Where Was Wildflower Filmed? The Coming-Of-Age Drama Of 2022


If you are a young adult like me, then I hope you prefer watching the coming-of-age genre movies. It is because of a movie about a protagonist’s passage from youth to adulthood. This makes the genre popular among many individuals as adults can easily connect with the story. Now, I’m going to share one of the recently released coming-of-age movies, Wildflower (2022). Not only about the movie’s plot, but also the interesting stuff where was Wildflower filmed will be revealed today.

The director of Wildflower is Matt Smukler, and it is based on a true story. It was his first direction, and is completely a personal project. The story follows a teenage girl’s transition from birth to graduation as she lives with her disabled parents. To know what happens in her life, you’ve to read the plot given below.

The filming locations play a vital role in any of the movies. Do you watch scenes with a backdrop that is completely not relatable? No, right. This is well-known by the filmmakers, and so they choose the locations carefully according to the genre and scenes. Many movies are not possible to shoot in real locations, and so they opt for filming studios.

So, to know where was Wildflower filmed, keep reading to find the answer. If you are interested in watching more movies related to the coming-of-age genre, then check out Drifting Home, Three Months, and Funny Pages.

Plot Of Wildflower | What Is The Movie About?

Where Was Wildflower Filmed? The Coming-Of-Age Drama Of 2022

The story follows Bea, a talented teenage girl who has been hospitalized following an unexplained accident. The film uses voice-over narration from a comatose Bea to convey her account of how she arrived there as it leads up to the big disclosure of what transpired.

Bea (Kiernan Shipka) has always lived a life that is different from that of her friends. Since she was born to intellectually challenged but resolutely independent parents. The family initially lives in a van. Even after moving into a home, there are ongoing difficulties like getting her parents to work on time and taking care of daily tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Bea feels responsible for looking after her parents. Despite being a great student, she accepts a job performing pool maintenance. She refuses the advice of her high school guidance counselor to apply to universities that would require her to leave her home. Will Bea get a chance at graduation? To know the answer, you must watch the film.

Where Was Wildflower Filmed? Check Out The Details Of The Location

Where Was Wildflower Filmed? The Coming-Of-Age Drama Of 2022

I hope you have understood the plot of the movie, which interests you in learning more about the filming locations of the movie. The filmmakers, to make the storyline so convincing and relatable, used the best place to film the movie. To find the exact details of where was Wildflower filmed, keep reading. And in the meantime, you can also check out another popular coming-of-age filming location, Summer Of 42.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Where Was Wildflower Filmed? The Coming-Of-Age Drama Of 2022

The filmmakers used Los Angeles to film the major part of the movie. You may be aware that many films were filmed in this popular destination. The city is well-known across the world for being the residence of the affluent and famous Hollywood and the primary location of major entertainment organizations.

Whether you’ve been to Los Angeles or not, almost everyone has an opinion about it. Whether or not you realize it, the city has an impact on the entire planet. It can be through the weekly television or popular movies you watch on the big screen.

This is why the filmmakers to make their movies so popular choose Los Angeles to shoot the film. The region has gained worldwide recognition for creating some of the popular blockbuster films that we all love. I hope the locations that were used in Wildflower may make you mind-blowing.

The city is not only famous for filming. But it is also a favorite vacation destination of many individuals. It is because the city offers theme parks, clubs, and beaches to visitors. One could find numerous outdoor activities in this city. If you haven’t visited Los Angeles, then I recommend you explore beautiful filming locations. Overall, you will have an enjoyable trip.

Final Words

Okay, readers! Now, you got a detailed answer to your question about where was Wildflower filmed. Also, I hope that you’ve added Los Angeles to your bucket list to check out the amazing filming locations. If you find this article useful to you, then I would also recommend sharing it with your friends.

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Who Is The Director Of The Movie Wildflower?

Matt Smukler is the director and writer of the movie, Wildflower.

Who Is The Screenplay Writer Of The Movie, Wildflower?

Jana Savage is the writer of the movie, Wildflower

What Production Companies Have Worked On The Movie, Wildflower?

Entertainment One, Hunting Lane Films, and Limelight are the production companies that have worked on the movie, Wildflower.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Wildflower?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Movie, Wildflower?

The cast members of the movie include Alexandra Daddario, Jean Smart, Charlie Plummer, Kiernan Shipka, Jacki Weaver, Brad Garrett, Reid Scott, and Dash Mihok.

Is The Movie Based On The True Story?

Yes, the movie is based on the true story

What Is The Genre Of The Movie, Wildflower?

The movie is based on a coming-of-age genre.


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