Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? A Heart-Wrenching Drama!


Are you looking for a good drama movie to watch? If yes, consider watching the powerful drama, All Day And A Night(2020). In this article, we’ll discuss more about the film and where was All Day And A Night filmed.

The American drama film All Day And A Night premiered on Netflix on May 1, 2020. Joe Robert Cole wrote the script and directed the movie. The film received average reviews from the critics, but the audience gave a positive review and appreciated the performance of the lead actor, Ashton Sanders.

The basic premise revolves around the father-son duo, James Daniel, a drug addict, and Jahkor, an aspiring rapper. Jahkor cannot pursue his dream due to his other responsibilities, and is involved in small thefts. So, this movie shows the struggles of an aspiring poor guy and a complex father-son relationship.

Before I explain the plot in detail, let me tell you where was  All Day And A Night filmed. So, continue reading to find out the filming location details.

Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

In March 2018, Netflix announced their new project, All Day And A Night. Next, the production team began to select the cast members and announced the cast member details in July 2018.

The production team used different locations like California and Sacramento for filming. The principal photography of the movie began on July 30, 2018. Now, are you ready to learn where was All Day And A Night filmed? If yes, then keep reading the below section.

Oakland | California

Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? A Heart-Wrenching Drama!

Oakland, the city famous for its unique culture, served as the prominent location for filming All Day And A Night movies. The team used this city to showcase the native life of the protagonist, Jahkor. This city helped the filmmakers showcase the perfect city culture required for the movie. Oakland also served as backdrop for other movies like 13 Reasons, and Jexi.

Oakland is one of the bustling cities in California. The city with rich history and beautiful places makes it a perfect destination to visit in your free time. If you prefer to explore Oakland’s heritage and vibrant culture, visit the Oakland Museum of California and African American Museum. If you are looking for an amusement park, visit Children’s Fairyland.

San Francisco Bay Area

Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? A Heart-Wrenching Drama!

Next, the production team moved to the Bay Area for filming. The scenes of Jahkor’s childhood were filmed in this region. This location served as the best filming site to showcase the lives of the black community. Some movies that were filmed in this location include Outer Range, and Body Heat.

If you have plans to visit the Bay, you have so many things to experience. The top locations you must visit include Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Sonoma Farm Trails, and Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

CDCR, Sacramento

Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? A Heart-Wrenching Drama!

Another important location of the movie is the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The Jahkor and his father’s meeting after many years was filmed in this location. The correctional facility in this location served as the backdrop for several scenes.

The production team carefully selected the locations to showcase the gang violence and the protagonist’s struggles. Now, let me give you an overview of the plot of All Day And A Night movie.

Plot Of All Day And A Night | What Is The Story About?

Where Was All Day And A Night Filmed? A Heart-Wrenching Drama!

In the movie All Day And A Night, Jahkor, an aspiring rapper, is unable to pursue his dream because of his life situation. So, he involves in thefts and also works for the gangster. He is also in a relationship with Shantaye, and they have a newborn son. Jahkor, to give his son the best life, decides to live a decent life.

However, new trouble arrives as his boss asks Jahkor to kill one of his rivals, Malcolm. Jahkor kills Malcolm and his girlfriend and ends up in prison. When Shantaye brings his son to meet Jahkor in prison, he firmly assures that his son will not struggle like him.

Final Words

Well, I have given all the information regarding where was All Day And A Night filmed. If you have a question related to this article, ask us in the comments section below. If you prefer to read informative articles about the movie, follow Viebly.

Who is the cinematographer of the film All Day And A Night?

The cinematographer of the film is Jessica Lee Gagne.

Which production companies have worked in the movie All Day And A Night?

The production companies that have worked on the film are Color Force and Mighty Engine.

What is the IMDb rating of the film All Day And A Night?

The IMDb rating of the movie is 6.0/10.

What is the tagline of the film?

The tagline of the movie is Born. Gangster. Repeat.

What is the runtime of the movie?

The runtime of the movie is 2 hours and 1 minute.

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