Where Was Red Dawn Filmed? Hemsworth’s Action Drama From 2012!!


Are you a fan of Chris Hemsworth? Do you like watching intense action-thriller movies featuring this Hollywood superstar? Well then, you must see Red Dawn which was released in 2012. Read this article to know all about this euphoric film and also find out where was Red Dawn filmed.

The American action drama film Red Dawn was directed by none other than Dan Bradley. This rendition of the movie was inspired by Kevin Reynolds’ original action drama film of the same name, released in 1984. The narrative of this movie was developed by Carls Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore.

The story of Red Dawn follows the character of a couple of young patriotic Americans who fight against North Korean intruders on behalf of their country. The story gets interesting when a skilled yet cruel soldier of the North Korean army holds an American fighter as hostage.

Red Dawn, released in 2012, wasn’t as successful as the original action film released in 1984. However, the makers weren’t necessarily disappointed with the commercial performance of this film either. This exhilarating film went on to gross over $59 million in worldwide sales collection and collected several prestigious nominations.

Are you intrigued to know more about this super-entertaining film? Then read this article till the very end and find out where was Red Dawn filmed.

Where Was Red Dawn Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Movie Closely!

The story of Red Dawn is set in Washington, specifically in and around the city of Spokane. However, the shooting of this action film took place in parts of Michigan and California. The director initially wanted to film most of the sequences in Washington.

But since the team couldn’t acquire the shooting permission in time to film the sequences in Washington, the director had to explore other possible options. After conferring with other filmmakers, Dan asked his team members to scout for shooting locations in Michigan.

After a couple of weeks, the production members came up with a number of locations in Michigan that could potentially be used for shooting. The director checked the locations in person and, after he was satisfied with the overall look of the background, asked the crew to commence shooting.

It’s important to mention that some parts of the movie were also filmed in California as well. The director made final adjustments at the eleventh hour and added these locations to the final list.

The principal photography of Red Dawn commenced in the second week of September 2009 and continued till the first week of December of the same year. The shooting schedule wasn’t delayed because the production members didn’t face any challenges during the course of the shooting.

However, even after the shooting was completed in time, the makers failed to release the project the next year. The release of Red Dawn remained suspended until 21st November 2012.

This unfortunate event happened because the production company which was initially backing this project filed for bankruptcy. But the distribution rights were bought by FilmDistrict just in time, which literally saved this project from getting canned.

But today, we are here to discuss the filming locations of Red Dawn. So, without delving into other details, let’s discuss where was Red Dawn filmed in-depth.

Michigan | USA

Where Was Red Dawn Filmed? Hemsworth’s Action Drama From 2012!!

The movie’s opening sequence, where we see the character of U.S. Marine Jed Eckert returning to his home, was filmed in Mt. Clemens. The production members arranged a medium-sized house located at 26 Kendrick St., Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

The interior sequences depicting Jed’s family life were also filmed inside the same property. The production members had to transport a special race car from California to depict Jed’s favorite vehicle.

Additional outdoor sequences of the movie were shot in and around the cities of Detroit and Royal Oak. The production members also traveled to Grand Ledge, which is located in Eaton County. 

The sequences depicting the firefight against the evil North Korean troops were filmed in and around this beautiful city. Make-believe firearms and ammunition were brought in by the production members to depict the gunfight scenes.

However, before the actors handled the guns, they had to undergo several safety drills, which were supervised by trained professionals from the U.S. Army.

Other Filming Locations

However, the movie’s ending scene wasn’t filmed in Michigan. The production members traveled to California and used the Polsa Rosa Ranch to capture the last fighting scene.

This famous ranch located at 5726 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton, has been used by a number of directors over the years for shooting action sequences of numerous shows and films. After these sequences were captured by the production members of Red Dawn, the crew returned to Michigan.

The remaining interior shots were filmed inside Raleigh Michigan Studios, located at 1999 CenterPoint Parkway, Pontiac. The entire shooting process ended by the first week of December 2009.

And now, let me give you an overview of Red Dawn. In the meantime, you can also read Deadpool, Max Steel, and Black Adam.

Plot Of Red Dawn | What’s It About

Where Was Red Dawn Filmed? Hemsworth’s Action Drama From 2012!!

The basic premise of Red Dawn is centered around a group of young patriotic Americans who fight for their country’s sovereignty. At the very beginning of the film, the lead character Jed Eckert returns to his hometown from the U.S. Marine headquarters.

As the story progresses further, the declining political situation of the country makes Eckert wary. But when the lead actor comes across the news of a potential invasion by North Korea, he quickly arranges an efficient team to combat the intruders.

Watch Red Dawn and witness the inspiring story of Eckert’s valor and bravery.

Final Words

Ok, friends! We’ve reached the end, but I hope you were able to note all the filming locations of Red Dawn that I’ve mentioned above. If you like reading articles like where was Red Dawn filmed, check out other entertaining pieces on Viebly.

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