Where Was The Vikings Filmed? Stunning Locations To Visit In France!


Are you searching for an entertaining watch? What about watching an adventurous movie from the late 50s? Guys, it’s an amazing movie with a gripping plot and stunning filming locations. I know you are excited to learn about both of them. So, get ready to note where was The Vikings filmed!

Known as a historical fiction swashbuckling film, The Vikings was produced by Jerry Bresler to showcase some historical events. After the release, the movie turned out to be a box office success and the New York Times called it a “Norse opera”. After considering the success of the movie, the television series Tales Of The Vikings premiered in 1959. The show also got a lot of praise.

After learning some facts, it’s time to get acquainted with some more information about The Vikings. Keep reading to learn where was The Vikings filmed! 

Where Was The Vikings Filmed? Explore Stunning Locations!

While deciding on the filming locations, the maker considered many exotic locations. After hours of discussion, they finalized Norway, and France. In Norway, the makers were certain to choose historical sites to add an authentic look to the movie. Guess what? The critics praised the selection of locations and even the audiences were in love with them while watching the movie. Apart from this, the makers were also praised for shooting the movie in technicolor. 

Now that you know that the makers paid a lot of attention while selecting the filming locations, let’s trace where was The Vikings filmed!

Gjetingsdalen, Maurangerfjord

The filming of The Vikings commenced at the set made at Gjetingsdalen. The set was made to shoot all the sequences of the Viking village. Unfortunately, the makers were unable to locate a real-life location for the village. So, they hired a special team of designers to prepare the set. The reason behind making the sets at this location was its rural ambiance.

Known as a famous village in the Mauranger area, Gjetingsdalen is situated on the hills of Maurangerfjord. The scenic view of this village makes it perfect not only for filming movies but also to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can go for a morning or evening walk and check out various species of trees. 

Sognefjord, Vestland

Where Was The Vikings Filmed? Stunning Locations To Visit In France!

The boating sequence was shot at the stunning backdrops of Sognefjord. The blue waters and clear sky were perfect to shoot the sequence. No additional setup was required because the makers wanted to shoot with the natural look of this fjord. 

While filming here, the entire production unit took a lot of care of the cast members. Because Sognefjord was very deep, the team ensured everyone’s safety. Even the cameraman and director wore life jackets while directing the actors. 

If you happen to be here someday, you can enjoy hiking and boating with your family. Apart from this, you can enjoy some time in the lap of mother nature. There are many places located near Sognefjord that you can check out to make your trip more adventurous. 

Fort-La-Latte, North Brittany Coast

Where Was The Vikings Filmed? Stunning Locations To Visit In France!

The castle of princess Morgana from where gets rescued was not a fictional castle. Fort-La-Latte was used to shoot this sequence. To get permission, the makers paid several visits to the managing authorities. The visitors were also exploring the fort when the filming was taking place. So, managing the crowd was a big challenge for the production unit. 

Also, they were not allowed to change the interior. So, the makers captured the sequences with the organic look of the fort. Apart from this, they were supposed to follow some instructions laid down by the authorities. Shooting here was a nice experience for the makers and they wrapped it up within the decided schedule. Also, they learned some shocking facts about the fort.

If you are traveling to Norway, you should not miss out on this breathtaking location. For past many years, this fort has been a famous tourist attraction and people across the world come to visit it. Up until now, the fort has served as a perfect filming location for many historical shows and movies. 

Plot Of The Vikings | What’s It About?

Where Was The Vikings Filmed? Stunning Locations To Visit In France!

The Vikings is based on the 1950 novel, The Viking written by Edison Marshall. Further, the novel took inspiration from the sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok (a Viking hero). 

The central plot of The Vikings revolves around Einar and Eric, who are half-brothers. Einar is a great warrior but Eric is an ex-slave. One day, they happen to meet but don’t know about each other’s identity. When they compete for the throne of Northumbria in Britain Einar and Eric get acquainted with their realities. Although their motive is to get the throne, they also wish to win the heart of princess Morgana. 

Who will manage to win the throne and the princess? Are the two brothers going to have a reunion? Stream The Vikings to know the surprising end!

Final Words

I hope you are glad after coming across where was The Vikings filmed. I know many of you are excited to have a real-life experience at these locations. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets soon. In case you are planning a long trip you can also check the filming locations of Vikings Valhalla

What Was The Box Office Collection Of The Vikings?

The Vikings made a box office collection of $6.2 million.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Vikings?

The cast members of The Vikings are Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Ernest Borgnine, Janet Leigh, Frank Thring, Alexander Knox, James Donald, and many more.

When Was The Vikings Premiered?

The Vikings had a dual premiere at the Astor Theater and Victoria Theater in New York on June 11, 1958.

Did The Vikings Receive Any Awards?

The Vikings received an award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Also, it was nominated for the category of Best Director at the Directors Guild Of America. 

Which Production Companies Produced The Vikings?

The Vikings was produced by Bryna Productions and Curtleigh Productions.

What Is The Duration Of The Vikings?

The Vikings is 116 minutes long.

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