Where Was Wendy Filmed? An Exciting Fantasy Drama!


Do you want to escape from reality? If so, then watching fantasy drama can spice up your day. A fantasy drama movie like Wendy (2020) can revitalize your thoughts and helps to forget your emotions. Another best aspect of fantasy movies is the filming locations. So, here you’ll get the information on where was Wendy filmed.

The American fantasy drama, Wendy was directed by Benh Zeitlin. The movie is based on the play and novel of the same name Peter Pan written by J. M. Barrie. The film Wendy has a lot of potentials. It develops a young filmmaker’s attempt to tell some stunningly incredible stories and is fantastic. It’s one of those films that only appears seldom and takes years to produce.

Therefore, if you are much interested to know about the movie, then I have discussed the plot of the movie in this article. By reading it, you’ll get a better idea of the movie. If you are looking for other fantasy dramas to watch, then check out where to watch movies like Matilda.

The movie majorly takes place on Island. Do you want to know which Island served as the backdrop location of the movie? Continue reading to get the answer.

The Plot Of Wendy | What Is The Story About?

With her pals, Wendy, the lead character embarks on a journey to a remote, enigmatic, and stunning island. Mysterious pollen here plays with the very notion of time and aging. Wendy is the New Orleans-born daughter of a middle-class diner proprietor.

Wendy is terrified of growing up since she saw her mother struggle so hard to survive. She and her twin brothers decide to board a freight train as a result. When they arrive on the island, Peter Pan and his friends dance around and enjoy life to the fullest, not giving a thought to becoming older.

However, a crew of sailors who are aware that the island is a hangout for missing boys eventually disturb their good time. When Wendy starts to mourn her mother, she is torn between wanting to stay in freedom and a youthful spirit forever or going back to her family.

Where Was Wendy Filmed? Check Out The Locations Here!

Where was Wendy filmed? The Exciting Fantasy Drama!

When you see the movie Wendy, then you would get mesmerized by the locations. This is so that Zeitlin’s use of visuals can make their voices heard. Such a charm is evoked by the island where was Wendy filmed. Now, read on to find the specific locations of the movie.


Where was Wendy filmed? The Exciting Fantasy Drama!

Montserrat is the Island that served as the primary location for the movie, Wendy. The Lesser Antilles chain’s pear-shaped island is referred to as the “Caribbean Emerald Isle.” One should be able to infer from its location that the island is really lovely and awash in the beauty of nature.

But it turned out that filming here was more difficult than anticipated. First off, the island was nearly completely destroyed by an active volcano. In actuality, the volcano is also shown in the movie. Soufriere Hills Volcano is the name of this volcano.

The only way to get to the island was by boat from Antigua. Because of this, the producers were forced to devote almost two years merely thinking through how to conduct filming operations in a hazardous, volcanic zone. Even a road was constructed to get to the mountain’s foot. 

Additionally, the area was so far away that the staff of the studio supporting the movie couldn’t get there. The shooting took place in 2017 and lasted 60 days. It was Zeitlin’s research and post-production, nevertheless, that required the most time.

Louisiana, USA

Some of the interior and exterior scenes of the movie were filmed in Louisiana. Louisiana, a state in the Deep South of the United States, is well known for its enthralling Cajun culture.  Some of the other popular movies that were filmed in this location include Home Team, and I Spit On Your Grave. There are many activities to do in Louisiana, such as discovering its varied history, and tradition, as well as its beautiful scenery.

Beautiful beaches, and barrier islands, as well as giant alligators and charming historic plantations, may be found inside its wonderful delta. Louisiana is one of the best destinations to travel in the South Central United States because it offers the ideal fusion of nature and culture. It also ranks highly because of its myriad charms.

Tulum, Mexico

Where was Wendy filmed? The Exciting Fantasy Drama!

Tulum is another location that was used to shoot some parts of the movie. This tropical haven is situated along Mexico’s Riviera Maya, roughly two hours south of Cancun. Tulum is a scuba diving haven with numerous caves to explore, as well as stunning sandy beaches and clean water.

In Tulum, the ancient and contemporary eras coexist together. Historic Mayan ruins, yoga studios, and restaurants can all be found today. As a result, many well-known individuals come here to relax their minds and body. So, you can plan a trip to Tulum for rejuvenating your soul.

Final Words

Alright, now after knowing the plot of Wendy and where was Wendy filmed, I guess you’ll definitely watch this amazing movie. This story will engage you and it is good to watch the movie with the kids.

But if you’re excited about the filming locations, then you can definitely make a plan and tour those destinations. So, visit Viebly every day and check out the recently released articles to keep yourself updated with the filming locations.

When Was The Filmmakers Announced About The Movie, Wendy?

The project’s initial announcement was made in August 2015, and production got underway in 2017.

Who Are The Screenplay Writers Of The Movie, Wendy?

The screenplay writers of the movie are Benh Zeitlin and Eliza Zeitlin

What occurs in the conclusion of Wendy?

Wendy and the other lost children came home in Wendy’s final part.

Is a trip to Montserrat worthwhile?

Yes, due to its beaches, Montserrat is one of the most vibrant and alluring tropical islands in the world making it worthwhile to visit.

Is there an airport in Montserrat?

There is a small airport called John A. Osborne Airpothat is situated in Gerald’s village.

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