Where Was 65 Filmed? Adam Driver’s Latest Action Drama Flick Of 2023!!


Are you tired of watching the traditional dinosaur adventure movies and are looking for something different in a similar genre? Well, don’t worry as we’ve got your back! You can instead watch the mind-bending Sci-fi Adventure movie 65 (2023), which has recently been released. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was 65 filmed.

The American dystopian flick 65 was released in March 2023 and successfully grabbed the attention of film buffs from all parts of the world. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods joined forces for this project and successfully made a super-intriguing film. The dynamic duo of Beck and Woods made several exciting films before working together for the fifth time.

Talking about the 65 movie filming locations used in the movie, the movie was primarily filmed in Louisiana, Oregon, and Los Angeles areas of the United States, while some scenes were also filmed internationally in the Republic of Ireland.

65 grossed approx. $21 million in worldwide collections. The makers were happy with the commercial performance of the film in the first week. The production budget for the movie 65 was $45 million, which is modest for a Sci-fi movie, and it also tells us that more practical locations were used instead of bue screens and computer graphics.

Now, are you intrigued to find out where was 65 filmed? Then, without waiting any longer, let’s break down the filming locations of 65

Where Was 65 Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Thriller Flick Closely!

Adam Driver has given stunning on-screen performances in iconic movies like Star Wars: Episode VII and Star Wars: Episode VIII. So casting him for the lead role in this sci-fi flick made absolute sense to Scott and Bryan.

But, before the directors auditioned and selected the cast members, they spent a considerable amount of time scouting for perfect filming locations. As the story of his film is set on Earth almost 65 million years back, the makers consciously looked for shooting locations with green and lush backgrounds.

After the production members scouted ideal filming locations around the northwestern state of Oregon, the director asked them to commence filming. The principal photography for this project began in the first week of December 2020 and continued till February 2021.

Due to the onset of Covid-19, the production members had to stop filming mid-way. The entire shooting process was halted till the American government lifted the travel ban. The remaining scenes were then filmed in California.

Other than the issue with the pandemic, which forced the production members to stop shooting, no other significant incidents took place on set. All crucial sequences of the film were captured without any hassle during the first shooting phase.

Now, if you’re ready to find out where was 65 filmed, let’s take a closer look at the filming sites.

Whaleshead Beach – Brookings, Oregon

Where Was 65 Filmed? Adam Driver’s Latest Action Drama Flick Of 2023!!

Whaleshead Beach is among the most beautiful beaches along the region’s coast. It is located in the Brookings area and provides a scenic ocean view. The area has a nearby camping area as well, and the offshore sea stack area of the beach looks like a whale head. All these areas are well suited to be used for filming. Some of the scenes that show Mills and Koa surviving from the dinosaurs were filmed here.

Coos Bay, Oregon

Where Was 65 Filmed? Adam Driver’s Latest Action Drama Flick Of 2023!!

Coos Bay was also a filming location for 65. The spot may have been used for the ocean horizon view, which was used for the scenes in which the ocean is visible, while the wooded areas near the ocean were used to set up scenes of prehistoric earth.

Meyer’s Creek Beach, Oregon

Meyer’s Creek Beach in Oregon also served as a filming location for the movie 65. The beautiful beach is known for its extensive little creeks and Sandy areas. This is the primary location in which we see Mill’s life in his own world and also in a scene where we see him on the beach with his wife Alya.

Elk Creek Falls, Oregon

Elk Creek Falls is yet another critical location where 65 was filmed. The scene where Mills and Koa took refuge behind the waterfall was filmed here. Although the waterfall was actually CGI, the location was mainly used for the exterior shots of the waterfall, which were primarily implemented in the movie.

Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana

Where Was 65 Filmed? Adam Driver’s Latest Action Drama Flick Of 2023!!

Kisatchie National Forest was a primary filming location for the Adam Driver movie. The 604,000 acres of forest and wooded area was the ideal setting to show a prehistoric world where Dinosaurs and humans could coexist in a dystopian world. Additionally, the forest offers developed recreation sites and miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Swampy outskirts of New Orleans also served as an essential location for 65. Several scenes in which Mills and Koa are seen fleeing away from the dinosaurs through a wet, swampy area were filmed here.

Other Filming Locations

The remaining outdoor shots were captured in and around the Irish town of Bray. In fact, a few sequences were also filmed inside Ardmore Studios, located at County Wicklow, Ireland. The second phase of shooting commenced in California. 

The filming crew captured the remaining interior scenes inside Sony Pictures Studios, which is situated at 10202 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City.

Plot Of 65 | What’s It About

Where Was 65 Filmed? Adam Driver’s Latest Action Drama Flick Of 2023!!

The basic premise of 65 revolves around the character of Mills, a daring astronaut from Somaris, who crash-lands on pre-historic Earth 65 million years ago. He, along with the only survivor, Koa, tries to find the salvageable part of the ship to get back home, but the path back home is not easy, as they get dinosaurs chasing their trail and an asteroid is set to hit the earth in less than a day.

Final Words

OK friends, I hope you’ve noted all the information regarding where was 65 filmed. If you’d like us to add anything, please drop a comment below, we’d be happy to get that sorted. But if you’re interested in reading similar pieces, you can also check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film 65?

Salvatore Totino is the cinematographer of the film 65.

What Is The Rating Of The Film  65?

The film 65 has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film 65?

Chirs Bacon is the music director of the film 65.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film 65?

Jeff Sackman and Jeremy Wall are the producers of the film 65, amongst a few others.

Is The Film 65, Based On A True Story?

No, the story of 65 is based on a fictional story by Scott and Bryan Woods, who also directed the film.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film 65?

1h 33m is the runtime of film 65.

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