Where Was Cinderella Story Filmed? Teen Romantic Comedy Flick From 2004!!


Are you looking for a romantic comedy flick from the early 2000s? Then we suggest you watch A Cinderella Story starring Hillary Duff. If you’re unfamiliar with the filming locations of this hysterical flick, then read this article to find out where was Cinderella Story filmed.

The American teen comedy film, A Cinderella Story, was released in the third week of July 2004. Hilary Duff played the lead role in this hilarious film, while Jennifer Coolidge and Chad Murray featured in the supporting roles.

The basic premise of A Cinderella Story revolves around the character of Samantha Montgomery, a young girl living with her stereotypical stepmother. The plot thickens when Samantha stands up to her wicked stepmother and finally leaves her home to meet the love of her life.

A Cinderella Story commercial performance in the opening week wasn’t impressive at all. Slowly but surely, this comedy flick went on to gross over $70 million in worldwide collections against a nominal shooting budget. In fact, over the years, A Cinderella Story has become a cult classic film.

Before I tell you more about this romantic comedy flick, let’s find out where was Cinderella Story filmed.

Where Was Cinderella Story Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Comedy Flick Closely!

The premise of A Cinderella Story is set in the state of North Carolina, however, the actual shooting of this teen comedy flick was done in a different location. Leigh Dunlap and Mark Rosman worked together on this project and explored different options to cut down the production budget.

The same strategy was followed while choosing the filming locations for A Cinderella Story. So instead of filming the outdoor scenes of this movie in North Carolina, Rosman decided to shoot in California instead.

You’d be surprised to know that even the interior scenes of this movie were filmed outside of North Carolina. During the initial phase of production, Rosman and his team started looking for ideal film studios to capture the interior scenes.

After the director reached a final agreement with the owners of a famous studio, he asked the production members to scout the remaining locations. Soon, the production members traveled across the state of California and scouted several potential locations.

Rosman checked the production budget and then finally asked his crew to commence the filming process. The principal photography of A Cinderella Story began in the final week of June 2003 and continued till the second week of September of the same year.

It’s important to mention that, throughout the entire course of shooting, the production members traveled to different locations in California and captured the outdoor scenes. However, the interior scenes of this film were shot entirely in the city of Burbank.

The production members acquired the shooting permission well in advance. Eventually, the shooting process of A Cinderella Story ended within the estimated timeline. After the shooting process was over, the production members started working on the promotion of the film.

Let us now discuss in detail where was Cinderella Story filmed.

California | USA

The first phase of shooting commenced in the city of Monrovia. This small yet beautiful city is an integral part of Los Angeles County. Monrovia is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. 

The opening scene of the movie, where we see the female lead for the first time, was actually filmed inside a public school located in the southern part of this city. After the production members captured the scenes of the Monrovia High School, they moved to the next filming location.

The second phase of shooting commenced in Long Beach, California. The sequences where we see the character of Samantha working in a local diner were filmed inside George’s 50 Diner. This famous eatery is located at 4390 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, California.

The production members didn’t make any structural changes inside the diner. However, they had to install special lights before filming the interior scenes. Other pivotal sequences of the movie were captured near St. Altadena and San Pedro.

The final scene of the film, featuring the Halloween dance sequence, was filmed inside The Huntington Library located at 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, California. After the production members successfully captured all the outdoor scenes, they moved to Burbank.

All the remaining scenes, including the interior sequences, were then filmed inside the Warner Brother Burbank Studios, located at 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank.

A couple of other blockbuster films and shows were filmed inside this same studio, but we’ll discuss them some other day. Today, I’ve shared all the filming locations of Cinderella Story with you, and now I will walk you through the plot of this film.

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Plot Of A Cinderella Story | What’s It About

Where Was Cinderella Story Filmed? Teen Romantic Comedy Flick From 2004!!

The basic premise of A Cinderella Story revolves around the character of Samantha Montgomery, a teenage girl who lost her mom in an accident. At the beginning of the film, the female lead almost loses her mental peace after finding out about the fatal accident of her mother.

As the story progresses further, Samantha is forced to earn her own living while studying at Monrovia High School. Samantha’s stepmother, on the other hand, makes the female lead’s life a living nightmare, constantly pressuring her for irrelevant and trivial things. The only hope and escape from all the negativity in Samantha’s life are her classmates.

Watch A Cinderella Story and find out how a teenage girl miraculously turns her entire life around after meeting the man of her dreams.

Final Words

Friends, apart from mentioning the filming locations of A Cinderella Story, I’ve also walked you through the storyline of this movie. So, if you’re into teenage comedy films, then you should definitely consider watching this flick later this week.

However, if you have any other questions regarding where was Cinderella Story filmed, let me know in the comments section below. I’d be more than happy to help you resolve your query. If you wish to know the filming locations of other films and shows, then check out other blogs on Viebly.

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