Where Was Casino Royale Filmed? Daniel Craig’s Famous Spy Action Film!!


Before you decide whether you should watch Barbie or Oppenheimer this weekend, let us suggest you a blockbuster movie. Follow this blog to know more about Casino Royale. Plus, I’ll also share with you where was Casino Royale filmed.

Casino Royale is an intense action spy film that was released in the summer of 2006. Martin Campbell directed this blockbuster movie. In fact the screenplay of this movie was actually adapted from Ian Fleming’s novel of the same name, published in 1953. It’s also important to mention that this iconic movie is the 21st installment of the famous James Bond film series. Daniel Craig made his debut in playing the character of James Bond in this film.

The basic premise of Casino Royale revolves around the character of James Bond, a British spy working for the MI6 intelligence agency. The story takes a sharp turn when Bond is commissioned to find and neutralize a rich French banker funding a global terrorist organization. The production budget of Casino Royale was more than $150 million. But the box office collection was way higher than the makers expected it to be. Casino Royale grossed over $690 million in worldwide collections. 

Before I reveal other important details about this crime thriller film, let’s take a closer look at where was Casino Royale filmed.

Where Was Casino Royale Filmed? Let’s Know This Spy Action Film Closely!

The story of Casino Royale is set in Prague, Montenegro, and a couple of other beautiful countries. But before deciding where to capture the outdoor shots of this movie, the director spent the majority of his time coaching Daniel Craig to play the charismatic character of Bond. While Campbell invested most of his time in coaching Craig for the lead role, the assistant directors were busy selecting other actors for the supporting roles. Eva Green was selected to play the character of Vesper Lynd, and Mads Mikkelsen as the antagonist.

While all this was going on, other production members were selecting the best filming locations around the world. The scouting process took more than 3 months to complete. The main filming locations were selected in and around the Bahamas, Czech Republic, and Italy.

However, some pivotal scenes of Casino Royale were also filmed in England. The principal photography of Casino Royale began in the last week of January 2006. The shooting process continued for the next 6 months. The production members traveled to different locations from time to time and captured several outdoor shots. Yet the interior scenes of Casino Royale were filmed during the final phase of shooting, which took place in England.

As the shooting schedule was quite long, the production members made sure to coordinate properly to avoid any confusion later on. The special vehicle, make-believe guns, ammunition, and other logistic items were arranged by the production members before the principal photography began. The shooting permits from different countries were also acquired by the crew in advance. Let us now discuss in detail where was Casino Royale filmed.


The opening scene of the film, where we see the character of Bond chasing a criminal, was filmed in the Bahamas. The sequences in the film depicting the chase scene through the construction site were filmed near Coral Harbour, New Providence Island, Bahamas. Other important scenes depicting the Beach Villa of Solange and Dimitrios were filmed near Albany House, New Providence Island. The sequences depicting the interior space of Miami International Airport were filmed inside Nassau International Airport.

After all the scenes from the first quarter of the movie were filmed, the production members moved to the next filming location.

Czech Republic

Where Was Casino Royale Filmed? Daniel Craig’s Famous Spy Action Film!!

The second phase of shooting was done in and around the Czech Republic. The iconic car chase scene in the movie was filmed near Mlada Boleslav. Whereas the sequences depicting the exterior part of the Casino were filmed outside of Kaiserbad Spa, located at Karlovy Vary.  Additional outdoor scenes of the movie were filmed near Loket Castle, located in Loket, Czech Republic. The sequences depicting Montenegro Town Square and Hilltop Restaurant were filmed in this location.

Other Filming Locations

The final phase of filming began in Italy. A number of outdoor shots were captured in and around Venice, Italy. The sequences depicting the sinking house in the movie were filmed outside of Al Palazzo Lion Morosini, located at Cannaregio 5700. After a couple of other shots were captured in Italy, the production members moved to England. The remaining interior scenes were filmed in Pinewood Studios located in the village of Iver Heath.

And now, let me give you an overview of this spy action film. In the meantime, you can also read They Live and Bullet Proof. If you’re planning to visit Italy later this year, then you can look up Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan, Sicily, Amalfi, and Cinque Terre. These are some of the most beautiful and iconic places in Italy.

So, if you’re looking to spend some quality time with your friends and family, then you consider checking out these locations for sure.

Plot Of Casino Royale | What’s It About

Where Was Casino Royale Filmed? Daniel Craig’s Famous Spy Action Film!!

The story of Casino Royale revolves around the character of James Bond, a British spy working for the MI6 intelligence agency. At the beginning of the movie, Bond is commissioned to find and neutralize a wicked French banker funding a global terrorist organization.

As the story progresses further, the lead actor arrives in Montenegro looking for Le Chiffre. Soon Bond starts playing poker at the same Casino, where the antagonist is known for making regular appearances. Soon, Bond and Le Chiffre engage in an intense game of poker while trying to neutralize each other.

Watch Casino Royale and find out how James Bond completes his mission and defeats Le Chiffre.

Final Words

Guys, I’ve shared with you where was Casino Royale filmed. If you have any other questions related to this piece, let us know in the comments section below. But if you’d like us to cover the filming locations of other movies or shows, then you can also mention the name of your favorite title.

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