Bob Marley One Love Release Date, Cast, Plot And Runtime


Music is best for relaxing your mood and rejuvenating your inner spirit. But do you know what’s more interesting? To watch the story of the musicians who bring such soothing music to our ears. Filmed on such a storyline is the movie Bob Marley One Love. So, are you ready to explore Bob Marley One Love release date, cast, plot, and runtime information? If yes, then let’s start. 

Bob Marley: One Love chronicles Marley’s journey from his Jamaican birthplace to becoming the world’s most well-known reggae performer. We get to see snippets of his private life, such as when he plays soccer or spends time with his family at home. 

The musical drama film is set to be released on February 14, 2024, with 1 hour 44 minutes as its running time. The movie’s cast includes Bob Marley, Kingsley Ben Adir, and many more. 

For more updates on the movie, plot, and team, stay tuned to the article until the end. 

Bob Marley One Love Release Date?

Bob Marley One Love Release Date, Cast, Plot And Runtime

The movie Bob Marley: One Love will be released in theaters on February 14, 2024. The only other film slated on that day is Madame Web, the newest Spider-Man spinoff from Sony starring Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson. The original release date for the film was January 12, 2024.

What Is The Plot Of Bob Marley One Love?

Bob Marley One Love follows Marley’s life story, from his Jamaican origins to his prominence as the world’s most well-known reggae musician. We get glimpses into his personal life, like when he spends time with his family at home or playing soccer. 

It also features videos from his public life, including performances in front of large audiences at stadiums. It wasn’t all playing concerts for Marley and lounging on the beach, either. It was unexpected that he was the victim of an attempt on his life in his own house. A shooter who went unidentified opened fire on the Marley residence in 1976, wounding many family members. 

Being the champion that he was, Marley continued to play at the free “Smile Jamaica” concert two days after suffering his injuries. Although the goal of this event was to unite Jamaica, others think that Marley’s involvement and his backing of Prime Minister Michael Manley were the reason behind the attempted assassination. Marley decided to live in exile and recorded the albums Exodus and Kaya in England. 

Who Is The Star Cast Of Bob Marley One Love?

Bob Marley One Love Release Date, Cast, Plot And Runtime

Reinaldo Marcus Green looked around for a performer good enough to portray Bob Marley. Marley is one of those individuals whose spirit is unlike everyone else’s; therefore, capturing it will be difficult. Green noticed something unique in Kingsley Ben-Adir, who was declared cast in February of 2022. 

Ben-Adir, who played Malcolm X in the movie One Night in Miami, is no stranger to the role of a historical figure. In addition, he contributed to the television shows High Fidelity, Peaky Blinders, The OA, and Vera. He most recently portrayed the evil Gravik in the Marvel Disney+ series Secret Invasion and one of the numerous Kens in Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed comedy Barbie. Actors Lashana Lynch, who will portray Rita, Bob Marley’s wife, is among the other cast members. Lynch portrayed Nomi in the most recent James Bond movie, No Time to Die. 

She most recently played Miss Honey in Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical. She was also a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having portrayed Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, just like Ben-Adir. The following actors have been cast in unspecified roles: Nia Ashi, Alexx A-Game, Quan-Dajai Henriques, Abijah “Naki Wailer” Livingston, Michael Gandolfini (The Many Saints of Newark), Anthony Welsh (Hanna), Nia Cole (Doctor Who), and Andrae Simpson.

Who Is Behind The Production And Direction Of Bob Marley One Love?

Bob Marley One Love Release Date, Cast, Plot And Runtime

It makes sense that people closest to Marley would be working on Bob Marley: One Love. His wife Rita Marley, daughter Cedella Marley, and son Ziggy are among the family members who produced the movie. Viewers can feel secure knowing that the movie will honor Bob Marley and be accurate to history because Marley’s family is involved in the production. 

In an interview at CinemaCon 2023, Ziggy Marley said, “It’s wonderful to be here today on behalf of this film about my father.” In addition to serving as the film’s producer, I’m here to honor my father’s amazing legacy and to spread the urgent message of love and unity. People will honor Bob properly and strengthen their bond with him, according to Ziggy Marley. Jeremy Kleiner (12 Years a Slave), Robert Teitel (Men of Honor), and Dede Gardner (Moonlight) are the other producers involved in the project. 

As previously noted, Reinaldo Marcus Green, who has directed a few biopics before, will be helping the picture. He previously contributed to the movie King Richard, which chronicles the tennis players Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams’ training regimen. In addition, he has directed a few television shows, such as Top Boy, Amend: The Fight for America, First Step, and We Own This City.

Final Words 

So, friends, I hope the information on Bob Marley’s One Love’s release date, runtime, and plot was useful for you. If you are interested in music and drama, do not forget to watch this documentary. For more updates, keep following Viebly’s entertainment hub. 

Is Bob Marley’s One Love rated R?

The movie is rated PG-13 for marijuana and smoking scenes, along with the use of strong language and violence. 

What is the OTT release date for Bob Marley One Love?

OTT release date for Bob Marley One Love has not been decided yet as the theatrical release of the film is yet to take place. 

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