Where Was Black Adam Filmed? The Rock’s 2022 Superhero Film!!


Do you root for the DC Universe? And think that it’s way cooler than the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, then be sure to read this article where I discuss the latest DC film, Black Adam. And also let you in on where was Black Adam filmed.

The American superhero flick, Black Adam, recently released in 2022, is somewhat inspired from the film Shazam. Which came to the theaters a couple of years back! Director Jaume Collet-Serra presents the story of a young Egyptian boy, who becomes a superhero, and slays the tyrant ruler, king Anh-Kot! Almost 5000 years later, the superhero rises again! Only this time he clashes with a whole new classification of enemies!

Black Adam has taken the theaters by storm! The critics and audiences have praised the performance of the actors. Although the film has received heavy criticism for the slow paced screenplay. Nonetheless, the film has made a solid opening at the box office. And the makers are already planning for a sequel.

Now before I let you in on, where was Black Adam filmed. Let’s briefly discuss the plot of the film. So, that you can get a better understanding of the narrative!

Plot Of Black Adam | What’s It About

The film begins 5000 years back in the Egyptian city of Kahndaq. Where a young slave gets transformed into Teth Adam, after harvesting the power of Shazam. And kills the despote Anh-Kot, who was fanatically looking for an enchanted crystal, Eternium, to create the Crown of Sabbac.

5000 years later, a criminal organization named, “Intergang” is shown to again pursue the Crown of Sabbac, in Kahndaq. But they accidentally awaken Black Adam from his deep sleep, and call doom unto themselves. 

Later in the film, an Intergang henchman named Ishmael, shoots Adam with an Eternium rocket that renders the superhero unconscious. Upon further investigation, Ishmael is traced back to be the descendant of King Anh-Kot.

Meanwhile the Justice Society of America, gets in touch with Black Adam, and learns about the motives of his sworn enemies who have already taken possession of the Crown. Hawkman and other superheroes team up with the protagonist to fight Intergang members.

In the final quarter of the film, the army of undead is resurrected by Sabbac. Hawkman eventually helps Black Adam to find the enchanted key, which helps him to kill Sabbac and destroy the army of undead. The credits roll as Superman arrives, and summons Black Adam to JSA headquarters.

Now, let’s explore where was Black Adam filmed. So, that you can enjoy the gorgeous filming locations of this recently released film!

Where Was Black Adam Filmed? Let’s Know This Superhero Flick Closely!!

Director Jaume and other production heads have been working on the film, Black Adam since 2019. As they planned to originally release the film, during the Christmas Holiday week of 2021! The production unit also decided to film in California. As opposed just shooting on one location, in and around the state of Georgia, which they decided initially. 

Although the Covid-19 pandemic ruined the entire release schedule of the film, pushing it 10 months further down the line. However, during this timeline the screenwriters made a significant amount of changes to the script and included a number of characters in the film.

The principal photography of the film began in April 2021 and was completed in 4 months. So, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss where was Black Adam filmed, in depth! And find out the exact shooting spots!

Georgia | USA

Where Was Black Adam Filmed? The Rock’s 2022 Superhero Film!!

The first location that the production unit reached was the city of Fayetteville in Georgia. Located 20 KM south of downtown Atlanta, this city was well connected and was relatively easier for the filming crew to bring in the logistics. 

The establishing scene of the film, and some parts of the film which featured the scenes from modern day “Kahndaq” were filmed here. Notably, the production unit had to struggle with the permission for filming some sensitive parts of the city, initially. But was later dealt with, after acquiring clearance from high officials of the government. 

Reportedly some outdoor scenes were also filmed in Atlanta. However, extra emphasis was paid, in order to make the scenes look real! You can also watch other awesome films and shows such as Black Panther, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Hawkeye which were also filmed in the same location.

The crew then moved to the Trilith Studios. Majority of the filming took place here. As the film is flooded with  special effects and CGI, the production unit extensively used the studio to render high quality visuals. A separate set was built by the filming crew, which portrayed the ancient city of Kahndaq, shown at the beginning of the film. The exterior and interior shots of the modern Kahndaq city were filmed on the set. Which was later taken down, after the completion of filming. 

California, USA

Where Was Black Adam Filmed? The Rock’s 2022 Superhero Film!!

Only a handful of scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, California. The outdoor shots, which featured the JSA headquarters in the film, were shot here. The downtown area of Los Angeles surrounded with tall sky-scrapers was the exact filming spot! Now here are a couple places in Los Angeles that you can look into such as Disneyland Park, Griffith Observatory, The Getty and Santa Monica Pier should you plan to visit this glamorous city anytime soon!

Final Words

Alright folks, time for us to part ways. But now that you know where was Black Adam filmed, and have also read the plot. I hope you will watch this freshly released film! But don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly. See you soon!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Black Adam?

The cast of the film Black Adam includes Dwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari and Pierce Brosnan .

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Black Adam?

2h 4m is the runtime of the film Black Adam.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Black Adam?

The film Black Adam has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Black Adam?

Lorne Balfe was the music director of the film Black Adam.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Black Adam?

No, there is no official news about the sequel of the film Black Adam. Although the makers are discussing the project.

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