Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!


Do you like watching shows like The Umbrella Academy? Then, you should find out where was The Umbrella Academy filmed. Uncovering the filming locations of this source of entertainment is going to be highly exciting for you! 

The Umbrella Academy (2019) is a superhero television series based on a comic book of the same name. The plot of the series revolves around the unexpected birth of some children who eventually become adopted siblings. As time passes, all of them unite to solve the mystery of their family and save the world from the apocalypse. 

The Umbrella Academy was filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, and Mississauga. All of these beautiful places are located in Canada. Further, various other spots in these locations were used to film the series. 

If you are ready with a dairy and pen in your hand, don’t delay in noting down where was The Umbrella Academy filmed!

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Do You Know These Jaw-Dropping Locations?

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!

The Umbrella Academy is an action series where you cover a lot of thrilling facts about the characters. That’s not it, the series deals with a lot of other interesting elements, making it perfect for your primetime. Besides this, you’ll be surprised to know that Dark Shadows was also filmed in Canada. Here’s all about where was The Umbrella Academy filmed!

Release Date: February 15, 2019

Genre: Superhero Television Series

IMDb: 8

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Cast: Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, Elliot Page, Tom Hopper

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Running Time: 40-60 minutes

Toronto, Canada | Enjoy All The Adventurous Activities Here!

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!

This is the first answer of where was The Umbrella Academy filmed! Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and is one of the major cities in Canada. The most highlighting thing about this city is its skyscrapers and the free-standing CN Tower. That’s not it, the city is full of lush greenery and features Queen’s Park. Interestingly, this park is not an ordinary one. Rather, you can enjoy various sports facilities and visit the zoo in this park. 

The Umbrella Academy was also filmed on Queen Street West in Toronto. The makers opted for this street because of the famous restaurants and the perfect street ambiance. Other than this, some shooting was done in King Street East. And the makers filmed many scenes of the series in this street. So, if you are planning to visit Canada, don’t forget to have a look at these streets!

Other than this, Elgin Winter Theater and Garden was also used for filming some scenes of the series. All the scenes of Icarus Theater were filmed here. Like other locations, this spot also served as a perfect location because the makers were not required to modify the place. The natural setting of this theater was highly perfect for the series!

Oshawa, Canada | A City To Enjoy Various Sports Events!

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!

Oshawa is a small yet popular city located on the shore of Ontario. If you are curious to know about this place, I would like to share that it’s perfect for your entertainment. By entertainment, I do not mean movies and shows! Interestingly, the city has plenty of parks where you can enjoy various recreational activities. And most importantly, the city is a hub for various sports events. 

In Oshawa, the makers filmed The Umbrella Academy at Parkwood Estate. This place is a historic site where the makers not only filmed the series but learned about art, architecture, old furniture, and many more. Interestingly, the makers found this place perfect for filming Klaus’s estate, and not even a single change was made to film all the scenes. 

Hamilton, Canada | Unleash The Best Version Of Fun Here!

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!

Hamilton is one of the popular places in Canada. Also, it is one of the preferred places for filming movies and series. The heart of this populated city is “the mountain”. No, it’s not a literal mountain, the place is known by this name because of the forested area and waterfall. Let me tell you, the beauty of this city is potential enough to grab your attention. 

In Hamilton, Motel 400 was used to film The Umbrella Academy. Interestingly, the motel was used to film Fortune Smile Motel. Luckily, the makers got an already existing motel, which reduced their task of modifying the location. Also, some people from the staff members were used while filming the series. I am definitely going to this motel in the coming days!

Mississauga, Canada | Another Beautiful Location Is Here!

Where Was The Umbrella Academy Filmed? Untangle The Most Confusing Puzzle!

Mississauga is the neighboring city of Toronto. And yes, you can have a comfortable ride to visit Mississauga after exploring Toronto. In addition, this city has various shops, a working lighthouse, beautiful parks, and woodlands. In other words, it’s a complete package to enjoy vacations with your family and friends. 

For this location, the makers did not go for a specific spot. Most of the outside scenes of the series were filmed here. Also, the production team was not required to spend much time arranging required things for filming the series. All the essential shops and markets were easily accessible to them. Moreover, the makers wrapped up the filming of the series in a few days, which saved their time and energy. 

Final Words 

All in all, the above places are an answer to where was The Umbrella Academy Filmed. I think you have already marked some places on your to-do list. So, plan a trip to your favorite location at the earliest. And don’t forget to note down the filming locations of Maid to add more adventurous places to your list!

1. Is The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Out?

Yes, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 was released on June 22, 2022.

2. Is The Umbrella Academy Suitable For Children Above 14?

Yes, the series can be watched by children who are not below 14.

3. Is There A Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy?

No, Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy is not out yet.

4. What Are Diego’s Powers?

Diego can throw objects like Knife.

5. What Are The IMDb Rating Of The Umbrella Academy?

The IMDb rating of The Umbrella Academy is 8 out of 10.

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