Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited These Places? 


Many viewers are unable to get where is Murder In Provence Filmed? As a result, many people are coming up with different guesses about the filming locations of this movie. But this article will take you to the right answer!

Murder In Provence (2022-Present) is one of the latest TV series featuring an investigative judge, Antoine Verlaque, to solve crime cases. For solving the cases, he has an assistant, Helene, who follows him everywhere. Besides this, he is romantically involved with a woman named Marine Bonnet and explores the landscape where they live. Is the location the same in the entire movie?

Murder in Provence is filmed at a few locations in France and England. Because the makers have faked some locations of England, you may feel like the whole movie has been filmed in France. After falling in love with the location, know more about them!

The location changes with every scene, so what’s the secret behind it! Read all about where is Murder In Provence filmed!

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Where Is Murder Provence Filmed? Note Down The Names Of The Location!

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places?

You will be surprised to know that the whole movie has been filmed in two countries, which are France and England. Surprisingly, the movie cast shared that they started filming in England. For the remaining scenes, they went to France for almost three weeks. Also, they managed to fake some scenes in England and make them look as if they had been shot somewhere else (France). 

It took almost nine weeks to wrap up filming in England and find locations similar to France. Besides this, the team already found crime offices and apartments in France, which made it easy for others to complete the filming in a short span. Just because the makers couldn’t afford much traveling, some locations of England were faked through visual effects and animation. Check where is Murder In Provence filmed!

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Aix-En-Provence, France

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places? 

The majority of outdoor sequences of the mysterious show were shot in Aix-En-Provence, also known as the city of mountains. While lensing the movie, the leading cast members were able to get some time to enjoy the ambiance of this vibrant city. It was one of the cast members who suggested this place. So, this is a crucial location to learn where is Murder In Provence filmed!

Known as the birthplace of a Post-Impressionist, Paul Cezanne, Aix-En-Provence is also a university city. Besides this, The city grabs the attention from tourists around the world due to the presence of heritage buildings. In addition, the city hosts thriving music and festival scenes. If you happen to be here some day, don’t forget to explore free concerts and music schools.

Cassis, France

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places? 

Cassis was another location in France where where both indoor and outdoor sequences were shot. Interestingly, this location was selected because it was just thirty miles away from Aix-En-Provence. So, traveling here was easy in comparison to other any other place.

If you love fishing, Cassis is ready to welcome you with open arms! This is a Mediterranean fishing port known for pebbly beaches and calanques. Further, you get to see pastol-colored buildings, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants. And you’ll be amazed to know that Cassis is one of the most favorite places among people in France.

Carmel College, Oxfordshire, UK

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places? 

Here comes the last location to answer where is Murder In Provence filmed! Many indoor sequences were shot on the premises of Carmel College. Well, Murder In Provence was not the first one to get shot here. This college is one of the favorite locations for many production companies. And filming the series here was not a hard nut to crack for the makers.

Untill 1997, it was a Jewish boarding school and got transformed into a British school. Today, it is a co-educational college known for imparting quality education to its students. Over and above, it’s a very good college you can consider for your kids.

Is The Trailer Of Murder In Provenece Out? Here’s An Insight For You!

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places?

The trailer of the series appeared a month before its release and gave the viewers a glimpse of the central plot of the series. Also, it revealed some exotic locations of the landscape (Provence) with the romance of Antoine and Marine. The viewers loved the trailer and got ready to welcome the series.

The series has received 8.1 IMDb ratings, and only one episode has been released till now, apart form the trailer. Though the series is in its initial stage, fans love the first episode. Hopefully, the second episode will get released soon, which means there is still a lot to unveil in the series!

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Who Played The Lead Characters In Murder In Provence? Do You Know Them?

Where Is Murder In Provence Filmed? Have You Visited Those Places?

Antoine, an investigative Judge, is played by Roger Allam, who is known for movies like Endeavour. And the role of Antoine’s girlfriend is being played by Nancy Caroll, who got popular after The Crown

Keala Settle plays the role of Antoine’s confidant and assistant, Helena. Surprisingly, these three are the lead characters, but you are likely to see some more faces like Cara Horgan, Sara Powell, Scot Chambers, and many more. All in all, the movie delivers beautiful scenes of the landscape, which will make you forget about the characters.

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Final Words 

I hope you now can answer where is Murder In Provence filmed featuring Roger Allam. Though there are just two countries where the movie has been filmed, the makers have managed to make the viewers feel as if the movie has been shot around the globe. Now, when you know about the location, you can enjoy the upcoming episodes of the series with peace.

Where Can I Watch Murder In Provence?

You can watch Murder In Provence on The Roku Channel.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Murder In Provence?

The cast members of Murder In Provence are Roger Allam, Nancy Caroll, Kirsty Bushell, Geff Fracis, and many more.

When Was The First Episode Of Murder In Provence Released?

The first episode of Murder In Provence was released on March 1, 2022.

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