Where Was Christmas In Montana Filmed? A Jaunty Hallmark Classic!!


Do you happen to think that, when it comes to making Xmas special flicks, the ones that Hallmark make are the best? If you do, then make sure to read this article, where I discuss a breezy Hallmark flick, Christmas In Montana. And also let you in on where was Christmas In Montana filmed.

The American romantic drama flick, Christmas In Montana, released in 2019 was exclusively made for television. The film is inspired from a novel by Sherman Wolfe, published 3 years prior to the film. Director T.W. Peacocke, in this film, presents the story of a working mother, Sara Bradley, living in Los Angeles. Who finds unexpected romance on the cards, while on a business trip to Montana.

Despite the fact that Christmas In Montana did not win any major awards! It was highly praised by audiences and critics. This heartwarming drama film gained decent viewership as well, upon its release.

Now, before I share with you where was Christmas In Montana filmed. Let’s briefly discuss the plot of the film! So that you may get a better understanding of the actual storyline.

The Plot Of Christmas In Montana | What’s It About

Christmas In Montana begins by introducing us to the central character of the film, Sara Bradley, who lives in Los Angeles with her teenage daughter, Chloe. Later in the film, Sara is shown mourning over the death anniversary of her husband, who died around the holiday season, four years back!

The joy and happiness that Christmas brings, in the lives of most people, was missing in Sara and her daughter’s existence. As it only reminded them about the unfortunate events that left them with a broken family life and financial burdens!

Nevertheless, midway through the film, Sara gets an opportunity to go on a business trip to Montana. Subsequently she reaches there with her daughter, Chloe, to secure a crucial financial deal, on behalf of her firm.

Soon after, she meets Travis, and explains the financial contract to him! The business relation readily turns jovial, as Travis gets charmed by Sara’s simplicity and humility. The supporting actor then decides to take things forward, and approaches Sara to go on a romantic date.  

Sara hesitatingly confers with her daughter and asks for her advice, as going into a serious relationship with Travis, would result in them staying back in Montana! Reluctant at first, Chloe eventually decides to not come in between Sara and Travis’ relationship. The credits roll as the lead actress stays back in Montana, giving her life a new chance!

Alright guys, time for us to explore where was Christmas In Montana filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful filming locations of this feel good flick!

Where Was Christmas In Montana Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Film Closely!!

Director T.W. Peacocke wanted to shoot Christmas In Montana, in the state of Montana itself. However the production unit, in order to keep the filming budget low, decided to shoot the entire film in Canada. Thus, few members of the unit were dispatched to scout for perfect filming spots in Canada, that could recreate the look of a small town which was needed for the film.

Soon the scouting team came up with a wide variety of locations in Ontario, which perfectly portrayed the idyllic backdrop of Montana. Amongst them, the town of Grimsby in the Niagara Region was selected as the major location for filming.

The principal photography began in October 2018 and was completed by the first week of December. Shooting during the winter season in Canada was pretty challenging for the filming crew. Which resulted in extending the filming schedule for an extra month!

Now, let’s discuss where was Christmas In Montana filmed, in depth. And find out more interesting facts about the shooting sites!

Hamilton, Ontario

Where Was Christmas In Montana Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Film Closely!!

The opening scene of the film, which featured Sara’s house in Los Angeles, was actually filmed in the city of Hamilton. The production crew had to look for a specific house with Victorian style architecture to portray the family home of Bradleys’. 

Matching the requirements of director Peacocke, a small house located in the outskirts of the city was selected. The outdoor shots of the house were taken, after renovating the driveway and the front lawn of the property.  Meanwhile, you can also check out, Crimson Peak, Chucky and It, which were also filmed here! Few other outdoor shots of the city, were captured to portray the backdrop of Sara’s office in Los Angeles, as shown in the film.

Grimsby, Ontario

Where Was Christmas In Montana Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Film Closely!!

The filming crew then moved to the small town of Grimsby, to shoot the sequences which featured Montana, in the film. The scenes which portrayed Travis’ ranch in the film, were shot near Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. Special lighting equipment was used to film the shots during the night. 

While filming at this location the shooting had to be stopped. As the excruciating cold weather in Canada, during the end of November almost made it impossible for the filming crew to shoot the outdoor scenes. However, after a short delay the crew again resumed the filming process and captured some other outdoor scenes of the Beamer Falls.

The final sequence of the film, which depicted Sara eventually going on a date with Travis, was filmed in the downtown area of Grimsby. The filming crew selected a vacant shop and turned it around to look like a cozy and romantic restaurant. Important to mention, most of the interior sequence of the film, were shot in a studio located in the city of Toronto.

Now, here are some cool places in Ontario, that you can look into, such as Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Algonquin Provincial Park and Thunder Bay, should you decide to visit Ontario this Christmas!

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you’ve gone through the plot of the film. And know where was Christmas In Montana filmed. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Christmas In Montana?

The cast of the film Christmas In Montana includes Kelie Martin, Colin Ferguson, Art Hindle, Ava Pristone, Kayla Hutto and Victoria Snow

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Christmas In Montana?

1h 22m is the runtime of the film Christmas In Montana.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Christmas In Montana?

The film Christmas In Montana has no ratings listed, according to a leading portal.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Christmas In Montana?

Julie Sherman Wolfe wrote the screenplay of the film Christmas In Montana.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Christmas In Montana

No, there is no official news about the sequel of the film Christmas In Montana. 

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