Where Was Jexi Filmed? Navigate Social Life Through AI!


Are you in need of a bout of laughter, with some Artificial Intelligence fiction mixed in? If yes, you should check out the hilarious comedy movie Jexi. If you have already watched the movie, you might also be curious to know where was Jexi filmed.

Jexi is a comical science fiction movie that revolves around the life of a socially inept man who does not have friends. The man is solely dependent on his artificial friendship with Siri and works for a website. However, after a new AI is installed on his phone, his life becomes a mess because the AI decides to take his awkward life into its own hands.

Jexi was filmed primarily in the state of California. Most of the filming for the movie happened in San Francisco, while some parts of the movie were filmed in Oakland. The movie is not the first artificial intelligence movie, but its comical take on the topic is fun to experience.

If you are interested to know where was Jexi filmed, you have come to the right place. We will be taking on a journey to all the filming locations of the movie. Besides that, you can also find the shooting locations for Twin Peaks and Sky High with Viebly as well.

Here is all that we know about the plot of the comedy movie before we further discuss where was Jexi filmed.

IMDb Rating6.0
Runtime1 hour 24 minutes
Director(s)Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Writer(s)Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
CastAdam Devine, Alexandra Shipp, Rose Byrne
Release DateOctober 11, 2019 (United States)
Production(s)CBS Films, Entertainment One, Jexi Studios

Where Was Jexi Filmed? 

Where Was Jexi Filmed? Navigate Social Life Through AI!

Jexi is a unique concept, as it presents the real-life issues of depending too much on your phone. The creators of the movie used one of the most technologically advanced and modern spaces in the world to portray the story to paint an authentic picture.

We will be talking about where was Jexi filmed, and if you already know these filming locations you can check out the shooting locations of other titles like The Hate U Give and Girls Trip as well.

San Francisco

Where Was Jexi Filmed? Navigate Social Life Through AI!

Jexi was primarily filmed at 649 Mason Street in San Francisco where the set for the movie was created. Besides that multiple regions of the city were used for the filming of the movie. The city provided a scenic yet modern-looking backdrop, and hence the creators thought that San Francisco will be the perfect fit for filming the movie.

If you have never been to San Francisco, you will be amazed to know that the city has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city features historic sites like Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge. Besides that, there is the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre for people who love to experience theatrical places. Other places you can visit are the Exploratorium, Science Museums in the California Academy of Sciences, and the Walt Disney Family Museum. 

The advantage of having so many scenic locations in the city is that multiple movies have also been filmed in the city. You might be shocked to know that movies like Vertigo, Blue Jasmine, and Dirty Harry were filmed in San Francisco. Some other titles that feature San Francisco in their backdrop are Escape From Alcatraz, Pacific Heights, The Conversation, and Basic Instinct.


Where Was Jexi Filmed? Navigate Social Life Through AI!

Even though most of the parts for the movie Jexi were filmed in San Francisco, some scenes were also filmed in Oakland. The city is equally scenic but presents a more vintage feel to the backdrop of the movie. The creators decided to include another location to probably present a more visually pleasing experience for the viewers.

Oakland is also one of the best places to travel if you do not like heavily crowded places. The city has quite a lot of amazing places for you to check out, while not being overwhelmed by hordes of people around you. The city is home to the Oakland Museum of California, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland Zoo, Lake Merritt, Fox Theatre, and The Cathedral of Christ the Light.

Oakland has a lot of views to offer everyone, and this also allows film creators to choose the city for filming. The city has been used for filming some amazing movies and shows like Top Gun, 13 Reasons Why, Mrs. Doubtfire, and American Gigolo. Besides these popular and classic movies and shows, other titles filmed in Oakland are Venom: Let There Be Carnage, The Game, The Master, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Moneyball.

Jexi | The AI Phone Helper!

Jexi is an interesting take on the control of virtual assistants on human life. Phil is a corporate worker, who is heavily invested in the latest phones, and other tech-related things due to his inability to make friends. The man spends most of his time on his phone and having conversations with Siri. However, he soon gets a new phone and ends up installing a virtual assistant named Jexi.

Jexi is not your typical AI helper and takes control of Phil’s phone taking decisions on his behalf. Phil has no idea what he is agreeing to while providing the AI helper access to his accounts. But soon the AI ends up creating a mess in his life and he gets demoted. As things get more chaotic and problematic for Phil, he decides to get a new phone.

Will Jexi make a comeback in Phil’s phone and make a mess of his life again? How will Phil get rid of the AI as it keeps on taking control of his life? You can check out the hilarious movie online if you are interested in the plot of the movie.

Final Words

We have compiled all the information that you might need to know about where was Jexi filmed. For people who love to find new movies and TV shows, we have also covered the various unpaid streaming platforms for them to stream titles like Chainsaw Man and Wakanda Forever.

If you liked this read about where was Jexi filmed, you are welcome to suggest to us your favorite movies and shows whose filming locations you would want to know. Stay tuned with us for more interesting content.

What is the cast of Jexi?

The cast of the movie Jexi consists of Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, Wanda Sykes, Justin Hartley, Michael Peña, and Rose Byrne.

Is the trailer of Jexi available on Youtube? 

Yes, the trailer for the movie Jexi is available for streaming on Youtube.

Who played Cate in the movie Jexi?

The role of Cate in the movie Jexi was portrayed by Alexandra Shipp.

What is the genre of Jexi?

Jexi is a science fiction comedy, that explores the world of a helper AI and how it helps a socially inept guy with his social interactions.

Who produced the movie Jexi?

The movie Jexi was produced by Suzanne Todd.

Who created the music for the movie Jexi?

The music for the movie Jexi was composed by Christopher Lennertz and Philip White.


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