Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!


How many times have you heard that riding motorbikes is only for men? Each time you heard this sexist line, did you also question why society wants to deprive women of the joys of biking? But you know, there are some famous female bikers from around the world who heard all of these lines and still speeded away on their bikes, breaking stereotypes! 

Also, yes, we all love wind hitting our face and our hair flying with the air. But no matter how fun and thrilling this seems, it’s better and safer to always wear bike helmets. Do I need to describe the consequences of not wearing one? Our enjoyment and adventure shouldn’t come at the expense of our safety. I’ve heard people saying that wearing helmets is “uncool.” No, that’s untrue. Wearing helmets is smart, and let’s not glorify putting our lives in jeopardy, shall we?

Here’s Are Some Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | Breaking Stereotypes One Bike Race At A Time! 

Keep scrolling to get acquainted with some of the most inspirational women of our times. It’s not just about bikes, you know. Women have always been told, taught, and explained what they should and shouldn’t do. They have been told how to behave, talk, or what career is most suited to them as per their gender. And I’m so sure the women listed below had to face similar odds. Yet, they didn’t pay heed to what the world said and achieved things that lay far out of their comfort zones. 

Laia Sanz

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

Laiz Sanz developed a taste for riding bikes in her childhood. Later, she used to take her brother’s Montesa Cota 25cc for rides. And by the time she turned 28, Laia had become the winner of the Women’s Trial World Championship thirteen times and the Women’s Trial European Championship ten times! 

But the most endearing and inspiring thing about her journey are the setbacks she faced and overcame. Once, her medical conditions forced her to take an entire year off. Yet, she persevered and obtained top ranks in the Dakar Rallies! 

Ana Carrasco Gabarron

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

Ana Carrasco is probably the youngest female biker on this list! At the time of writing, Ana is just 25! She learned riding motorbikes at a very young age, and soon little Ana was scoring big wins in domestic championships! Later the world saw Ana win the FIM CEV International Championship in 2011 and the Moto3 Championship in 2012. In fact, Ana Carrasco was the first woman to win these titles!

Needless to say, Ana didn’t take a pause and continued to win titles one after the other. But, the highlight of Ana’s career as a biker was 2018. She won the most awards that year and also became the first woman to lead a World Championship! 

Katja Poensgen

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

Katja Poensgen is from Germany. Her father was the German importer of Suzuki motorcycles, and it is safe to assume that her passion for bikes stems from there. Katja learned riding a bike at a very tender age, and you’d not believe it if I told you that she learned riding motorbikes at 4-year-old! Man, most of us didn’t even know how to wipe our tears then. 

In 2011, Katja Poensgen became the first woman to become eligible for the 250cc Grand Prix race. The same year, she was also named an FIM Legend for her astonishing performance in the Grand Prix. 

Maria Costello

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

If you’re a fan of British bikers, then I’m sure you already know who Maria Costello is. In case you don’t know, allow me to introduce you to her. Throughout her pioneering biking career, Maria has been the first woman to do and be a lot of things. For example, Maria is the first woman to take a stand on the TT podium as a solo racer. 

In fact, Maria also has a Guinness record to her name! She was the first woman to lap the Snaefell mountain course faster than anyone— her average speed throughout it was 114.73 mph.

Patsy Quick

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

Have you heard of the Dakar Rally? Yes, I’m talking about the most physically and mentally exhausting races in the world. Yet, several bikers dare to navigate these challenging terrain in harsh weather conditions. It can take upto two weeks to complete this race. However, most people do not make it to the finish line. 

Despite all the odds, Patsy Quick is one of those few bikers who managed to finish the Dakar Rally. What makes her big win even more inspiring is the fact that Patsy had to be admitted to the Egyptian military hospital during her first attempt and undergo a life saving surgery. Despite of all this, she returned to Dakar and took part in the rally again. 

Elspeth Beard 

Famous Female Bikers From Around The World | These Women Have SMASHED All Stereotypes!

Born in 1959, Elspeth Beard has to be the oldest female biker on our list. At 23 year old, Elspeth quit her comfortable life and studies to ride the world on her BMW R60/6. Needless to say, she was one of the rarest British women to have done so. 

Elspeth rode her bike to New York, North and Central America, Australia, Singapore, and Asia–let me cut it short–she covered 35,00 miles on her bike and has been to 23 countries! Of course, the journey wasn’t smooth. Elspeth had to face crashes, thefts, medical setbacks, and whatnot. Despite all this, Elspeth kept going on. 

Final Words

How do you feel after reading about some of the most famous female bikers from around the world? Inspired? Proud to be in the same world as them? I can understand, I’ve been feeling the same things myself. There’s so much to learn from these women! They faced all odds that life threw at them, yet they kept following their vision like a North Star. Shouldn’t everyone be like them? 

So many of us give up when things get tough. So many of us quit working on our dreams simply because there are too many obstacles in the way. But these women teach us the true power of perseverance, determination, and dedication. These women have rewritten history! 

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