Where Was Under The Banner Of Heaven Filmed? A Mini Crime Drama Series!!


Do you prefer watching gripping crime thriller series over family dramas? Then you’d be amazed to watch Under the Banner of Heaven, starring Andrew Garfield. Continue to read this article and find out where was Under the Banner of Heaven filmed, along with some other facts.

The American crime drama series, Under the Banner of Heaven, was released in the final week of April last year. Dustin Lance Black created this Hulu original show after taking inspiration from Jon K’s nonfiction book, published a couple of years earlier. 

Andrew Garfield played the main character, while Sam Worthington and Daisy Jones gave stellar performances as the supporting cast members. The basic premise of Under the Banner of Heaven is centered around the character of Detective Jeb Pyre.

The story gets interesting when the lead actor investigates a gruesome murder case, and finds a shocking truth. The unnerving revelation completely transforms Jeb Pyre’s life for years to come.

Under the Banner of Heaven collected several nominations, including a Primetime Emmy. The makers of this mind-bending series were satisfied with the commercial performance of the show as well. But, before I let you in on other details of this award-winning show, let’s discuss where was Under the Banner of Heaven filmed.

Where Was Under The Banner Of Heaven Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Drama Show Closely!

The story of Under the Banner of Heaven is set in and around the western state of Utah. However, all of the 7 incredibly captivating episodes of this mini-series weren’t filmed in America at all. 

In fact none of the episodes were filmed in America, except for some interior sequences, which were captured inside a well-equipped studio towards the final stages of shooting. The principal photography took place in and around the province of Alberta.

The creator of Under the Banner of Heaven selected the beautiful filming locations in Alberta mainly because of two reasons. The picturesque setting of Calgary matched the background Dustin was looking for. 

Secondly, the location cost of Calgary was much lower than the filming locations in Utah, which were scouted by the production members during the initial stages of production. 

Filming in Calgary began in the second week of August 2021 and continued until the final week of December 2021. The production members pre-arranged most of the logistics, which eventually helped them stay on top of the schedule.

Other than dealing with minor challenges during the course of shooting, the production members were able to film the majority of the sequences without any issues. A select group of actors was asked to attend a special acting workshop by the director, which also took place in Calgary.

Let us take a closer look at where Under the Banner of Heaven was filmed and check out each filming location of this incredible show.

Calgary, Alberta | Canada

Where Was Under The Banner Of Heaven Filmed? A Mini Crime Drama Series!!

The metropolitan city of Calgary is an integral part of Alberta. Surrounded by several skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, this city is considered one of Canada’s financial and business hubs. 

However, the makers of Under the Banner of Heaven didn’t film the pilot season of the show anywhere near the business district of Calgary. In fact, the makers knowingly selected a location to depict the family house of the lead actor, which was starkly different from the downtown area of Calgary.

The production members traveled to the outskirts of Calgary and selected a medium-sized house to capture the interior sequences of Detective Pyre’s home. A couple of other outdoor shots were filmed around the same location, which was later used to depict the surrounding area of Jeb’s home.

Additional outdoor sequences of the show were then filmed in the downtown area of Calgary. The scenes where we see the character of Jeb closely checking the intricate details of a case were shot inside a commercial building.

The production members had to take special permission from the owners of the building before turning around a specific area of the property. The filming crew actually used the same space to construct a make-believe office, showcasing Jeb’s detective agency.

Shooting in Calgary continued until the final week of December 2021. After the shooting process was completed, the filming crew returned to America.

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And now, let me walk you through the plot of Under the Banner of Heaven. In the meantime, you can also read 65 Million Years Ago, Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving too.

Plot Of Under the Banner of Heaven | What’s It About

Where Was Under The Banner Of Heaven Filmed? A Mini Crime Drama Series!!

The story of Under the Banner of Heaven revolves around the character of Jeb Pyre, an innately talented detective of an investigative agency. At the beginning of the show, the lead actor comes across a strange homicidal case that unnerves him completely.

Upon prying further, the detective unearths some shocking facts, which changes his outlook toward his peers. Soon Jeb finds himself in the middle of a crossroads, where he has to decide whether to stay loyal to his job or turn in a close relative connected with the murder case.

Watch Under the Banner of Heaven on Hulu and find out the full story!

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