Where Was Toscana Filmed? Best Foreign Film Of 2022!


Let’s be honest, you would never associate Denmark with good cinema, right? But every now and then it’s nice to be surprised. Today we have a special movie for you called, Toscana, that will blow your mind. We will also tell you all about where was Toscana filmed! So if you’re mesmerized by the locations, you’re about to find out where they actually are!

Toscana has been written and directed by Mehdi Avaz. The director liked the concept behind the movie so much that he invested all of his money into the movie. Lucky for him, the movie turned out to be as good as it is, and here we are. 

So, where was Toscana filmed? The movie has been filmed mostly in Tuscany, Italy. Since Toscana is named after an Italian region, it’s only natural to have been filmed there. Some parts of the movie have also been shot in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The filming locations are constantly being managed to be in and around where the movie has been set. This is something that is an emerging trend. As previously movies like The Sacketts and Crossfire Trail would be based in one place and be filmed in another. While the reasons could range anywhere from logistics and money, it’s still nice to see a change.

The Plot Of Toscana | What Is The Movie About?

As we move to see where was Toscana filmed, let’s first take a small breather to see what the movie is about. After all, when a writer-director finances the whole movie by himself, there has to be something special about it!

Toscana follows the life of a Michelin Star-winning chef named Theo Dahl. He has had a fairly successful life in Denmark and seems to be doing okay for himself. One day he gets the news of his father’s passing. He also finds out his father has left him a big food business for him to take of in Tuscany, Italy.

Intending to sell the business and use the money to live the life he always wanted, Theo flies down to Tuscany. That is where he meets Sophia. A woman who is passionate about food just much as she is passionate about love. As they begin to spend time together in the business, they start to develop feelings for each other.

While all that is okay, Theo tells Sophia that he intends to sell what his father left him, but Sophia thinks otherwise. Sophia asks him to reconsider what the business meant to his father, and what it should mean to him. Does Theo listen or does what Sophia says go in vain? Watch the movie to find out!

Where Was Toscana Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Where Was Toscana Filmed? Best Foreign Film Of 2022!

Toscana stars some of the most well-known actors in Denmark. We have Cristiana Dell’Anna as Sophia and Anders Matthesen stars as Theo. The movie was set to be released in theatres but was delayed due to the covid lockdowns. That’s when Netflix swooped in and bought the rights to the movie. 

This made Toscana the first ever Danish Netflix original movie. The movie was released on May 18, 2022, and received positive reception. It quickly became the most-watched foreign movie on the platform. Now, where was Toscana filmed? Let’s find out!

Castello Di Ristonchi, Pelago, Florence, Italy

Where Was Toscana Filmed? Best Foreign Film Of 2022!

The movie was primarily filmed in Italy. Since the movie was completely based in Italy, any other location would have made any sense. To add more authenticity to the movie, cinematographer, Michael Saur decided the movie will be filmed entirely in Tuscany, Italy.

Several locations across the city were used in the movie. The most prominent of which is Castello Di Ristonchi. The castle features in Toscana and it’s nice to know it is the original one that features in it.

Further shooting in Tuscany took place in Florence, Pisa, and Sienna. Florence is the main city in the region. It is mostly a touristy place and has lots of things for visitors to do. So if you’re planning to come to Italy, Florence definitely has to be in your plan. Florence also has a rich history dating back to the age of the Medicis. If you’re into history, you are in for a treat!

Then we have the city of Pisa. Most famous for its leaning tower, there is more to Pisa than what it’s famous for. The city has beautiful alleyways, typical eastern-European architecture, and mesmerizing beauty.

Tuscany overall is a hub of natural beauty as well as cultural beauty. When it comes to nature the region is known for mountain ranges called the Apennines. Then we also have the shores surrounding the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. All these natural resources make Tuscany a big supplier of Italy’s agricultural needs.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Where Was Toscana Filmed? Best Foreign Film Of 2022!

Since the movie essentially starts in Denmark, there have been some shots that have been shot in Copenhagen. The opening scenes of Toscana start in Denmark. We see Theo in all his glory enjoying his life as a chef.

As he goes to work in a restaurant and then back to his life, all these shots have actually been shot in Denmark. Following that, as Theo finds out about the passing of his father, the graveyard and other scenes have been shot in Denmark too.

The landmarks are noticeable to anyone who is native to the region. Denmark also has a much colder climate which rubs off into the movie. Giving the scenes a cold touch. On the contrary, the Italian scenes have a much springy vibe to them!

Final Words 

So there you have it, folks! We now hope that you know where was Toscana filmed! There is no shortage of foreign films that keep surprising us. We absolutely love diverse forms of cinema and are all about supporting cinema in all shapes, languages, and forms!

If you liked the coverage of these filming locations, then you should check out where To Hell And Back and Morbius have been filmed! If you have a favorite movie or show you would like us to cover then drop a comment below! We will try our best to get you all the information you need!

Where to watch Toscana?

You can watch Toscana on Netflix right now!

Is Toscana in Italy?

Yes, Toscana is Italian for Tuscany. It’s a main region of Italy!

Is Toscana in English?

Toscana is in Danish but you can watch it with subs and dubs!

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