Survivor 46 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch!!


America’s Leader TV reality show has made its entry for the 46th time again. Survivor 46 premiered on 28th Feb 2024, and the fan community couldn’t be more excited to witness the robust stand-off between 18  members in the new season. Read on as we discuss Survivor 46 Release date, cast, and where to watch the show.

A brief- Survivor 46 is the 46th season of the original Survivor reality show of 2000. The TV show collected immense viewership and has a record for the longest series continuing till now. The reality show has been adopted from a Swedish one. No one has replaced Jeff Probst from the host seat until the latest season. 

The competition is nothing short of displaying the wildest selves of competitors. From physical challenges to mental, contestants go through a series of trials and elimination to finally announce a “lone survivor”- the one who takes away a grand sum of $1M. 

Survivor 46 Release Date

The latest premiered its first 2 hours episode on 28th Feb 2024 on CBS. The series will drop its episodes every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The first two episodes are 2 hours long, while the other will run for 90 minutes. 

The name of the first episode is “This is Where the legends are made.” The next two episodes are “Scorpio Energy” and “Wackadoodles” respectively. 

Where To Watch Survivor 46 Online?

Survivor 46 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch!!

Survivor 46 will air its episodes on CBS TV. However, those without cable access can access the show at Paramount+, Fubo, and Hulu+ live TV. Paramount users can watch episodes on the day after their premiere. Depending on which plan you choose, you can watch it live or the next day of premiere.   

To watch live on Paramount+, you can buy its Paramount+Showtime package, which costs $11.99 per month. All the other Paramount+ subscription packages offer next-day watch of Survivor episodes.

Another option is Fubo. Fubo is a popular live-streaming service that offers several TV channels, including CBS. If you want to watch on Fubo, you must buy its subscription. Note that Fubo offers a seven-day free trial and starts at $79.99 per month. 

You can also watch Survivor 46 on Hulu+Live TV. Hulu Live TV offers access to CBS. Hulu+ Live TV subscription costs $76.99 per month. 

 Breakdown Of The Cast Of Survivor 46

Survivor 46 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch!!

The new season is casting 18 contestants, which includes

  1.  Q Burette – a Real estate agent, 
  2. Jessica Chong-  a software engerieer
  3.  Charlie David- Law Student
  4.  Tevin Davis- Actor
  5.  Tiffany Nicole Ervin- Artist
  6.  Moriah Gaynor-Programm Coordinator
  7.  Maria Shrime Gonzalez- Parent Coach
  8.  Bhanu Gopal-It Quality analyst
  9.  Jemila Hussain Adams-International Brand Mentor
  10.   David Jelinsky-Slot Machine Salesman
  11.  Ben Katzman-Musician
  12.  Hunter McKnight-Science teacher
  13.  Rander  Montalvo-Aerspace Tech
  14.  Tim Spicer-College Coach
  15.  Soda Thompson- Special Education Teacher
  16. Venus Vafa- Data Analyst
  17.  Kenzie Petty-Salon Owner
  18.  Liz Wilcok- Marketing Strategist

What Is The Theme Of Survivor 46?

Survivor 46  features 18 candidates who are left to survive on the island of Fiji. The group of contestants is divided into three tribes of six people each. The names of the three tribes are Siga, Yanu, and Nami. The tribes find their food and shelter and also meet strangers on their way. They participate in various physical and mental challenges like swimming, running, solving problems, etc, to win immunity against eliminations. Contestants vote off each other to keep progressive elimination till two contestants remain at the end and judges finalize one final winner. 

Survivor season 45 was won by Dee Valladares,  an entrepreneur from Miami. 


Survivor 46 is one of the longest-running reality TV Shows and is worth watching if you love adventure. Don’t forget Wednesday nights to keep up with the show. For more information on new releases, stick to Viebly as we come up with the details of latest movies and shows.

How many episodes does Survivor 46 have?

There are 13 episodes in total, and the final episode will air in May 2022. 

Does Survivor have any awards or nominations?

The survivor won Outstanding Sound Mixing in 2001 and Outstanding Special Class Program in 2002.

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