Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Witness The Paradise!


Some movies are like old wine – the older, the better. Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) gained worldwide attention for its brilliant plot and cinematography. Well, do you know where was Lawrence Of Arabia filmed? Let’s read more about it!

Lawrence Of Arabia is a timeless masterpiece directed by David Lean and has earned a huge reputation. The movie is produced by Sam Spiegel and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The movie is an adaptation of T.E.Lawrence’s novel named Seven Pillars Of Wisdom. The historical period drama managed to earn an 8.3 IMDb score. 

Lawrence Of Arabia has spectacular filming locations throughout its runtime. It managed to draw the attention of many directors for the stunning landscape and rusty background. The majority of the movie was shot in Spain. Rest places include Jordan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Morocco. Do you know the iconic scenes related to these places?

The movie did not use CGI or any latest technology but became an iconic picture of all times due to its brilliant screenplay and cinematography. Thus, the filming places and the related interesting details deserve our attention. So, here we go!

Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Can You Guess The Perfect Locations Of The Movie?

Lawrence Of Arabia is a brilliant movie based on historical drama and World War 1 era. It focuses on the journey of T.E.Lawrence, the British army officer, in the lands of Arabia. The movie has a lot of conspiracies, drama, and actions that will keep you hooked, but the locations will surely keep you bewitched!

Lawrence is on a mission to fight Turks with the aid of Prince Faisal. Thus, he needs to win the loyalty of the royal house and the powerful but scattered tribes to form a strong army. The movie’s visualization- from seas to deserts and various iconic places has aroused the fans’ curiosity. So here are the important shooting locations of the movie.

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Spain | The Country of Breathtaking Visuals! 

Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Witness The Paradise!

Most of the film was completed in the various stunning locations of Spain. Since the place boasts of great mountains to the vast drylands, it became an ideal choice for the shooting. Due to an epidemic outburst and financial constraints, makers decided to shoot in Spain rather than the actual Aqaba city. 

  1. The complete city of Aqaba was recreated in Playa del Algarrobico beach, Seville, to film important sequences.
  2. Genovese Beach was used to shoot major train-action scenes. 
  3. Real Alcazar de Sevilla, Parque de Maria Luisa, and Plaza de America were used heavily to film iconic places of Jerusalem, Damascus, and El Casino.
  4. Cairo location scenes were shot in Alfonso XIII Hotel. Casa de Pilatos and Avenida de Isabel were used to shooting turning moments of the movie. For example, the meeting of Allenby and Lawrence at the former place.
  5. Some movie locations also include places from Cabo de Gata and the Tabernas Desert.

Jordan | Blend of Exotic And Mystical Magic!

Jordan was also one of the prime choices used to film various exotic locations and marvelous ruins. Some iconic places include Wadi Rumi, Maan, Jafr, and Jebel Tubeiq. 

These places set in the 1960s era were pure wonders with a rustic touch and authentic background, enhancing the movie. Nowadays, these places are famous tourist spots featured in several movies and shows. 

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The United Kingdom | Land Of Culture & Modernity!

Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Witness The Paradise!

Apart from Jordan and Spain, many iconic places were taken from the beautiful landscape of the United Kingdom. Some important places include Chobham Common, Merthyr Mawr, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

However, some parts of the shooting were completed in Spain and merged with the UK locations. These places are famous tourist spots and attract thousands of travelers every year! Have you been there?

Morocco & United States | Mesmerizing Locations!

The Ouarzazate desert and Ait Benhaddou in Morocco are also featured in Lawrence Of Arabia

Imperial Sand Dunes, California, is also used to film drylands and desert locations. Thus, a few scenes of the movie were filmed in various beautiful places in the US.   

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Plot Of The Lawrence Of Arabia Movie Explained | A Quick Overview!

Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Witness The Paradise!

The Lawrence Of Arabia movie is based on Lawrence’s expedition in the Arabic lands to fight Turks and gain the Territory for the British empire. The movie depicts the epic fight between the historical Ottoman Empire and Allied Powers during World War 1. The movie is full of emotional scenes, conflicting interests, and violent clashes.

Lawrence was an energetic military officer sent to Arabia to examine the war conditions during WWI. He met many aggressive tribal people and their leaders on his journey. Thus, he witnessed their lives more closely and developed a bond with the locals. 

When Colonel Brighton told him to ignore the court politics, Lawrence decided to stay back and finally won Prince Faisal’s loyalty. Lawrence helped Faisal capture Aqaba city, and they finally won the battle. Moreover, Lawrence also managed to get the support of Sherif Ali by saving one of his men and winning several loyal Bedouins at his service. 

After proving his loyalty and honesty, Lawrence finally convinced the Howeitat tribe’s leader to support the British cause and fight against the Turks. Lawrence won the fight against the Turks with the help of the Arabs. His guerilla warfare techniques helped the Arabs fight the well-equipped Turks and defeat them.

However, despite brilliant efficiency and winning, Lawrence becomes the target of conspiracies and political grudges. The British authorities harassed the local people and stopped the supplies of daily essentials. Soon, the city falls due to mismanagement and political void. Finally, the British capture the city from the local authority, and Lawrence gets a promotion for his contributions.

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Cast Of The Lawrence Of Arabia | Brilliant Artists Of The Film!

The Lawrence Of Arabia movie has a brilliant and powerful casting of talented actors and actresses who gave lives to their respective characters. Some of the prominent artists of the movie are-

  1. Peter O’Toole played the protagonist role of T. E. Lawrence. Albert Finney.
  2. Alec Guinness as the royal Prince Faisal of Arabia.
  3. Jack Hawkins has portrayed the role of General Allenby.
  4. Omar Sharif has essayed the role of Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish.
  5. Anthony Quinn played the character of Auda Abu Tayi.
  6. Anthony Quayle portrayed the role of Colonel Harry Brighton.

Apart from these iconic characters, there are several important side characters as well crucial for the movie’s plot.

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Is Lawrence Of Arabia Based On A True Story? Myth Debunked!

Where Was Lawrence Of Arabia Filmed? Witness The Paradise!

Though the Lawrence Of Arabia movie has many characters and places which are real-life characters and places, the movie is not based completely on true incidents. Makers have used different real-life characters by blending the personalities of several living figures. 

The movie has not fully explained the territorial locations, boundaries, and demography. Thus, it leaves room for controversial assumptions like attacks by several tribal groups and ethnic tensions. Moreover, the capturing of Aqaba city was completely fictional and was added to dramatize the movie.

Due to the lack of historical evidence and zigzag incidents shown in the movie, the film’s authenticity is highly questionable. For example, the US involvement in the war and the role of the Arab Council during the conflicting time. 

Though the Lawrence Of Arabia was based on the novel, makers have chosen only certain sections to make the picture dramatic and patriotic. Nevertheless, the movie managed to get a good response from the public and won several prestigious awards.

Where Can You Watch The Film? Enjoy Binge-Watching!

You can watch Lawrence Of Arabia movie on Netflix and Prime Video. You can also rent out the film on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.

Final Words

Since now you all know where was Lawrence Of Arabia filmed, it’s the perfect time to rewatch the movie and enjoy the exotic locations of the movie again. If you have already seen the film, do not forget to mention your views in the comment section below.

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