Where Was No Exit Filmed? The Latest Mystery Thriller Flick!


Damien Power’s latest movie No Exit made quite a splash. The mystery thriller movie is a Hulu original and should be watched at all costs. If you like to watch thriller mystery films that are also packed with some raw drama, well, in that case, this movie is the one. However, we’ve come to know that film buffs have been wondering Where Was No Exit Filmed? So, in this article, we’ll discuss it for you! 

Now, getting back to our main concern, the mystery thriller drama, No Exit was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand. The entire movie was filmed in the big city of Auckland which is situated in the north of New Zealand’s North Island.

Plot Of No Exit (2022) | Identifying The Mysterious Perp!

Where Was No Exit Filmed? The Latest Mystery Thriller Flick!

The story of No Exit revolves around the character of Darby Thorne played by Havana Rose Liu, a recovering drug addict, who finds out that her mother is in the hospital due to a brain aneurysm. On the way to the hospital, she gets stuck in the middle of a blizzard. She somehow manages to find shelter at a highway rest stop along with a bunch of other contrasting people.

Soon, things take a different turn when Darby finds an abducted young girl in the back of a van at the parking area. She gets all worked up and tries to identify the culprit among the group of strangers stuck in the highway restroom. In time, things get more intense and scenarios change as Darby tries to figure out who the mysterious perpetrator is. 

Where Was No Exit Filmed?

Where Was No Exit Filmed? The Latest Mystery Thriller Flick!

The thriller mystery was released on 25th February 2022 on Hulu in the United States and internationally on Disney+. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics but was praised for its entertainment factor. Anyhow, without any further ado, let’s jump into the details of the filming locations of the recently released mystery thriller, No Exit. 

Auckland | New Zealand

Where Was No Exit Filmed? The Latest Mystery Thriller Flick!

The mystery thriller movie, No Exit was filmed in the industrial suburban town of Auckland, New Zealand. However, the film’s story is set in California’s Sierra Nevada. But the production unit decided to recreate the Sierra Nevada in a studio in Penrose. Filming of the movie went on for over 40 days and director Damien Power claimed that their primary challenge was to make the set look as real as possible.

Damien Power in an interview praised the Director of Photography Simon Raby and the Production Designer Gary Mackay for their efforts and extremely hard work during the production. He later went on to say that, Raby is one of those persons who has a painter’s eye and pays a lot of attention to details and he is one of the reasons for which the set turned out to be what we exactly expected.

When speaking about the production designer Gary Mackay, Power claimed that his team was ingenious. He acknowledged their efforts and talked about how they figured out different and innovative ways to handle various types of challenges of creating an outdoor environment within a studio.

The redwood trees that we see in the movie were made using thin wooden tubes. Tim Clissold, the set designer, who once designed yachts, used a technique that is usually meant for building boats to create fake redwood trees. It definitely saved the production’s money and time. The director funnily mentioned that, while constructing the set, the studio looked like a sawmill but in reverse.

Costumes in a film matter a lot, because if the costume does not suit the storyline the audience won’t be able to connect with the character. It is a fact that when it comes to contemporary films, designing costumes accordingly, is a challenging task. Liz McGregor, the costume designer of the movie, paid a lot of attention to every little piece of clothing right down to the smallest piece of accessory.

Gabrielle Jones, the prosthetic designer along with the make-up team took care of how every actor should appear keeping in mind their characters. The team made sure that the cast looked perfect and appropriate for each and every scene in the movie. 

As we already mentioned that the entire movie was shot inside a studio, so naturally all the snow that we see in the film is also fake. On the contrary, the lead actor in the film, Havana Rose Liu mentioned that during the filming, the set was quite warm.  

However, as the mystery thriller, No Exit was entirely filmed within a studio, that does not mean there are no places to visit here. New Zealand is a beautiful country with Auckland being one of the largest metropolitan cities. People of different backgrounds reside here following their own cultures. Auckland has a strong economy with high quality of life, civil liberties, and government transparency.

Auckland’s major tourist spots include the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Museum of Transport and Technology, and the very famous Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. The city’s architectural landmarks include the Harbour Bridge, the Town Hall, the Ferry Building, and the popular Sky Tower which is considered to be the tallest tower and building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Movies like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Tom Cruise’s war movie The Last Samurai, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, and the Anthony Hopkins starer, sports drama film The World’s Fastest Indian were filmed across various places in New Zealand.

Final Word

So, now you know where the mystery thriller No Exit was filmed. Even though it was shot inside a studio and not in any outdoor location, you can still visit Auckland and spend some quality time going to the places that we have mentioned above. As a matter of fact, you can also visit the Penrose Studio, where the entire filming took place. However, if you’re interested in finding out about more such filming locations then do check out where was Pale Rider and Goonies filmed.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Movie, No Exit?

Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari wrote the screenplay of the movie, No Exit.

Who All Acted In The Film, No Exit?

The cast of No Exit includes actors like Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl, Dale Dickey, Mila Harris, and Dennis Haysbert.

Is No Exit Based On A Novel?

Yes, No Exit is based on a novel of the same name by Taylor Adams.

Who Is The Director Of The Film, No Exit?

Damien Power is the director of the film, No Exit.

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