shining is a fictional story, some scenes of the movie are inspired by the true events that happened at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

What Is In Room 237 In The Shining?

In order to know what Danny has seen, Jack decides to go to Room 237 and encounters a young naked woman in the bathroom.

Did Jack Sell His Soul In The Shining?

Yes, Jack decides to sell his soul to Lloyd, the bartender.

What Are The Voices Saying In The Shining?

In the initial scenes of The Shining, the voice in the background says, “Shone.”

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