Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed? Amazing Western To Watch!


Good old Western movies and shows are hard to come by. There is often an element of over-dramatization or under-representation. Luckily for us, EPIX came up with a brilliant western show called Billy The Kid and did it right. Today, we will tell you all about it, and also tell you where was Billy The Kid filmed! So keep on reading till the very end!

Created by Michael Hirst, the show is a well-thought-out take on the popular story of the popular rebel William Bonney. Billy The Kid stars Tom Blyth in the lead role as Billy who does a convincing role of portraying the kid who the whole west feared at one point in time. We also have actors like Daniel Webber, Eileen O’Higgins, and Sean Owen Roberts star in the show.

So, where was Billy The Kid filmed? The story of Billy is based in regions of Arizona and New Mexico, but the show has been filmed in Canada. Filming for Billy The Kid took place in Calgary Canada. More specifically regions in and around Alberta.

The filming locations represent the real wild west in a striking manner, after all, it’s all but barren lands and ranches. Something that is very common with Westerners is that they have a rugged feel to them. As we have seen in movies like The Sacketts, Crossfire Trails and so many more throughout the ages!

The Plot Of Billy The Kid | What Is The Show About?

Before we move on to see where was Billy The Kid filmed, let’s take a quick look at what the show is about. The filming of Billy The Kid started back in July of 2021 and then ended by late October of the same year. Since Michael Hirst has been in charge of the show, we can of course expect loads of epic scenes!

The show follows the cult legend of William Bonney who was also known as Henry McCarty. Bonney was quite young for the things that he got famous for and as such, quickly the name Billy The Kid got stuck. Billy was the child of an Irish immigrant who moved to the US for a better life. Born in New York, Billy and his family moved first to Indiana and then ended up living in Wichita, Kansas.

There, Billy learned the ropes of life. Often getting in trouble for things like petty thievery and whatnot. Then at the age of merely fifteen, he lost his mother to Tuberculosis, which was then known as consumption. The sudden death of his mother also accompanied his stepfather leaving him and his brother. The abandoned children fell on a rocky path that they would end up embracing.

Billy The Kid got notorious for his attitude and will to kill. In the late 1800s, Billy the Kid is known to have committed at least 8 confirmed murders. Increasing his notoriety by playing a significant role in the Lincoln County War, Billy The Kid lived on to be a rebel. Only to end up being killed in a shootout in 1881 at the mere age of 21.

Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed | All The Locations You Need To Know About

Billy The Kid has revived the urban legend in a fantastic manner. The storyline has been coupled with awesome acting and impeccable direction of Hirst. The show was released in 2022 and has received rave reviews. The critics and audiences are in love with the show and whether there will be a season two or not, remains to be seen.

So, where was Billy The Kid filmed? Check out all the awesome locations below!

Alberta, Canada

Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed? Amazing Western To Watch!

Yes, we know Canada is not the wild west, but it is in fact the perfect replacement. Canada is the backyard of Hollywood and we can see that with the amount of love that it receives from filmmakers. Alberta, Canada provided the perfect place for filming Billy The Kid.

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed? Amazing Western To Watch!

Known for its mountains, valleys, and vast landscapes, Kananaskis Country is not a country but a region within Alberta. The region has been specified by the government of Alberta as a place for multi-use. The region is extremely welcoming of cast and crew and everything has been made to be smooth for filming.

If you are a tourist, then you’re in luck because there are a ton of things to do for you. While hiking and trekking are the usual activities, you can also visit natural parks and other places of interest around Kananaskis. Also, if you feel the location kind of looks familiar, then you’re right. Kananaskis has been featured in a lot of popular movies, including movies like Revenant.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed? Amazing Western To Watch!

The cast and crew stayed in Calgary for the whole duration of the shoot. But that’s not all that Calgary has been used for. The vast landscapes in rural Calgary that boast beautiful meadows, as well as ranches, were also used for the filming of Billy The Kid. Calgary has been the home for many big productions over the years. One of the notable ones is the decades-long production of Heartland.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Billy The Kid filmed! The show has a total of eight episodes with each one better than the previous one. If we’re being honest, we binged the whole show in a matter of a day as it was so good! Watching the legend of Billy The Kid come to life in such a magnificent way has been amazing. 

While watching Billy The Kid you would have to ask yourself who the bad guy is and who is the good guy. While you’re on your quest of checking filming locations of your favorite movies and shows, we suggest you also check out where was The Son, Morbius, and Line of Duty filmed! If you have a personal favorite that you would want to be covered then let us know the comments down below!

Where to watch Billy The Kid?

You can watch Billy The Kid on Amazon Prime, VUDU, and Apple TV.

Is there a season 2 for Billy the Kid?

Currently, there is no update on season 2 of Billy The Kid

Is Billy the Kid a true story?

Yes, Billy The Kid is based on a true story.

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