How To Be An Extra In Dallas? Know The Game!


If you want to break into the entertainment industry, becoming an extra can be a great way to start. And if you live in Dallas, you’re in luck – there are plenty of casting calls in Dallas for actors. Therefore, it is important to know How To Be An Extra In Dallas?

The role of an Extra is crucial in any film project as they are mainly used to create the background of scenes that require a large crowd, such as football games or parades. As non-speaking characters, extras have little or no interaction with the movie’s leading stars.

If you want to become an extra, the first step is to prepare a recent photo of yourself. A professional portrait is optional, as a simple snapshot will suffice. On the back of the photo, include your name, age, address, and phone number(s). Afterward, you can send your photo to local production companies seeking extras.

Tips On How To Be An Extra In Dallas

How To Be An Extra In Dallas? Know The Game!
  • Do your research: Before looking for casting calls in Dallas, research what being an extra entails. Read up on the industry and discover what extras expect on set.
  • Sign up with casting agencies: Several casting agencies in Dallas specialize in hiring extras for TV shows, movies, and commercials. The most popular ones include Southwest Casting, Dallas Casting Company, and Nancy Mosser Casting.
  • Create a resume and headshot: While you don’t need any acting experience to be an extra, having a professional-looking resume and headshot can increase your chances of getting hired. Include any relevant experience, such as stage work or student films.
  • Stay up to date on casting calls: Keep an eye out for casting calls in Dallas on social media and industry websites, such as or backstage. You can also sign up for casting agency mailing lists to get notified when new opportunities become available.
  • Be professional: When you do get a casting call, make sure you show up on time, dress appropriately, and are ready to work. Follow directions from the director and crew, and always be respectful of others on set.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of becoming an extra in Dallas and getting your foot in the door of the entertainment industry. So start looking for casting calls in Dallas today, and get ready to shine on the big screen!

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