Where Was Cliffhanger Filmed? Stallone’s Iconic Action-Adventure Flick From 1993!!


Famous action-hero, Sylvester Stallone has delivered blockbuster films in Hollywood, time and again. In this article, I’ll introduce you to a gripping action-adventure flick, Cliffhanger, starring Sylvester Stallone. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Cliffhanger filmed.

The American action-thriller flick, Cliffhanger was released in 1993. This film became widely popular amongst fans, within a short span of time. The premise was based on a fictional story by John Long, which remained unpublished. Renny Harlin was at the helm of affairs, behind the lens, and also co-produced this project. The basic premise of Cliffhanger revolves around the character of Gabe, a courageous mountain climber. The lead actor gets sent on a special mission, to rescue other rangers who were stranded in Colorado Rockies.

As mentioned, Cliffhanger became widely popular amongst action movie lovers, which resulted in this film earning over $255 million at the box office. This intense adventure-thriller flick also won a number of awards and was nominated for 3 Oscars. The critics thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Sylvester in the lead role and reviewed the film positively.

Now, let’s explore where was Cliffhanger filmed so that you can take a closer look at the filming locations. Plus, as promised, I’ll also give you a brief overview of this exciting film, later in this article.

Where Was Cliffhanger Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Adventure Film Closely!

The makers of Cliffhanger during the initial stages of pre-production, couldn’t reach a mutual decision, with regard to

the filming location. A number of creative heads suggested the director shoot the entire film in America, while other members advised Renny to shoot in Europe.

Soon, the director formed a special team and instructed them to scout for ideal filming locations, across different beautiful locations in Italy. Renny then selected various locations around the northeastern part of Italy and decided to shoot the majority of the sequences in and around the Dolomites.

Important to mention that, a few pivotal scenes were later captured in America as well, specifically around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The principal photography began in the second week of April 1992 and continued till the middle of August, of the same year. So, without further ado, let’s discuss where was Cliffhanger filmed in-depth, and find out more about the specific shooting locations.

Colorado, USA

Where Was Cliffhanger Filmed? Stallone’s Iconic Action-Adventure Flick From 1993!!

The makers of Cliffhanger decided to film in America first, thus the opening sequence of the movie where we see the rock-climbing sequence of Gabe, was actually filmed in Colorado. The production members attached high-definition cameras to a helicopter to capture the aerial shots of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. 

Other pivotal sequences depicting the hometown of the lead actor were filmed in and around Durango. This small yet iconic city is situated in the southwestern part of Colorado, near the Mexico border. A medium-sized house located near the famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad was used to depict the home of Gabe.

Interestingly, the inside decor of the property was so perfect, that the production members decided not to make any changes to the interior of the house. Naturally, after adjusting the light and fitting special lighting equipment the interior shots of Gabe’s home were filmed. A few other pivotal sequences were captured in and around the city of Durango, after which the production members traveled overseas to Italy and filmed the remaining sequences of the movie.

Dolomites, Cinecittà | Italy

Where Was Cliffhanger Filmed? Stallone’s Iconic Action-Adventure Flick From 1993!!

So after arriving in Italy, the crew couldn’t start shooting immediately, as the arrival of the logistics was delayed. However, after the logistics and equipment were retrieved, the production members took another week to acquire the filming permission.

Then, finally, after all the formalities and requirements were met, the crew began shooting the outdoor sequences of the Dolomitic Alps. The director again used a helicopter mounted with high-definition cameras to capture the top shots of the Dolomite Mountains. 

Several other pivotal sequences were then captured around the northeastern part of Italy, and then the filming crew moved to the historical city of Rome. No outdoor shots were filmed in Rome, however, the famous Cinecitta Studios located at the heart of this city was used. 

The production members constructed a make-believe set on one of the well-equipped sound stages and captured the remaining interior sequences of the movie. The entire filming process was completed by the end of August 1992. The crew then returned to America and started working on the promotion of Cliffhanger.

Now, it’s time for me to acquaint you with the plot of Cliffhanger so that you can get a better understanding of the actual storyline of this engaging film. Plus, you can check out 2 Broke Girls, Emily In Paris and Wednesday in the meantime.

Plot Of Cliffhanger | What’s It About

Where Was Cliffhanger Filmed? Stallone’s Iconic Action-Adventure Flick From 1993!!

The basic premise of Cliffhanger is centered around the character of Gabriel Walker, a skilled mountain climber and a ranger. At the beginning of the movie, the lead actor is tasked with a mission to rescue a group of climbers from the Rocky Mountains.

But, as the story progresses further, Gabe finds out the climbers were not actually stranded. In fact, they were pretending to be stranded, anticipating for a skilled rescuer to help them navigate through a hidden path. Watch Cliffhanger find out what happens when Gabe decides to spoil the treasure-hunting plan of the antagonists.

Final Words

Alright, guys, I hope now you finally know where was Cliffhanger filmed. Do let us know if you enjoyed the read in the comments section below. You can also suggest any other title that you’d like us to cover. Don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly, which are equally intriguing and informative.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Cliffhanger?

The cast of the film Cliffhanger includes Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker, Janine Turner and Leon Robinson along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Cliffhanger?

Alex Thomson is the cinematographer of the film Cliffhanger.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Cliffhanger?

The film Cliffhanger has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Cliffhanger?

Trevor Jones is the music director of the film Cliffhanger.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Cliffhanger?

Alan Marshall and Renny Harlin were the producers of the film Cliffhanger.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Cliffhanger?

1h 53m is the runtime of the film Cliffhanger.

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