Where Was Viking Wolf Filmed? Netflix’s Latest Supernatural Tv Movie!!


If you enjoy watching nail-biting horror films, then keep reading this article, as we have a very interesting pick for you. In this article, I’m going to acquaint you with a riveting film, Viking Wolf, which has recently been released on Netflix. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Viking Wolf  filmed.

The horror thriller flick, Viking Wolf has recently been released on Netflix with the original title, Vikingulven. This Netflix original movie quickly gained popularity amongst fans, who enjoy watching nerve-wracking suspenseful films. This Norwegian film was scheduled to premiere last month, however, after a slight delay, it finally premiered on Netflix in the first week of February 2023.

The basic premise of Viking Wolf revolves around the character of Thale, a 17 year old girl, who recently moved to a new town with her family. The story gets intriguing when the female lead turns out to be the prime witness of a horrific murder case.

The makers of Viking Wolf were almost elated with the commercial performance of the film. Thankfully, the film is available in English and Norwegian, along with multiple subtitle languages. Thus, audiences from all parts of the world were able to get a full-blown experience of this supernatural horror film. Viking Wolf didn’t win any major awards till date, but considering the positive response from the critics, it’s definitely on its way to collect a number of accolades.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss where was Viking Wolf filmed and take a closer look at the shooting locations.

Where Was Viking Wolf Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Flick Closely!

The makers of Viking Wolf, were planning to shoot the entire film in Sweden. However, after director Stig Svendsen finished working on the script, he arranged a meeting to discuss the filming locations

Other creative heads of the unit, then suggested Stig, to explore other shooting locations, outside of Sweden, as the shooting budget was low. The director then asked the production members to scout for ideal shooting sites, in and around Norway.

Soon after, a list of potential shooting locations were submitted to the director, which he late reviewed. Then finally, after conferring with other heads of the unit, Stig eventually decided to shoot Viking Wolf around the city of Notodden, Norway.

The principal photography began in the second week of August last year and continued till the first week of October 2022. The filming schedule got delayed, due to blizzards and general mismanagement of the production members. But, luckily the crew managed to make up for the lost time, and successfully finished filming mostly within the original schedule.

So, without waiting any further, let’s discuss where was Viking Wolf filmed in-depth.

Notodden | Norway

Where Was Viking Wolf Filmed? Netflix’s Latest Supernatural Tv Movie!!

The opening sequence of the film, where we see the character of Thale moving into a new house with her parents, was actually filmed in Notodden. This beautiful Norwegian city is an integral part of the Vestfold of Telemark County. 

So, in order to depict the sequences of Thale’s new family home, the production members arranged a medium-sized house, located on the outskirts of Notodden. The filming crew had to make considerable changes to the overall structure of the property, according to the description by the director. The interior sequences were then filmed.

The sequence where we see Thale’s mother, investigating a bunch of criminals inside the police department, was actually filmed inside a police station. The production members had to acquire special shooting permission from the authorities before capturing this intense scene.

Other important scenes of the movie were captured near Heddalsvatnet Lake and Tinn River. The sequences depicting Thale’s first expedition with her new friends were actually filmed there.

Then, in order to shoot the sequence of the final quarter of the movie, the production members moved to a place, located near the Notodden Airport, Tuven. A small-sized house was arranged to capture the sequences of the party shown in the film. Interestingly enough, the gore murder scene which Thale witnesses was also filmed inside the same property.

The final scene of the film was captured near Heddal Stave Church, after which the production members wrapped the entire filming process and moved to a well-equipped studio.

Alright, guys, it’s time for me to acquaint you with the plot of Viking Wolf. Meanwhile, you can check out Died Suddenly, The Last Dolphin King, and Summer of Soul as well.

Plot Of Viking Wolf | What’s It About

Where Was Viking Wolf Filmed? Netflix’s Latest Supernatural Tv Movie!!

As mentioned, the basic premise of Viking Wolf is centered around the character of Thale, a teenage girl, who moves into a new city in Norway with her parents. At the very beginning of the film, the lead actor senses something weird about the new town but keeps the feeling to herself.

As the story gradually progresses, Thale befriends a group of local teenagers and spends most of her time with them. But, one day while attending a party at one of her friend’s place, the lead actor witnesses a monstrous half-human creature, brutally hacking one of her mates to death. Watch Viking Wolf to find out the real identity of the monstrous killer.

Final Words

Ok friends, I hope now you finally know where was Viking Wolf filmed. If you enjoy learning about Norse mythology, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to love watching this film. Do tell us about your experience of this film, in the comments section below. To read similar pieces you can check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Viking Wolf?

The cast of the film Viking Wolf includes Liv Mjones, Elli Rhiannon Muller Osborne, and Arthur Hakalathi along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Viking Wolf?

Trond Tonder is the cinematographer of the film Viking Wolf.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Viking Wolf?

The film Viking Wolf has a TV-MA rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Viking Wolf?

Bjornar Johnsen is the music director of the film Viking Wolf.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Viking Wolf?

1h 37m is the runtime of the film Viking Wolf.

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