Where Was Above Suspicion Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!


If you are a fan of thriller movies or true crime genre, Above Suspicion (2019) is the movie for you to watch. So, read this article until the end to know more about the film and where was Above Suspicion filmed.

The American crime thriller Above Suspicion is written by Chris Gerolmo and directed by Phillip Noyce. The movie is based on Joe Sharkey’s book of the same name. The film was released in theatres on June 20, 2019, and received average reviews from the critics.

Above Suspicion is based on true incidents, and it is a solid movie with two main actors who carry the narrative well. Keep reading the article if you are intrigued to know the plot and filming location details.

Where Was Above Suspicion Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was Above Suspicion Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The story revolves around the character Susan Smith, attempting to leave the world of crime and drugs. The plot thickens when a married FBI agent recruits Susan as his informant, and they start having an affair. The film features elements such as betrayal, love, and corruption. Solid performances and breathtaking visuals make the film a worthwhile watch for crime thriller fans.

The original story is set in Kentucky, so to give the audience an authentic experience, the production team selected the Kentucky region for filming. The production team used many cities and popular locations in Kentucky for filming. Now, without further ado, let me tell you the specific location details where was Above Suspicion filmed.

Kentucky | USA

Where Was Above Suspicion Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The entire filming of Above Suspicion was done in and around the Kentucky region. Lexington City is the prominent filming location of the movie. Lexington is a fascinating city renowned for its horses, attractive architectural buildings, and many historical sites. This city is also a popular filming destination where some famous movies like War Of The Worlds, Asphalt Jungle, The Devil Below, and Dreamer were filmed in this region.

Some significant movie portions were filmed in Harlan City, a small yet beautiful city in Kentucky. There are many hidden spots in this city which is ideal for relaxing. This city has been featured in many movies and dramas, including The Evening Hour, River Born, and Hazard.

Other cities that were used for filming include Berry, Pairs, and Cawood. So, these are all the exact locations where was Above Suspicion filmed.

Top Attractions To Visit In Kentucky

Where Was Above Suspicion Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

Kentucky is an incredible state popularly known as Bluegrass State, with numerous vacation spots and activities suitable for all age groups. So, if you are planning to visit Kentucky but are confused about what places to visit, below is the list of attractions that will help you plan your trip.

  • Kentucky Derby: If you are a horse fan, you must not miss out on the Kentucky Derby event. Also, you can explore the history of the Kentucky Derby at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.
  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park: The most famous tourist attraction in Kentucky is this place which was constructed by Abraham’s father, Thomas Lincoln, located at Sinking Springs Farm.
  • Lost River Cave: If you travel to Kentucky with families, this is the ideal spot to visit, where you can find many activities to engage with kids. Also, you can have a boat tour and explore the sceneries, old buildings, and limestone bluffs.
  • Red River Gorge: One of the attractive spots in Kentucky is Red River Gorge; while hiking, you can explore the breathtaking views of unique rocks and sandstone cliffs. You can also visit the nearby Natural Bridge to explore the incredible sights.
  • Cumberland Gap National Park: Nature lovers must stop at this destination, where you can take a walk in the park for relaxation.
  • Wavery Hills Sanitorium: Do you want to spice up your trip? Then visit this region which is home to several ghosts. You can also stay at night to make your day more thrilling.
  • Great American Dollhouse Museum: If you want to know the history of Kentucky, this is the best spot for you. You can find a huge collection of historical miniatures in this museum.

Other interesting attractions in Kentucky include Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Newport Aquarium, Ark Encounter, Kentucky Artisan Center, Dinosaur World, Floodwall Murals, Louisville Zoo, and Joe Ley Antiques.

Plot Of Above Suspicion | What Is The Story About?

The FBI agent, Mark Putnam, travels to the Appalachian Mountains with his wife to enquire about a case. To help him with a case, Putnam hires Susan Smith, a young drug-addicted girl, as an informant. Soon, Putnam falls for Susan, and both engage in an affair.

When his colleagues find the roots, to protect Susan, Putnam manipulates evidence but soon finds himself in a huge problem. Now, he has to play the tricky game to hide all his secrets. To know how the story progresses further, watch the movie on Netflix.

Final Words

Well, readers! I hope now you get the answer to your question about where was Above Suspicion filmed. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family. If you have any doubts about the location details, ask in the comments section below.

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Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Elliot Davis.

Who is the music composer of the film?

The music composer of the movie is Dickon Hinchliffe.

Who are the art directors of the film?

The art directors of the movie are Gregory S. Hooper and Daniel Turk.

Who played the lead roles in the film?

Emilia Clarke played the Susan Smith role, Jack Huston played the Mark Putnam role, Sophie Lowe played the Kathy Putnam role, Austin Hebert played the Randy McCoy role, and Thora Birch played the Jolene role.

Did the movie earn any awards?

No, the movie didn’t earn any awards.

Can you watch the Above Suspicion movie with kids?

It is an R-rated movie, so watching the Above Suspicion with kids is not good.

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