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Social media didn’t let passions hide. If nothing else would work for your passion, social media would. From making reels for fun to baking yourself a cake, several profitable businesses entered the market without even our acknowledgment. I did not knew molding wax into shapes would bring up a new art- Candle Making. If you are a person who loves to add fragrances to wax, then you are in the right place. We will discuss the art of candle making and how to go from Candles to profit. 

Candle making- as pleasant as it sounds, is too much of an aesthetic. People have shifted their preferences from decorating houses with candles only on Christmas to lighting a candle every day for positive vibes. In the process, Candle-making found its way to the market. 

This article is for people who are mesmerized by this art. If you want to know how your hobby or passion for candle-making can turn into a business venture, scroll down. 

The Spark Of Inspiration

From Candles To Profit

You must understand the inspiration behind your interest in candle making because not every reason will tend to land this art in the selling industry. If it is fragrances that captivate your soul, then there are perfumes out there. If shaping soy wax into designs is only what captivates you, then there is pottery too. Isn’t it? 

Find out what triggers you to make a candle. Maybe you do it out of peace or you manifest a satisfying living out of it. If some serious reasons back up your talent, you are ready to jump into entrepreneurship.

Understanding The Basics Of Candle Making

Now that you have found out your very reason to start, understanding the basics of candle making is a must. Though from structure, a candle seems easier to make, and it may be, remember, even the tiniest of things have a procedure to be followed.

The requirement for candle making is Wax. There are different types of wax that candle makers use. They are Soy Wax, Paraffin, Beeswax, Palm wax, and the recent most popular is Coconut Wax.  After wax comes a wick. A wick is that thread on the top of the candle you see the flame on, and it stretches inside the candle. Wick can be made of paper, zinc, wood, tin, or cotton. 

After the wick comes fragrance. Candles are both fragranceless and fragranced. If you make a fragranced candle, a fragrance oil is the element you need. Fragrance oil is mixed in the molten wax during the making process. Fragrance oils highly contribute to the demand for candles. Most people buy candles based on how amazing their fragrance is and not just their appearance. 

Where will all this stuff fit? A container is what is required now. A Mason jar, a glass jar, or a Tin jar are some suitable heat-proof containers to set your molten mix. Containers can be as per your design and size measures.  You can also add colors if a colorful candle is on your list.

Making a candle is a game played at proper temperatures. While adding fragrance oil and  pouring the candle mix into the jar, temperature matters. Too high or too low a temperature won’t give out a fine candle. 

Cost Of Candle Making

From Candles To Profit

Though candle-making wraps up in fewer steps, it does come with a budget. What just doesn’t come up with an expense? Understanding the costs for making candles is crucial as the products you use in candle making make quite an impact on its quality. 

Starting from wax: the main components, as we mentioned, are of different types and vary by price. Compared to Parafinn, Soy, and beeswax are expensive, but their eco-friendly qualities justify their price. Even the demand for eco-friendly candles is high. So, setting up a candle business will require you to comply with the demand rate. You will have to spend a lot on popular coconut wax or Beeswax. 

Secondly, fragrance oils- These are even more important. Fragrance oils can be expensive because of their long-lasting nature, concentration, and availability. Rare fragrances might perform outstandingly, but they will be equally costly to get. You can’t forget Wick. Wooden wicks are comparably high in price. Then, the jars you choose for candle making can add up to your expenses. Glass jars are expensive if you are looking for them. The cost of candle-making depends solely on your choice. 

Setting Your Candles Apart – Branding And Marketing Strategies

Ready to light up people’s houses with your candles? Land your first set of candles in the market by utilizing Branding and Marketing strategies. Social media is all yours now. Name your brand, set up the price, create eye and heart-catching visuals, opt for amazing packaging, run ad campaigns, and get your product sold. 

Accept feedback from newly made customers because they can be immensely helpful in improvement. Marketing is never an old idea. Innovations and approaches in it can always be modified. Be extra creative and set your candle out of the competition. 


Candle Making is an emerging activity nowadays. Following a practical approach can make you a successful entrepreneur from scratch, like you are already in the market. With this, we conclude this write-up and hope you got valuable insights into candle making and its business venture. 

Ujwal Mattoo
Ujwal Mattoo
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