Where Was The Wedding March Filmed? A Sweet Holiday Rom-Com By Hallmark!


As the holiday season comes near, people start scouring for movies that they can watch with their family and friends. The Wedding March is exactly that kind of festive rom-com which will put you in the festive spirit and feel-good fare. With cheery comforting storyline and picturesque locations, this movie has been on the radar of movie location fanatics for a long time. In this article, we will talk about the beautiful locations of the movie and tell you where was The Wedding March filmed.

The Wedding March is a made-for-television film that was released in 2016. This American-Canadian romantic comedy stars Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett in the lead roles and was broadcast on the Hallmark channel. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then put this one on the list of your holiday movie and enjoy it sitting along with your family in cosy pyjamas.

Coming back to the filming locations of the movie, The Wedding March was entirely filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Let’s talk about the exact locations and discuss them in detail.

The Plot of The Wedding March | A Second Chance At Love! 

Where Was The Wedding March Filmed? A Sweet Holiday Rom-Com By Hallmark!

A successful Businesswoman and a single mother Olivia Persching (Josie Bissett) is looking forward to her wedding to a successful New York realtor. Her daughter gives her a suggestion to book a stunning Willow lake Inn in Vermont for the wedding. Later she finds out that the Inn is owned by her college sweetheart Mick Turner (Jack Wagner). She gets more disappointed when she comes to know that the band that she booked has canceled at the last moment.

She learns that Mick will now be the singer at her wedding and it might get hostile as they haven’t seen each other for over two decades after their relationship ended on bad terms. However, during the wedding the old feelings between both resurface and mick confesses his feelings to Olivia at rehearsal dinner. Will she go ahead with the wedding now or take a second chance on her first love?

Where Was The Wedding March Filmed? A Beautiful And Mesmerizing Location!

Where Was The Wedding March Filmed? A Sweet Holiday Rom-Com By Hallmark!

The storyline of the movie has been perfectly matched with the beautiful backdrops and wedding venue by the filmmakers to give the viewers the actual feeling of a wedding. If you are wondering about these locations, then keep reading because we are gonna tell you where was The Wedding March filmed.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Where Was The Wedding March Filmed? A Sweet Holiday Rom-Com By Hallmark!

Vancouver is known as both a popular travel destination and one of the best places to lie around the world due to its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people. More than 52 percent of the population speaks a first language other than English. The city has also hosted many international conferences and events including the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

The Wedding March was also filmed in Vancouver. There is a quaint little spot on the Harrison river called the Rowena’s Inn. The Inn has served as a backdrop for various Hallmark movies. The movie is based in Vermont and the name given to this Inn in the movie is “Willow lake Inn’’. The waterfront Rowena’s Inn is as beautiful in real life as shown in the film.

This picturesque Rowena’s Inn is nested along the Harrison river in the foothills of Fraser valley and sits on a waterfront estate of around 160 acres and is just two hours away from Downtown, Vancouver. Rowena’s Inn was an old-fashioned English design manor which was later converted into a bed and breakfast. This large piece of land was granted to Queen Victoria by a local family and then later sold to Sandpiper Resort.

This Inn now hosts visitors, film and TV productions for filming and weekend getaways all year round. This Inn also acts as a premier wedding venue during spring and summer due to its beautiful location. The place has stunning mountain and waterside views which acts as a perfect backdrop for a romantic date or event. The Inn consists of 4 luxury cottages, a big golf course, and a restaurant. 

The views are spectacular and the location is peaceful, and that is the reason it has been the perfect choice of location for many Hallmark films including The Wedding March. Vancouver has always been a popular filming location for film and TV production due to its consistent cloud cover making it easier for filming. Canadian tax incentives and favourable exchange rates also make Vancouver a favorable filming location.

Some of the popular movies that were filmed in Vancouver are Deadpool, The Adam project, Doctor Strange In Multiverse Of Madness, and Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Final Words

Alright! We have discussed the locations of the movie in detail and told you where was The Wedding March filmed. This place probably gets you excited to take that weekend trip or just a vacation to Vancouver and see this place. If you are planning to visit Vancouver in the coming months, then this place must be on your list so to catch the Christmas feeling along with beautiful nature. 

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How many The Wedding March movies are there in the film series?

There are currently 6 The Wedding March movies of the series that have been currently released. 

Where to watch the whole The Wedding March film series?

The Wedding March is available to stream on ROKU, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Vudu Movie and TV store, Redbox, and Apple TV on your Roku device. 

Who has written the movie The Wedding March?

The Wedding March has been written by Neal H. Dobrofsky and Tikki Dobrofsky and was broadcast on Hallmark television from 2016 to 2021.

What is the runtime of the movie The Wedding March?

The runtime of The Wedding March is 1 Hour and 24 Minutes starting from the beginning to the end credits of the movie.

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