Where To Watch Lionsgate Shows In UK?


 Lionsgate Plus has officially announced it is closing down in the UK.  To avoid putting customers in a panic, a shutdown date and refund details have been announced. Starting from February 29, the subscribers of the platform won’t be able to enjoy the streaming services directly on Lionsgate Plus. To know where to watch Lionsgate shows in UK keep reading the article. 

The service first made its way into the United Kingdom in 2018 and was launched by the name of STARZPLAY. It was announced last year that STARZPLAY in the UK will be shutting down in 2024 while the American streaming platform STARZ will keep on running. The platform was home to many big shows ike Outlander and The Stand in the UK. As Lionsgate+ is not in service anymore, the viewers are eager to find out where they can watch their favorite shows in future.  

Where To Watch Lionsgate Shows In UK?

Where To Watch Lionsgate Shows In UK?

After Lionsgate+ shuts down its standalone services in the UK, the viewer can still enjoy the shws and movies via Prime Video’s Channels. You can enjoy Lionsgate Plus for just £6.99 per month with Amazon Prime Video, but for a limited time only. 

You can also stream Lionsgate Plus in the UK through Apple TV, Rakuten TV, and Roku. Other than this, you can download The Lionsgate Plus app on your iOS or Android devices, including Android TVs. It is as compatible with Google Chromecast. The app also lets you download and watch videos offline.

If you are worried about the money you paid for the subscription, don’t worry. The service has confirmed that customers will receive a prorated refund of their current subscription and have access until its final day, which is February 29. 

What TV shows and movies can I watch on Lionsgate Plus?

Where To Watch Lionsgate Shows In UK?

Lionsgate Plus has an extensive library of films and series available to watch, which can now be streamed through Amazon Prime Video. There are yet to come seasons for some of the platform’s biggest dramas.

The season seven, part two of Outlander is yet to come out, and its eighth and final series is on the horizon. Outlander has collected quite a cult fan following over the last few years. The fantasy drama is based on Diana Gabaldon’s books of the same name.

Godfather of Harlem was renewed for a fourth season at the end of 2023. The crime drama thriller has made quite a name among the fans.  

Power Book II: Ghost was also meant to return in a few months’ time for season four.  Along with this, Power Book III: Raising Kanan for the third season and Power Book IV: Force for season four was renewed. 

After the shutdown, it isn’t clear when these will come out in the US or if they’ll be available to watch on any platform in the UK at all. 


It was clear that the service struggled to gain the same popularity as other bigger platforms, which currently dominate the streaming space. The shutting down of the streaming service was imminent in the UK. Now that you know where to watch Lionsgate Plus shows in UK, there is still time to enjoy them, as their future remains uncertain. We hope the good original content of the platform is continued over to some other platform, so the viewers can enjoy their favorite shows.

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